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Isaac S. Johnson

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Hey guys! Me and a friend are looking to join a team for this. I'll be doing sound design and he'll be doing music, so if you're looking for someone PM me on Twitter about it!

Hey guys! A friend of mine and I are looking for a team to join. I'm doing sound design and he's doing music. PM me on Twitter or reply here if you're looking for some audio.

Hey! Yea I think I could do it. DM me on Twitter

Cool! Do you use Discord (isaac.s.johnson#8274) or Twitter? Those might be a little easier.

Hey! This looks like a cool game. What're you thinking of in terms of audio? I'm trying to find a team โ€“ and do audio.

I check Twitter and Discord (isaac.s.johnson#8274) pretty frequently, either of those works for me.

No problem! If you have any questions or need some help feel free to reach out.

Cool! I'd be happy to be part of the steam ship, chiptunes and 1 bit sound effects work for me. Message me on Discord โ€“ isaac.s.johnson#8274 or Twitter @isaac_s_johnson, both of those are easier than here.

I'm loving the noir idea. It could be a really nice game. Do you need music or sound effects? I'm trying to find a team for the jam.

I'm also enjoying the look of that cave. What're you thinking of doing for sound effects and music? I'm trying to find a team.

Hey unearth, this sounds like a cool idea. You still looking for a sound designer? I'm looking for a team.

Hey Antonio! This looks like a fun one. What're you thinking of doing for music/sfx? I'm looking for a team.

Hey this looks like a cool game! What're you doing for sound effects and music? I just saw this jam and don't have a team.

Hey guys! I just saw this jam and figured I'd see if anyone's looking for some last minute music or sound effects. Let me know!

- Isaac

I am a composer looking for a team!

1. Introduction: I'm Isaac! I write music, I'm in EST. I'm working on a few other projects, but I should have time to work on this one as well, especially considering it's over at the end of February.

2. Skills: Orchestral music, electronic music, chiptunes.

3. Programs/Languages: Logic Pro, Reason, Wwise, Fmod.

4. Portfolio:

5. Contact: Twitter (@isaac_s_johnson) or Discord (isaac.s.johnson#8274).

6. Other: I'll probably ask to do the implementation to get more practice with it.

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Hey guys, I know the jam's already started, but if someone wants someone to write some music or make sound effects for their melon game let me know! I do orchestral music, electronic music, and some chiptunes.

If you need someone just send me a message on Twitter (@isaac_s_johnson) or Discord (isaac.s.johnson#8274).

VR-Jam 2017 community · Created a new topic Music?

Hey I'm Isaac. I'm a composer and a recent graduate of Berklee College of Music. I'm looking for a team so let me know if you want some music! I've never worked on a VR game before (so I'm excited!), but I've done a number of game jams and small games.

Just message me on Twitter (@isaac_s_johnson) or reply here to let me know!

1. Introduction: I'm a composer. I recently graduated from Berklee College of Music and I've done a couple small indie gams and a few jams.

2. Skills: Orchestral music, electronic music, and chiptunes.

3. Programs/Languages: WWise, Fmod, Reason, Logic, DP, Pro Tools.

4. Portfolio:

5. Contact: Twitter (@isaac_s_johnson).

Hey Everybody!

I imagine almost all of the music for this is going to be Christmas music, but if you want an original arrangement (or some original music) then let me know. I'd be more than happy to help you out! Just reply here or message me on Twitter (@isaac_s_johnson).

Cool! When you get a chance send me an email through my website โ€“ โ€“ sorry I just realized I should've put this in my original post...

Hey, anyone know they're going to need some music? I'm a composer, and I just finished working on a few games for Kong Jam. I might be able to get someone doing sound design as well. Send me a message/reply to me here to let me know!

Hey! I'm Isaac and I'm a composer. I mostly do orchestral/symphonic stuff and electronic (and 8-bit) music. I just finished writing music for a few Kong Jam games, and would be happy to help anyone out that needs some music for their games here!

If you want to check out some of my music just visit (unfortunately I haven't put up the stuff I did for Kong Jam yet, but it should be up some time next week). Send me a message if you'd like some music for your game!

- Isaac