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Hey ! Congrats on achieving 6th Place =] Due to strange historical reasons, you can claim a community prize (either a 3D character or a steam game of your choice) or you can choose to forfeit the prize to the 7th place. Please contact me on the Discord server (invadertopious) !

Game is short but well done. Story wise I fear its a bit shallow but kind of hard to go deeply into a hard theme in such a small game.

yes the camera is noted! It's definitely already on my fix list, but so far haven't found a way to solve it, just make it "better" a bit frustrating. I might switch out the camera system using cinemachine for a custom script that is simpler that seems to have been working better before. 

thanks for playing, let me know any specific polish, there's a lot to fix and content to add, but if something is high in the list of annoying it would be helpful to know! 

Thank you !  Wish we had more time to add more game play, maybe we will expand it in time.

Thanks for playing ... yeah we are looking into the camera issues  = /

Thank you!

thanks for playing, was it the pond? gonna add a collider next build =]

Thanks for playing = ]

whoa... awesome... there might be some bugs with attacking enemies on the edges of the screen.

Nice =] I enjoyed it, very cute.

One big issue is that several times after picking up an object the whole game was stuck ( could not interact in any manner). Had to reload and hope I could get everything solved before it getting stuck again. I spent a bit of time after finished to test this: ( example repro steps: control Maude, click on Cat, before cat is levitated, click on another hotspot, you are now stuck) basically clicking another interactable before finishing action with first interactable.

A more minor issue is one time the tree echo hid behind Daere, kind of weird. Also the spirits where in a weird state... not sure if that was on purpose. I didn't replay to test if this happens again.

Definitely enjoyed the puzzle more this time = ] , it was simple enough, but a good puzzle. The story was maybe shorter, than the previous mood though? 

I think some of the elements could have been a little clearer, like if you figured out the bug thing, the extra click on the bug at the end seems unnecessary. Or the bark, its a little weird to have to move the tree... but minor. 

I feel like the puzzle could have been a little longer, maybe ran out of time, but the mushroom and the flower are clearly a give away instead of part of the puzzle. 

One animation issue I had is the way the facing works, so if you click to walk and leave your mouse pointer behind Faralie, then she will stop and turn to look behind her ( this is good)... but in the case of clicking and leaving the mouse in front of Faralie, she stops and turns to look in the same direction... its a small thing but it bothers me... she should just skip to the end of the animation and not do the whole head turn in that case.  (this is not an issue with Maude cause no head turn of course).

Lovely animation, backgrounds are colorful and beautiful (if a bit slightly unpolished, but pretty minor). 

I'm not sure about this dynamic sound thing, other than just the volume changing ? Maybe I didn't pay enough attention. But the sfx were nice, walking etc. 

Anyway... don't want you lovely people burning out... is there a big picture plan beyond Moods? 

fell through world... decided not to keep trying.

Need to fix the basics. But has some nice art =]

dont think a constant metronome is a great idea, a game needs more variation and chances for the player to try different things, otherwise it becomes boring fast. 

the shmup should be more difficult also, this is mostly a walk in the park, a very noisy one.  

do they ever attack ?  

Anyway, looks like it could be a game. Next jam = ] !  

were the notes actually synched to the music? It didn't feel like they were. 

Not much to add from what's already been said already.  

Can't tell when im getting damaged or causing damage... I didnt pass the boss, since I just died from trying to hit him on the little x's ... 

Overall: controls well and is a good mixup and has good atmosphere and cutscenes, but is just missing some work on feedback and direction for player. 

Also I could just jump over or pass most bad guys.

good atmosphere and some nice art, but gameplay is lacking/simple. Its a nice start.

Also the twist with the "bad" guy was somewhat funny. 

if every bad guy drops health it makes it too easy. Boss was too easy too.

if  you are able to use the attack as often as possible, then allow the

player to hold the button to spam. Its nice to not have to press buttons like crazy.

overall, a nice little platformer, but could use more polish (music, better sounds, more variety, challenge etc)

if every bad guy drops health it makes it too easy. Boss was too easy too.

if  you are able to use the attack as often as possible, then allow the

player to hold the button to spam. Its nice to not have to press buttons like crazy.

overall, a nice little platformer, but could use more polish (music, better sounds, more variety, challenge etc)

if every bad guy drops health it makes it too easy. Boss was too easy too.

if  you are able to use the attack as often as possible, then allow the

player to hold the button to spam. Its nice to not have to press buttons like crazy.

overall, a nice little platformer, but could use more polish (music, better sounds, more variety, challenge etc)

going around enemies by smashing into them is sorta interesting. Anyway, best thing is the art style and music, but there is not much else here.

clearly I didn't play this game long enough (based on the other comments) ... I was just frustrated with the controls and lack of motivation (story, art or other) ...

