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for someone that doesn't like rpg maker games, I can say that what I played of it, it was more entertaining and well made than most. I quit on the first random battle though, cause who has time for that.

that was interesting version of wolf and three little pigs. Would have loved some music / sfx ... some of the text could have been clearer. match 3 was a little confusing, could be clearer if there is a gameplay goal or challenge.

so many broken things, controls, anims, effects ... Good effort ! Next time keep it simple ?

nice little bullet hell. Would be nice if there was a bit extra besides dodging.

WIP no gameplay ?

if there is nothing to add: new gameplay, enemies, ending or anything, then don't pad it with levels.

placing the girls is weird. If placed too low on screen cant upgrade... needs a lot of work.

I guess the dream feeling was good... gameplay was a bit meh. 

um ok. I guess I need to play it more than once?   Got stuck on a second playthrough couldn't move after respawning at the beginning ... meh.

why is this an unreal game  = ]  … its currently way too simple. Needs some more gameplay elements to make it vaguely interesting. 

the art is great and the music was very nice... Overall it was a bit too sugar sweet / repetitive for my taste, clearly all the elements for a good VN are there, but hopefully something more interesting story wise to make it shine. 

ok the creepy switch was random, but good atmosphere ... 

but why is the double jump backward? 

the jank is sort of funny... 

hmm didnt figure out how to get the fire protection, but got stuck running across the map in rabbit mode, that was longest 3 minutes....

Anyway, cool to see a maybe first 3d Godot game in  jam.

Game over all was pretty chill, but could use lots of little polish to make it better.

music, sfx, and sprites are nice... the gameplay is fun at first but needs something more since you get bored quickly. On desktop the accuracy is not enough, if sprites are too close to each other you will get fails even if you try to nick a corner, but I assume on mobile the accuracy would be bad regardless, so game gives you a bit of lee way with fails....

anyway its nice, but needs some interesting concept or challenge to add to it.

oooh is this the 1 Unreal entry of this year? 

OK this actually had a good amount of game play, surprised =]

Its a good start... I dont really understand why the magical girls are mushroom girls fighting mushrooms... but ok... the art is nice... 

The level design is good, the monsters and powers were fun to fight and use....

This game just needs a bunch of polish (everywhere) ! 

1) hit reactions  and animations for bad guys and good guys

2) fix aiming a little bit ( provide a crosshair maybe? ) 

3) show cool down of powers 

4) lots of little graphical glitches (shadows, flying polygons, kinda not so great cartoon shader effect?)


Anyway, this has potential.

another one that seems like a good first unity project... the facing of the girl should maybe be controlled by the mouse position... the wave counter gets sort of broken for me around 6th wave... 

Sounds / music would be nice to add... something that tells you visually you are getting hurt.

well, they definitely cant catch up to the player, and they don't seem to shoot anything, or explode... once they see you they should maybe run at you, add a running speed ... also the shooting of the player could be a little bit more dynamic / fast.

Reminds me of those old arcade games with the guns .... the rail is a bit too fast though =] 

seems like a nice first 3d Unity project... the enemies really need an upgrade to make this even slightly challenging = ]

This is well made, a bit short... the 1 ball mechanic starts grating by the end of that level though... 

nice to see the story continue... died / and sweet ending . =]

a run button would be really nice and some sounds / music... simple but has some potential.

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This was pretty fun. Surprising the series with a random tower defense game, nice. 

some smallish issues:

1) I had some trouble with drag drop, like the highlight would be off the mouse center I feel, which led to some deaths, also so me tiles would highlight that clearly were out of bounds.

2) There could be a few slightly longer pauses, like at the beginning to place your maids, or a little tiny few more seconds of breathing time between rounds 

3) Would be nice to get some notification effects or sounds, to call out when someone is low on health or when they are back from "dead" etc. 

Overall pretty fun and well done, but quickly degenerates into stacking everything on one girl and smashing her right in front. 

I would have liked to test some more girls out at higher level or see what would happen if I threw a high level maid one in the kitchen, but it was just not possible, had to hurry so much to stack shit one one that I never got the chance.

A very smart mechanic to add to the bullet hell genre, great job.

what cookie ? hehe

Just found it really hard to play... turning is too slow ... speed is not visible enough...

stuck couldnt go down

umm please remove the jumping sound, its not helping anything here... wish it was just spacebar why did enter enter the picture ? ... mmmm not much else, this needs some work.

Art was nice, gameplay is a bit broken, just blind, set on fire, poison and paralyze and they pretty much die by themeselves

this game has lots of potential, but right now seems broken in several ways. The boss was challenging unless  you figure out how to spam both buttons at the same time for a super machinegun of hearts and cures. 

me and my kids made some = ] they had lots of fun thanks !



some ladies talked and then a blue screen. = } let me know if it gets updated.

Loved the little cat meter thing, and was nice overall, but gameplay was a bit lacking.

gameplay is just not there yet

nice design, looking sweet, but gameplay is a bit repetitive at the moment.

The big guy got me... 

score 38

You made a visual novel, its a complete piece of work and you released it. That in itself is something to be proud about.

Onwards !