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Wasn't that fun, controls and ui is a little janky, and I made weapons but had no way to use them.

All my deaths were due to the 45 degree camera angle making me confused about which key to press. A lot of the puzzles ended up being solvable just by going back and forth between two tiles a set amount of times, or going in circle a few times.

The antigravity one was tedious because it took a while to get to the bug, then getting the exact arc needed to get into the file (even after reset). Part of the problem is having to do super tiny steps towards the duck to just keep facing it. Falling ducks was also pretty annoying, but you've removed it already. Other than that level 8 was a little annoying bc of how the camera + arrow keys works when looking from below, and pushing the ducks around can be annoying, but both of these are minor and not that bad when having to do the levels only once (and adds to the "buggy code". 

Side-note, I found the ctrl-shift-enter bug by chance and don't understand what clues were supposed to lead me to it. For level 4 (old 10) I ended up checking the solution, which I'm pretty sure I already tried multiple times, not sure why it didn't register. Couldn't try it after the levels changed since the "bugs found" remained the same.

Folders in the bg was  cool level select.

I finished the game without collecting 2 bugs, and some of the levels were just annoying to complete (not difficult, just tedious) so I don't want to play them again. How can I skip to the two levels I haven't found bugs in so I can find the bugs then skip back to the ending?

Ah, I forgot to read the instructions in the description, my bad. Since everything else worked with just left clicking, I didn't consider something not requiring that.

Small attack hitbox + large speed made it a little difficult to attack enemies without touching them, but still fun and got to the end on my third try. Would be nice if it was a little more clear what upgrade you got, looking in the courner while trying to see what number goes up was a little annoying. Funny that IE just stood still, lol

A bit disappointed there was no victory screen after the last foe, or anything elaborating on what the last foe was saying. Slightly disappointed that there's no secret ending when dying on the enemy begging you not to kill it (unless that was the hero?)

Was fun to try the different strategies, 3 skull dies are never worth using, the best and safest strategy is just having 1 skull die then stacking until you can deal tons of damage with the powerup. Primarily focusing on the white skull die also works if you make sure to minimize the amount of skulls in your deck otherwise, but it's higher risk and you need to be smarter about how you use your die in the last two fights. 

Fun short game, though felt kinda impossible near the beginning if I didn't have warrior. Took me a while to realize I had to go into the inventory to equip item, so ended up never using them until the last fight. 

No way to close skills after selecting them, so if I didn't have the right die it would stay open until I could use them, not allowing me to select any other skill.

Awe, that was sad. Loved the game.


The camera makes me a little sick wWhen the new lilypad moves the opposite way of the previous one.

Sometimes I want to cancel aiming for a jump. Maybe with right click?

What do you mean? I've tried going all directions but all the platforms I can reach aren't solid. 

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Loved the style! Slightly annoying how enemies often spawned right next to the entrance to the room then killed me in two hits, once even on a boss room :c
An easy fix to this could be trying a new randomized location for the enemy if they're within a certain distance from the door or another enemy, or having them stand still a little the first time you enter the room.

Since I could heal by waiting, I ended up waiting in each room I "cleared" until I had full health again, so would've been nice to just have my health be refilled completely when I cleared a room. 

The kid's body was on a layer behind the teddy-bear, but the clothes were above it, so I could cosplay, lol. I skipped a few rooms earlier, so she's still crying in this pic, sorry kid.

Shooting has no cap and seems to be once per click, which makes it kinda tiresome and dependent on your click ability. I ended up binding my click to scrollwheel for super fast hearting. A lot of games usually allow holding in the mouse-button to shoot to make it less stressing on the hand, one simple way to do this in unity is:

float shootCooldown;
void Update()
    shootCooldown -= Time.deltaTime;
        if(shootCooldown < 0) {
            shootCooldown = 0.1f;

I liked the style of making the rooms happy versions, and the change in music. The hats were also very nice ^^ 

I've tried it a few times now, and so far I haven't gotten a single board that requires guessing other than when starting. (I start with the 4 courners).

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Fun, wish I could see how short the timer has gotten somewhere.
Also kinda annoying when you get two 3-wide tiles then only 2-wide boxes

EDIT: Highscore 6220

Ended up trying to get a super large combo

Nice, though the waiting between moving between each level was a bit annoying, but I guess PuzzleScript might not have any way of supporting streamline scrolling like that.

Interesting ending

I get the "Corrupt God Defeated" ending both when defeating the glitched god and the regular god, is this intentional?