Overall the game played well but I think the design attempt here just doesn't work well, but it was a good experiment.

reading the other comments, there is not much to add,

Overall: solid game play, but short and not challenging, pretty good for 3 days, specially considering you made all the art.

Keep it up, add a bit of story, its looking good.

I enjoyed this game, although I was close to quitting a couple of times.

Mainly the combat is just so long and dull.  I started in the first one to strategize and by the end I was just clicking attack cards as fast as I could click em.

The plot is cliche, but the story is well told and had a few funny moments, that is the only reason I stuck around.

Overall the game is well done, just wish the battles were either funner or skip-able

man that was painful, not sure how many lives it took me to beat all 3, but it was so unsatisfying to do because it felt like I got nothing out of it... a little something, maybe x out the portrait in the main screen? hehe anything ? ...

Anyway. I guess the game is good for masochists at this point.

I felt the whole card system was somewhat pointless, I used it all, but I feel like I was mainly wasting time trying to maximize my chance of survival with it although I think it was all for naught and the only thing that made me survive is just basically learning the patterns and not smashing into stuff stupidly.
One thing that is really pointless  is having to activate in combat the cards that are upgrades.  Maybe I didn't learn how to use all of them correctly ?

Also I ended up ignoring the story, which I usually don't in most games, but for some reason I can't handle having to do stuff and reading at the same time. I guess some people like the choice, but I prefer the story to be skip able by choice, but blocking by default.

Anyway its a good game, just has some distractions and frustrations for me.

Controls are weird .. should allow rotation with out having to hold other button.

the sprites are super cute!

Has potential but kinda buggy at this point.

Its a very basic card  game, great for a first game. It works in general, but its a bit confusing because of lack of a few little details that would make events clearer (some small animations or health removal, effects, sounds) ... Also its sorta confusing to show "in-between" results, you should not show results until the end of a "battle". A simple thing that could make this game better is that the attack numbers should be dice rolls instead, to provide a little bit of randomness. 

Is this a mouse magical girl ? ... Overall WIP, not much else to say here = ] .

Definitely the easiest game in the series ... I think if you spam the basic energy and basic tower you can beat all the levels easy enough, well at least until you take off 300+ energy and then just place whatever you feel like. 

I think the story is well told, but maybe the themes are getting repeated in your games too many times ( friendship/love, being left alone, subterfuge by the central organization) . I mean I guess its hard to really demand much from a jam entry which required shoehorning with the genres and all. 

I agree with Ran, its a sad thing that its so fast paced, because I don't really get the chance to enjoy looking at the animations and bad guys and stuff. 

I don't really mind having the whole deck (almost) unlocked, but sadly there didn't seem to be much use or need to have so many things. I think if you were to keep on working on this, you'd need to add weaknesses and advantages to things and really make sure each thing has a use.

Anyway it was fun, colorful and overall well done. 

This was sorta hilariously fun !  Wish I could play with the deck build before running into battle, but it resulted in silly antics regardless. 

On the other hand, this quickly reaches a point where the amount of stuff on the screen is ridiculous and maybe game breaking since I got bored of destroying everything in less than 2 seconds... Maybe I just left the game too early before tougher waves? 

Anyway, I could see this game growing into an amazing experience, although might be challenging to balance.

not loading for me on browser, will check it out later on download.

Great Job! For a first game, you got a lot of stuff done ! 

Albeit, needs a lot of polish and might have some bugs with the way the deck works or maybe a tutorial ? The player also seems weird something with the turning /facing direction not always working and attacks / getting hit could be more showy.

This never loads for me (gets stuck towards the end of loading bar) ...  tried firefox and chrome = (

Well done game = ] 

Good:  Flying kicks to the face, first time I used the attack I LOL'd and other attacks are pretty cool. 

Bad: I think the story is good enough, but maybe a bit on the boring side. Fights get sort of long.

Fun game, although I think gets a bit repetitive. 

* it pains me to make the choice between  such nice art, pixelated or tiny

* I'd really love to see the photos and have time to read the text / points

* I think there is some missing art or bugs with some of the dialogue

Great job, I'm sure this game could be even better with some off jam polish =]

The good:

There are some nice graphics and some neat physics.

First game where I am chasing health potions for dear life, when I mistakenly kick the bottle further down into the darkness instead of picking it up. (is this a good thing?)

The bad:

1) Way too long. Everything gets repetitive. 

2) Sounds play way too often

3) combat is broken, I cant tell when I hit, where I hit, when I am hit etc. It seems like I must be almost touching to hit. Animations look weird, I can press the button and hear a sound but the animation is not related. 

4) How to play doesn't mention mouse controls for inventory which are necessary

5) can't skip cutscenes

6) flying dragon part is also repetitive, does it end ? I'm not sure if I "finished" or died? (booted to screen)

7) almost quit when I found I needed the green key that I left half way back.

8) too dark in webplayer... looks ok on desktop, although could be less dark. 

