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I made a mod for the game that makes the AI more difficult! :3

It’s taking a bit too long for my taste to unlock more interesting stuff, and a the level up screen is a little annoying once I’ve maxed out all my upgrades.

Hopefully this changes when you come out of pre-release though, having more weapons would probably help a lot.

Took a look today and I don’t think I’ll be able to use it unfortunately, since the mod requires patching or overriding some methods in the game, and I don’t think it’s able to do that. I might just release an xPatch instead + one compatible with the modloader.

Ooh, yea, I’ve actually been looking for a way to do that

Will note that I don’t actually find the current AI dumb, just needed a catchy video title/thumbnail ^^

Decided to mod the game!

Got 1329 on my first try on difficulty 2, could probably have gotten higher if I didn’t get the same bug again. I’ll have to check out the steam version later ^^ Remaining spirits +1063

Ended up with 773 points on my second try (easiest difficulty)! The last few stages I had a bug that made me unable to click the start new round or set button, but luckily spacebar still worked. God Awakes +100, Remaining Spirits +518, Number of turns passed +50, Deck of 25 or more cards +25, At least 4 cards with the same name owned +20, At least 5 rare cards +15, 20 or more cards in the graveyard +15, 500 spirits in a single round +30

The logo and name reminds me a bit of Shapez, was there any inspiration there?

good luck! ^^

Ah, I tried a bunch of different keys, but must’ve missed tab

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Very nice for a first game, there’s a lot of nice ideas that are interesting. I like the core gameplay, though I sometimes get stuck with the part of the board I’m on having difficult patterns. The bugs make it a bit hard to properly give feedback to the game, and I think they should be the primary focus.

Settings button on main menu doesn’t work. Also not entirely obvious that you have to click the UFO to start the game. The “Less XP” curse feels unfun, since it just prolongs the game without making it any more difficult.

If you take the “destroy tiles you step on” upgrade, you will just start jumping around for all eternity, until the player character goes invisible and becomes unable to gain any levels or take any damage.

At one point the enemies just stopped increasing their move timer and just kept standing still.

I often get the choice to take an upgrade I already have.

Increasing max HP gives you another filled heart at the end, but doesn’t actually increase your HP? I had 1 heart left, chose increase max HP, then died to the next hit.

Got duplicate upgrades a lot, would be nice if you could shuffle the list of available upgrades and show the top 4 instead. The blast zones is a nice way of preventing the player from just standing still after getting strong. The X’es that mark where the enemies will spawn make the spawning feel a lot fairer, but still felt unfair at times when a red or yellow enemy spawned close enough to me to cause me to take damage. Range upgrades feels a little too OP, or maybe not having range upgrades is underpowered. I like that there’s no healing upgrades.

Game felt a little bit monotonous over time. The upgrades didn’t stand out in a way that made them fun, and the further I got the less it felt like I was being tested on skill. All in all a fun short game though.

Having some issues in the web version on chrome and firefox:

  • Can’t exit the “How to Play”
  • Scrolling scrolls the window
  • I don’t have anyone to play with :c

Other than that it seems nice. I like the upgrade system + the comeback mechanic of being able to pick multiple when you’re losing. Love the story panels when choosing an upgrade and at the end of the game. Fun that you can draw/stamp the final picture depending on who won.

Kinda fun, got 13164 as my highest score. Game seems to break whenever I die, but gets fixed on refresh.

Having scoring being based on grazing instead of shooting is an interesting concept, but also makes me barely ever shoot at all. Also makes it difficult to avoid enemies that go sideways, since I can’t possibly shoot them beforehand without shooting a ton of other enemies and giving up on grazing. The homing enemy is fun, but when it comes from below it feels cheap.

Generally ended up just going up and down next to one column of the big demon, since anything else is more risky and gives less points.

