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Hey, I've updated the game.

Now the input bar is much more visible.

Any input will now register, you don't need to worry about input field focus anymore.

I've decided to not implement the first suggestion as I feel this is part of the game challenge, to type precisely without any mistakes.

Glad to hear you enjoy this game even after all this time since it's release!

If you have more suggestions, I will be glad to hear them.

Hey, thank you for reporting this bug, it's now fixed with the 1.1 version ! 

Thank you again.

I love the animations and the pixel art, did you make them?

Haha, thanks, I have never deployed anything to mobile since I am really not interested in it.

I added some key binds to make it easier to play, Press 1,2 and 3.

Also, I am currently having problems deploying games to WebGL, If anyone know a solution please let me know

You are bartender in a tavern, the tavern is currently empty but you feel like something is odd. You continue to work normally and out of nowhere, a large amount of people storm you bar, all of them ordering just one thing, water. While you are confused about the situation you have no time to ask questions, you simply need to serve all of them as fast as possible before it gets too crowded.


Press on the grey circle to pick up an empty glass and then on the Red or Blue circles to fill it with hot / cold water. A circle above each customer head will appear showing how they want their water (Cold or hot). If there are too many customers, you will lose the game.

Cool, I will use that too then

You can use whatever you want, there isn't an official one

Hey, Dan.

I'd need some music for the small tower defense game I am working on for the game jam.

Do you have discord or slack where we can communicate?

The game jam starts in 10 hours, if anyone wish to team up before it start add me on Discord : Shoker#3754

(1 edit)

1. Introduction: C# programmer, I have been programming in C# for 5 years and game developing for 6 months

2. Skills: Programming, I can't make any art.

3. Programs/Languages: C# Unity, preferably doing 2D.

4. Portfolio: I don't have a portfolio sadly

5. Contact: I have Skype, Discord and slack, Send me a PM !

EDIT: Discord: Shoker#3754