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Of course. Honestly it's super polished considering the time limit, I didn't notice a single visual bug, let alone an actual bug.

nice, awesome game feel. kinda hard :|

hi. it seems that using sprite_set_live on a sprite disables its 9slice element. i havent tested it thoughrly, but a quick setup of creating a sprite, enabeling 9slice, activating set_live and drawing, shows that the 9slice doesnt work.

For sure, its a buggy mess. Half of the assests aren't even implemented and the visual/sound bugs are over the roof.

We will add controls in the description.

lol yea im surprised you managed to finish the game without healing, i only finished it once i learned how to heal.

okay i learned how to heal and finished the game. honestly this is porb my favorite itch game ever.

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OMG i just found out about the crouch and then the balerina drill attack. 11/10.

10/10. couldnt finish it maybe bc im a noob or maybe bc i had no controller, would definately retry when i find one.

lol nice. yea i also clipped through the killbox so i now made it significantly bigger. also polished some stuff around and definitely toned down some of the upgrades. You can still go super fast pretty easily after you but a few upgrades but not as ridiculously fast as before. thanks for playing!  

okay.. quite unsure of whats happening there, but either way i just uploaded a new build and tested it, i dont think that bug exists anymore, the coins seems to be working fine.

hi! thanks for playing my game. cool that you got to age 9. you said the coins disappeared? i wasn't aware of this bug. could you explain it in more detail?

Hi! thanks a lot for playing my game even tho it is in such an ugly state. I have now updated the game with some ui to better explain what is going on after you pressed space. In short, pressing space makes you jump. jumping consecutively reduces your stamina and makes the jumps weaker. holding space initiates a dive, which gives you speed but reduces height fast.


a ton of fun 

very cool game!

awesome game! wouldn't guess it was made for a game jam. very good quality.

very nice game! surprisingly balanced for a game jam, after realizing how it works i won after around 5 tried and died at night 9. Even with the tutorial it was unclear to me up until my third run that i could buy and play more than one cube per night, but  maybe u wrote it somewhere and i didnt bother reading.  

I see. Try jumping in place and respawn a few times. Is the character stuck or does it not register inputs?

Thanks a lot! Funny how the game's name is similar to your nickname, I am definitely not following you for a few years through a secret agency and leaving clues for you to find your way to the agency and start your life as a time traveling undying robot.

thanks a lot! the game has 7 levels in total so you probably reached the last one. could you elaborate on the issue? i wasn't aware of such a bug.

thanks a lot :)

awesome, I might recheck the game after you update it

Btw sorry for sort of being critique, after reading so many of the comments around this jam I feel like people aren't being enough constructive and just say "wow cool" on every game, even on my game which has severe problems, so I sort of went ahead and dirtied my hands with bad reviews to try and restore the balance 😵😵

it is very unclear that every single props kills you. i guess this is the idea and how it connects to the theme because you are supposed to respawn again and again but ugh

urm actually there are 2 ingame restart buttons, one to respawn and the other to restart the entire level. the button prompts are onscreen all throughout the game in the left bottom corner. I did that intentionally because I know there are a ton of collision bugs.

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nice work on the assets, but i would have recommended putting more time of that in the game itself, it feels really incomplete. 

i may be stupid but i couldnt get past the last jump in the first level, doesnt feel like it is reachable. 

edit: i retried and found the trampoline, it is almost invisble. didnt manage to pass the second level because it the player is so slow so i didnt want to redo it after dying so far in

the idea is cool but why does the player do so little damage? the difficulty spike when reaching the goblin is even more annoying because it takes two full minutes to complete the tutorial, the slashes have so much delay between them too.

i guess most of the animations are royalty free (i know because i also used that goblin) but the game does look good and very nice slash sound.

why would you shoot with B? if you choose such an arbitrary key atleast point it out when you start the game. i played through it 3 times before going to the options and realizing a can shoot.
other than that nice game :)

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nice. awesome music, nice storytelling. i really like the cover image.

nice. so far this is the best use of the theme that ive seen after playing a few games, i like the concept. finished with 2 upgades.

awesome music. are humans capable of passing the first level? i feel like a game journalist.


about the camera and movement

top down games usually have the aswd keys ignore the camera direction and move on tis own, and have the mouse cursor be onscreen and the player shoot in its direction (i think). in your game it is very different and i have to say that at first it was so disorienting that i considered closing it off. ive seen in it's itch page someone praised the controls because it makes it feel "unique", ill have to disagree to an extent - it is definitely too clanky to leave as is but is see his point. anyway i wont dwell on this because you pointed out that this is an early alpha.
i also dont understand how it fits the theme but this may just be me. would you care to exlpain?

overall this is actually quite fun, after a few attempts i managed to take down all of the NPCs. 

nice. i did a 8500 score. it is quite fun for how simple it is. personally i feel like it couldve been better if collecting pluses while having full hp increase the score gain rate, this way the first levels take more skill and have more risk\reward. fun overall.

Yes, i updated it.


thank you for playing! The collision bugs are horrible for sure, that is why i made it easy to respawn with R. Hope you had some fun!

hi. here is the source:
please excuse me, when I read "source" I assumed sending an exe of the game was suffice. anyhow, if you are planning on playing the game through unity, I warn you that some animation are made to look good in the build version and not in the editor.