9) Rolling items should have some drag. 

10) spelling / grammar mistakes in cutscenes. 


Probably not worth suffering through at the moment unless you are a masochist but has potential.

Landing on bouncy eye thing takes away 1/3 life.

You must then bounce on triangles until "enter" shows up, then bouncing on the eye will clear the triangles and make new ones show up. 

Bouncing on Grey triangles is good since the bar is going up, but bouncing on green triangles gives you a bonus on how fast the bar fills up, bouncing on Red triangles takes energy away. When energy is filled up "enter" is allowed.

Not sure if circles firing are related to "enter" showing up, but I think you need to evade the circles? I feel like I bounced off one of them?

You can also "overheat" meaning that the chance to enter goes away ie the energy bar goes back below 100% 

I think that is the whole game, maybe I missed something else?


1) make health heart shaped and put 3 of them OR add a visual energy shield to the girl that fades.

2) Different sounds for the 3 triangle bounces

3) Do we need the height bar ? I'm not sure it provides any usefulness?

4) Add a shadow right below girl, so you can more easily tell when you are above a triangle.

5) add a leaderboard ?

6) otherwise if no leaderboard, then add something to make it worth surviving ?

7) make a visual change on eye bouncy thing to denote enter is open, like change color of eye to green ?

8) maybe make something that restores 1 health ?

9) add effects for overheat, so its visual too. 

10) more music ?

Another great mood ! Awesome experiments.

Was there some art reuse here? The main character art reminds me of something from before... Anyway great characters and environment again. 

The music track is good, but I felt that it was a little bit off with respect to the mood of the situation? Should there be something a bit more dramatic and maybe change to more uplifting as the final part happens?

The adventure type game was well done, if a little confusing interface wise.

Some things that would be nice in that regard:

  •  I instinctually wanted to be able to drag drop items
  • would be nice if hotspots would not be available until necessary (which happens in some portions)
  •  would also be nice if hotspots did not repeat long already read dialog
  • the echo was confusing at first, until I understood what was happening... maybe missing an intro to the characters ability or the dialog is missing her portrait ? I mean I figured it out and its a non issue afterwards. 
  • small things like if the line says: "I should give this to Maude", I should be allowed to give it to her, otherwise it should say, "I need to find x before giving this to Maude" 

Some of these are common issues with many adventure games though, so take it with a grain of salt. 

A small note, I largely prefer adventure games where a puzzle is solved with out being able to just click on everything though, but I guess the story told here is nice and the difficulty is low, which maybe is the point?

I'll stop whining now.

I enjoyed this little game slice, the art is a lovely treat, thank you!

Character and environment are sweet. 

Controls are a bit wonky: for my keyboard arrow keys cant mix two keys to get diagonal and numpad only the diagonals work. 

The transparency effect when behind stuff is nice, but I see it breaking in some places where some part of my body is "behind something" when its not supposed to be (an example is standing next to wall with graffiti, head is behind building) 

Love the smooth music change and track names.

The monologues have some bugs, where sometimes if you keep on walking they go away or another dialog makes the first one go away way too fast. Maybe consider a queue or freezing the game until user makes it go away?  

Overall positive vibes, part of me wants to be lazy and be able to click with the mouse instead of driving though, just cause its all so chill.

I commend you on the ambitious new release ! 

Some positives:

* the oopsie with the bomb was fun

* No major bugs in my play-through

Some negatives: 

* it gets pretty brutal when the enemies stack on each other and shoot you through a door/wall ... good thing Gina can book it.

* some of the storytelling seems a bit disjointed compared to previous games 

* How the heck does the main bad guy get away on that first encounter  ? ... seems like it's missing one cutscene there?

* why doesn't Gina immediately (after going up a floor) transform ?

* man how did that guy manage to hire like 100 henchmen? Specially with such a convoluted plan, also were the millions in a safe, did they get them ? Seems like just shitty plan to get so many dudes onboard. Also why stop the party and capture the dude, seems like they could have just stolen the shit and left with out bothering anyone ?

* some dialogs and dialog choices not super clear 

* what about your team of magical girls, why not call them ?

I think as a game that is part of a series, it doesn't really move that plot forward, it could have stood alone as just its own thing, possibly for the better maybe ?

Anyway, feels like its coming on harsh, sorry, just not loving the excursion from the main line I guess.

I suggest if you do make another entry in the series to focus on expanding and exploring all the elements you've come up with. Whats up with the magical baddies, how is the new team working out? How does having the tech/bow lady change things? Are they working on reversing the height / color thing ?  What is Gina doing with her life has all the adventures changed her? How is Sakura managing a job and leading the team? Is bow lady (sorry I forget her name) fixed or is she still messed up, did the healer girl forgive her for reals? Have they reached out to some of the other ones in the journal?  

I think there might be some interesting things to explore there still.