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Steamwar! 1 bit steampunk game

A topic by Antonio Marcelo created Mar 31, 2017 Views: 617 Replies: 19
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Hi guys! Let's do this game!!!! A game about Steampunk, Mekas, Orcs, Steam, Coal, whatever!

Soon news about it!


First Images

Work now Begins!



Time for pencil and paper....

Hey Antonio! This looks like a fun one. What're you thinking of doing for music/sfx? I'm looking for a team.

Be my guest Isaac!!!!...

I´m think in the old chiptunes and 1 bit effects ! If you like... welcome to my steam ship!


Cool! I'd be happy to be part of the steam ship, chiptunes and 1 bit sound effects work for me. Message me on Discord – isaac.s.johnson#8274 or Twitter @isaac_s_johnson, both of those are easier than here.

I´ll send a message!


Did you have a contact email ?


Basic mechanics on the way !

Testing help system


I´m glad to announce the first beta release of Steamwar!

Update - 10/04/2017 - 1:04 pm

- Bug fix iron production ! Thanks to Morten Schouenborg!

New version uploaded!

Update - 10/04/2017 - 5:35 pm

- Bug fix in building construction fix! Thanks to Carlos Monteiro

I love the acsii graphics - very retro and cool :)

Wow your game is beautiful :D and it is not easy to get 100% of war efforts (i finish the game in ~15minutes i think). Good job :)

Thanks for your words ! I´ll change the game balancing and implement some more features, Stay tunned!


Steamwar 0.2 released!

Beta Version 0.2 12/04/2017

- splash screen

- first sounds

- improving game balance

Release Candidate 01 14/04/2017 - Released

- new splash screen

- sonds and music

- improving game balance

I´d like to thanks to Mr. Isaac S. Johnson for music and sound design. Thanks for your help! You can visit and listen your beautiful work in .

After jam I´ll release PC and Mac versions!