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no problem! Please message me on discord about your gift card preference

Playing this is cathartic :) The sound effects are great, and the gameplay is intuitive (I guess if you're familiar with espresso :p). Great job!

Love the deflection mechanic! Great music and SFX. I really liked this. Great job :)

Hey really nice job on this! I am now emotionally invested in clash lol. I bookmarked the original editions and think I'll probably buy one day. Seriously, great work! :)

This is so cute. The music reminds me of Over The Garden Wall if you've ever seen it :) And The textures for the orders are a bit small. Nice job on this!!

Very unexpected lol. Jumped right into the action. I loved the sound effects lmao. Nice job.

Wow! The cutscene made the whole game! lol. The fact that you made such a simple game, but polished it so well was what got me. High marks! Also, it'd be really cool if you tried to time up the dropping of cubes to the music if you ever update it :)

This was very cute! The music is catchy! :)

Wow this was great!! Top notch game that was short and sweet :)

I like the music and art :) The game is a little tough but I think it fits the theme very well!

Nice game! Great tutorial btw:)

Nice game! I can tell a lot of care and attention was put into this :) I love the art and the sounds. Highly polished. 

Really great game! Nice job on this. So much polish.

Cool game! Yeah the controls were a little hard to use tho :/

Neat little game :)

Very nice game. I felt super relaxed. Nice job!

I like the idea of this game! It'd be nice if you worked on it after the jam :) Good job!

Love it! This is how I feel without my coffee :)

WOW! I've never seen that mechanic before. Did you get that from anywhere or just make it up? The polish on this game is unreal. Nice job!

Nice work!

This game is cute and the music is nice :)

I like the art and sound!

Nice job on this! I hope you can continue working on it after the jam :)

Nice job on this! I never expected to be playing in a cup of coffee :)

Nice memorization game! I liked the music and the art!

Yeah nice job on this! You used sweet very well!

Yeah I think maybe a single player option would be nice for a jam :)

I’ll take a look after the jam is over and see what has been changed. Bug fixes are okay but changing the entire game is not. I’ve locked games so they can’t be updated. Most ratings happened in the first 3 days so if this was recent it shouldn’t change much. But I will manually review games if they are suspicious 

Yep! The rating doesn't disappear so you can just update the amount of stars you selected

it looks like TheMadameAmadeus actually is the closest. If you were under 36 but submitted with other people please comment!

actually it looks like someone else was closer. I didn’t consider people who might’ve submitted with others 

you’re the closest who submitted it looks like!

I hope this helps with rating. The use of theme and use of coffee were broken up in to two parts completely. If you felt that “sweet” was used really well, don’t let the lack of coffee affect the theme rating

I love it! This is very creative!

Yeah this game is pretty hard. But it looks good and has really good game feel. Nice job!

Nice work! These all look really good!

Nice work on this. I think there should be a better indicator of when a wave is starting and ending.

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Nice job! I really liked the music, art, and gameplay! The use of the theme was pretty good.