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מדהים. קצת מבאס שעם כל הפרזנטציה המדהימה הזו זה סתם פלאפי בירד, אבל זורם.

nice visuals

Hey rittz. I purchased this game and played it on steam. I left a review there but thought I'll leave here a more detailed review more focused on the (very few) things I didn't like. Mainly becuase I really, really like your stuff and would love to see it improved even more.

I first played your stratospear and liked it a ton, so much that it made me check out every one of your other projects on itch and I also sent you a message on twitter regarding its development, and since decided that i'll give unreal engine a go after I finish my current project in gamemaker.

when I saw that you finally published a full game, that is niether a game jam, a demo or a prototype, I was thrilled. It's honestly everything I would have excpected and hoped to see, maybe minus stratospear's combat but it just wasn't a focus here so that's cool.

the only "big" aspect I think could use improvement is the world design, and spesifically, making the levels easier to navigate and understand. I'm not talking about making the platforming challenges more clear, I'm talking about each world's layout being usually very hard to grasp. 

It started bothering me esp after the early game, when suddenly a lot of places opened up to me (though it existed from the start, I couldn't draw a map of the first world) and I got over it in the lategame, where i went circles around and around the levels until learned them either passively or actively in order to find the keys.

The outdoor castle map was the easier for me to get around and thus one of my favourites, I think making more outdoor maps could instantly improve upon this aspect. Another thing that helped me is that in the keep, in one of the crossroad maps there was a bush, indicating that that door leads to the dark map. more of these would def be appriciated.

while writing this review i searched some stuff online and noticed that you actually published the game on steam quite a while before on Itch. I follow you here so I was informed when you published the game here and thought that its brand new, but now seeing how ppl made guides for the maps and mapped them out visually I kind of feel like I just rumble on some part of the game I sucked at too much to enjoy, dunno.

anyway, i liked the game a ton, would definately come back to play your next projects. take care.

That's awesome. I'll be sure to check out that next game :)

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well yea but theres no way a player has any idea what the parry is and how to effectively perform it at that point, it is literally not mentioned. I knew about it bc i read through the entire manual when i got stuck.
you dont need to balance the first boss to be hard on subsequent playthroughs. if anything, you should design him to be a pushover when you are more fluent with the mechanics.
since many other aspects of your game where awesome (mainly the presentation, visuals sound and such), i would suggest next time to try getting into playtesting, it really does help a ton.

the presentation is awesome but dude i cant get past the first boss, or even take his hp below 70%

awesome presentation. the menu music rocks

I dont get it

I Dont think we'll be publishing a blog, as i made it with two random fellows i met locally, but if you're interested you can just look at the code, the git repository is public:

Here we are looking at the BallSpawnerScript.cs, specifically the levelUp function. Level is a int variable that increases each time you call this function. I made the ball spawning be random using a bunch of variable as the range in which it can be random, speed range angle range etc. The switch statement is what ties it all together.

The game manager calls this function every 10 seconds, which makes it increase the variables, and tweaking these lines i can basically create "levels", also downtimes and such.

also regarding layering the mechanics - I actually made a cool invisible "levels" system that progress you every 10 seconds into a different spawn pool, each with different stats and enemies. It's a rather basic thing but I'm pretty proud I could manage it in the short time frame and used it to create the basic tutorial and the rising diffaculty work, so thanks :)

lol im glad we gave you a immersive bowling experience

awesome stuff, very funny

lol i'm happy that you had a cool experience!

cool concept. the soundtrack fits very well.

outisde of the character animations and sound, the game is super polished with a lot of levels and a lot of features. the only bug i found is that if i select a platform type, and then select a different platform before placing the previous one, is uses up that last platform. good job!

thanks! The balls are completely random, we thought about making it smart by targeting or not targeting the player according to the time, pins left or whatever, but decided to keep it simple. Might look on the idea a second time if we do polish it and make it an app

Nah thats quite high, i think my best it around 850. Gald you had some fun!

Thansk a bunch! Yea i noticed the music just a bit before we published, i fixed it but unfortunately it was undone by some github mess. I'll fix it after the voting period.


awesome! Let me know what will be the winning score!

yep i definitely enjoyed it in testing weir too much

cool concept

cool concept but i couldnt finish it and not sure what i event did wrong

fun stuff

awesome art and soundtrack

funny stuff. the song was epic.

couldnt figure out how it works, but i like the general pitch

thanks :)

thanks :)

lol. We though about adding it as a a feature, to be able to smash balls and then your hand is in cooldown, but decided to keep it simple in the end.

fun stuff

nice stuff

creative as hell. very funny

nice. my team actually had the exact same idea but we ended up with a different one, im happy to see that idea put into action, that was a lot of fun.

i see, then yes that level definately packs the challenge. good job on creating so many levels. usually when i go for levels based game in a jam I end up not having time at all to actually make the levels and settle for just the tutorial if any.

thanks a lot! it means a lot to use :)

nice run

fun stuff. the last part was suprisingly fun

awesome stuff. funny, fun, creative and polished. 5/5

awesome game! very creative, uses the theme well and (ironically) super polished!