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so much work put into it yikes.

There are some amazing effects ( clouds, dark cloud blobs, magic etc) . The game is a bit repetitive, but enough to keep me going. The city is a bit bland, but nice in scale. Flying is great, but overall the controls kept this from singing, it would go a long way with just fixing the controls. The hospital part almost made me quit, cause it was killing my machine and didnt realize that I didnt have to kill all the enemies until I just picked up the stuff. 

Anyway grand scale, but could have used more polish instead of so much game.

btw playing on mac, you need to chmod -r 755 the whole folder and force play the game (known issue with game maker games  when bundled for mac) 

concept wise:  the game seems interesting  and has potential.

gameplay wise:  its missing a lot of quality of life stuff:

I think one of the most needed pieces is being able to always see your characters HP ... and making some way to understand what happens in battle.. its a bit fast, could slow down a tad bit and add some texts like "parried" "defense attack" or maybe instead a battle log which is just a stream of what happened that you can see at your own leisure.

Overall I didn't connect with the characters and I kept on reading the magic spells over and over cause I forgot who was who. Maybe add very distinctive something so that the character stands out and I can get what their main role is supposed to be.

Story wise:  You might need someone to look over the whole script and fix grammar / typos, it had a lot of them, I see some people pointed some out already, but I think there are several more.

Keep on going ! Great job with limited time! 

stand on the right most square, only look at the last spike color, enough time to switch, defeated. muahahahaha .

Really cute characters! Story is ok. Minigames are ok. 

Great game! 

Could use:

* some key press prompts would help to remind you to get out of dialogs

* minimap

* less birds, I hate the birds = ] ... just joking keep the birds, but I still hate them. 

you'd have to be pretty dexterous to be able to use function keys for that. Why not just let users bind the keys however they like ?

Good polish, nice job overall. I almost gave up playing due to the mousewheel aiming though. Changing it to tohouh doesnt help since my mac laptop doesnt have num keys lol.

aiming w/keyboard is wack so circle for the win! ... lots of potential =] 

Nice ... too many reference jokes that went over my head though. I see you are continually bettering your codebase = ]

Would be nice to get some healthbars on the enemies = ] 

hmm did you just commit to a very tight deadline for Shattered 2 ? hehe should have said "coming soon" instead lol.

    Wow, I cant believe how much awesome art / gameplay your team managed to pack into this! It is really great ! 

    Couple of negs:

    1) playing this on web on a mac, pressing control + left key is like a shortcut that minimizes the window or something, hehe really killed me a couple of times

    2) the boss is pretty but I have to say its really boring/easy to defeat 

    3) a minimap would help a lot =] 

    Pretty fun... would really help if the girls got colored circles to reflect that they are "doing" the task .... 

    Super cool game ... great job on the sounds/music

    The last boss reminded me a little of attack on titan covering its weak spot with its hand =] !

    Some feedback:

    - The difficulty might have been too easy compared to your previous MGGJ jam, I did not die even 1 time , last time I remember dying lots.

    - the little sentry robots get stuck turning left and right sometimes

    - defense shield breaking or draining energy might increase difficulty

    - breakable trash cans could be cool = ] & other props

    bang … ouch

    got stuck in a wall ... died a few hundred times ... who is speaking ? can you add character names to the dialog ? did one person do all the voices ? What the heck  ?  Story seems good but the gameplay needs some work ... keep on working !

    good stuff, I died like a bajillion times to beat it eventually.

    I have no idea how to play this lol ... would be cool if there was a tutorial or something

    fun game, beat by crouch down + right + fire 

    How do you even hit the boss ?

    I guess interestingly enough the game is shorter for a longer jam than previous. 

    I think the action is better on this one.

    Maybe next time if the story is boring you, just skip it and focus on the action more ?  

    neat ! = ]

    Alright ... this could use some extra work ... why submit so early ?

    is there a way to defeat the boss?

    I like the cartoon style,  had fun with the shooting and running around jumping on buildings ... super fun ... suggestion add some grenades = ] ... 

    bug report: 

    1) AI can be pretty lame, seems like if you shoot the leader the rest of the AI doesnt know what to do anymore, or literally requires you to stand with a gun drawn like right in front of them even after shooting all their buddies in the head. 

    2) If somebody is talking and you shoot them, their speech bubble remains floating above their bodies

    3) nothing stops you from trying to pickup an item several times 

    4) would be nice if pickups told you what type of bullets you got +1 mag pistol , or 10 mag rifle ...  

    5) sniper rifle can get stuck in aim, takes a mix of buttons but not hard to repro

    6) if you run out of stamina, which prevents you from shooting ? you can sorta get around it by holstering and drawing weapon and shooting quick ... Also does stamina not replenish at all , just need to sleep ?

    7) would be nice if you also sent a message that mentioned another wave has arrived ... 

    8) also the first time I couldnt tell at all where they were coming from, if my squad mate wasn't randomly shooting at them I would not have figured it out...  maybe some sort of visual to let you know where a shot is coming from ? I mean I just hear gunshots, who are they shooting at me?

    9) ai sucks if you crouch, they should take cover or try to get around you ?

    10) sometimes narration gets stuck and hitting esc and clicking on next button can get you through ... also flying people sometimes and weird bugs. 

    (1 edit)

    nice, keep on going and I laughed a few times with the video = ]

    Hi I enjoyed it too = ] , here are some of my thoughts (sorry for the long ridiculous list, don't feel like you have to answer any of these):

    1) Currently its really not much of a game, I'm not sure what your plans are, but it really feels like you might be more interested in just making a graphic novel or an animation instead.

    2) Its actually fairly long, you might want to cut the demo down to 1/4 instead of like 1/2 of the whole story.  

    3) I'm torn between feeling that there was too much magical girl fan talk or just letting it be itself. 

    4) I feel like Taylor jumps in there kinda randomly and if shes a magical girl how does she have time for so much afterschool, also its literally the only other person we know, besides Sara. 

    5) I feel like you might have made them way too powerful, specially centralia, Amnesiac 

    6) I feel like there are huge gaps in info they would ask cat / centralia 

    7) I think they would only not get affected by cat rewinding if they are in magical girl mode, otherwise they would not have effect on the world ? 

    8)  some reactions are kinda low key, like people disappearing should maybe be a big deal ? Was Lucky impaled in the fight with Lion lady ? 

    9) centralia is a weird name, didn't really get the meaning I guess.

    10) luv the freaked of Lucky reaction image 

    Anyway, keep on going ! Good Luck