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Hello, I'm Cyrus, a musician/composer if anyone is interested in adding one to their team!

1. Graduated from Ohio State University in 2014 with a degree in Music, as well as several comp. sci courses under my belt.

2. Orchestral music, chiptune music, pop/rock music. Also have written and done some pixel art for an indie project.

3. I've used Pro Tools, Logic, Finale, WWise, and MC LE 5, as well as a few other programs in college. Also have worked with Java, C++, and Python coding languages.

4. awcfiete@bandcamp.com

5. awcfiete@gmail.com - can also use Skype or Discord if we start working together!

I look forward to collaborating on a 1-Room RPG!

hey! can i add you on discord? i already have a team for this gamejam but maybe we can work together in a future one :)

please do! thank you so much - my discord name is Counting My Phrases (#0443). I'm looking forward to working together in the future and good luck with the current jam!

I have a small team working on this project if you'd like to join


thanks, I'd love to! I'll join the discord tomorrow.