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Team-finding thread? Team-finding thread.

A topic by Mitchell created Jan 27, 2017 Views: 827 Replies: 11
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I am a [role(s)] looking for [role(s) or team]!

1. Introduction: Include any basic information you wish for people to know. I.e., Name, timezone, pronouns, etc. Or go all out and give your entire life philosophy; it's up to you!

2. Skills: Stuff you know how to do, or kind of know how to do. You can also add things you're willing to try.

3. Programs/Languages: Engines/Programs (for any use, be it art, music, game dev, animation, etc) and markup/programming languages you are familiar with.

4. Portfolio: Not terribly necessary, but it'd be a good idea to provide examples of things you've done. Don't sweat it if you're a complete beginner!

5. Contact: Ways to keep in touch. Instant messengers, slack, emails, etc.

6. Other: Anything else you think is important. Have an idea for a game? Stick it here. Have any specific expectations from your team? Stick them here. Anything goes!

^ I'll use this thing from another thread to start it off.

I am a mainly-pixel artist and/or assistant writer looking for a team!

1. Introduction: Hey, I'm Mitchell. I'm a moderator for a Discord with 4400 people in it, so I'll probably be busy up to the first day of the jam. You can find the games I've worked on on my profile and check my Twitter; I can also link to my art Facebook if needed. For my past gamejams, I wasn't the only artist in either of them, so I can specify which art was mine in each.

2. Skills: Pixel art, editing, managing, keeping everyone up to date with what's going on. I like working as a monster/details artist more than anything. I'm still working on things like animating sprites. I also really like making 3D couches.

3. Programs/Languages: Asesprite, PaintTool SAI, Paint, a little AutoDesk Maya and Mudbox.

4. Portfolio: See my itch profile for game examples (again, will specify which art is mine and which isn't). I can also send sprites, drawings, or pictures of my 3D couches as needed. :)

5. Contact: I use Discord more than anything else. I refuse to use Skype because it's clunky and horrible. Sorry. qunariariqun#8616

Does anyone need sounds?

Intro Hi I'm a sound designer! If you're looking for sounds lets talk!

Programs/Languages: Wwise, Fmod, Unreal, and Unity



hey, i'm up for it if you are. I can't code, though, so unless you have some experience, we'll need to find someone else as well ^^". I know of a coder, so I'll ask them, but yeah.

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1. Introduction: C# programmer, I have been programming in C# for 5 years and game developing for 6 months

2. Skills: Programming, I can't make any art.

3. Programs/Languages: C# Unity, preferably doing 2D.

4. Portfolio: I don't have a portfolio sadly

5. Contact: I have Skype, Discord and slack, Send me a PM !

EDIT: Discord: Shoker#3754

1. Introduction: I'm a composer. I recently graduated from Berklee College of Music and I've done a couple small indie gams and a few jams.

2. Skills: Orchestral music, electronic music, and chiptunes.

3. Programs/Languages: WWise, Fmod, Reason, Logic, DP, Pro Tools.

4. Portfolio:

5. Contact: Twitter (@isaac_s_johnson).

The game jam starts in 10 hours, if anyone wish to team up before it start add me on Discord : Shoker#3754

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Hello, I'm Cyrus, a musician/composer if anyone is interested in adding one to their team!

1. Graduated from Ohio State University in 2014 with a degree in Music, as well as several comp. sci courses under my belt.

2. Orchestral music, chiptune music, pop/rock music. Also have written and done some pixel art for an indie project.

3. I've used Pro Tools, Logic, Finale, WWise, and MC LE 5, as well as a few other programs in college. Also have worked with Java, C++, and Python coding languages.


5. - can also use Skype or Discord if we start working together!

I look forward to collaborating on a 1-Room RPG!

hey! can i add you on discord? i already have a team for this gamejam but maybe we can work together in a future one :)

please do! thank you so much - my discord name is Counting My Phrases (#0443). I'm looking forward to working together in the future and good luck with the current jam!


I have a small team working on this project if you'd like to join


thanks, I'd love to! I'll join the discord tomorrow.