Fun game! My best record so far is 49:18 out of bounds and 77:71 within bounds

41:52, fun game ^^

Cute short game

Nice 5 minute puzzle game, though a bit straightforward

I like the theme music. Being able to press down for a short jump works really well. I cleared Winter ending 1, 2, and both ways to get to 3. I cleared Spring with ending 1. I only used double jumping from arrows for ending 3. The special door in spring 11 “Starry Path” goes back to spring 8 “Room of Doors”. Resume doesn’t work for me, could be because of chrome since I’ve been having issues with saving on other games. There are some doors that seem impossible to get even after figuring out how to use arrows twice. Using arrows twice is difficult with explode kitten on, but turning it off forces you to restart in gravity of the situation winter. Would be nice if jumping from the arrow automatically connected you to it, having to press Z right before hitting it feels unneeded.

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Prestige seems to be broken on chrome, gives no gold and doesn’t increase prestige count in achievements.

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Legit score: 10m 36s
With auto-clicker: 8m 46s



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Personal savegame thread since I'm too lazy to save it elsewhere. Fun game tho.

Fun game, took me 3 or 4 tries to beat with upgrades. Don't think I can beat it without upgrades, the stepping upgrade feels almost mandatory with how many enemies there are sometimes. Sometimes you're forced to take damage which doesn't feel that good, but by then I usually have a healing upgrade which is enough to manage

The small bugs are a bit difficult to hit with such a small aim, but I'm also not good at shooting games so maybe this game is easier for people with better aim.

Was fun, was a little challenging to have movement and aim both being controlled by mouse. Very interesting concept of having the enemies shoot towards your mouse and not towards the player. 

Shield upgrade felt a little bit useless, since if shots are further away I won't crash into them anyways

Fun short game. The seahorses just suddenly appearing on screen then shooting at you felt a little unfair sometimes, but didn't deal enough damage to be an issue. 

Last boss was easy with a single pattern, which made it feel a bit too long. Would be nice if it had a little less HP or some change halfway through.

Got "Error: No available storage method found." on Chrome, but game worked fine in Firefox. Solved the tic-tac-toe puzzle, but unsure why [spoiler]the middle machine was the answer and not one of the patterns on the other machines[/spoiler].

Are there multiple endings or was that it? I feel like I missed somethin when reasoning, or if I missed something in the game.

Bag of Salt might be a tiny bit OP

A laptop is a pc...

You can pan the camera with WASD

Ah, the gold not resetting felt like a bug because the stats reset.

Ah, nice, I'll try the rest of the game then

My best time without upgrades became 1m 17s. I think I can get lower, but my fingers are getting too tired, lol.

There seems to be another bug where gold is saved even if you press new game.

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First try I got around 2m40s, Second 1m42s (no upgrades).

The second level spawns me in a cage I can't go out from. Quitting to the main menu and choosing "Continue" puts me back at the area before level 1 if I do it inside the clouds (or before the game saves), or inside level 1 at whatever position I had in level 2 if the game saves while I'm in there. I got to keep my upgrades, so eventually I got 23s:

There's a tiny bug where you can escape the cloud area by spamming jump and dash in the courners 

Nice game! Really wish there was half a second or a second of completely paused time before each room started, just to have some time to see what room it is before having to move.

Nice balancing with being unable to change direction while jumping, it works well with how strong dash jumps are since you can cover 2/3rds of the width with them.
Would be nice if dashes didn't force you to dash in your viewing direction if you hold it down, and that it remembers you holding dash when switching rooms.
Big hitboxes on the Ascension Crystals feels really nice, makes it possible to do some really cool routes in some rooms, especially combined dashing gaining speed the longer you hold it.

Would be nice to go to specific levels rather than having to restart from the first layer every time. Highscore and highest layer doesn't seem to be saved, and always just shows the current run.

Highest I've gotten so far is 300 score 4 layers

How could I have forgotten 

No, the library and temp folder are temporary files that you don't need. The best way to know what files you need is by checking the unity gitignore