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apprearently its walls thats make me12fps

there were moments where the game decided to go 5fps (i have a 1080ti) so i wasnt able to beat it so i'm not allowed to give criticism


i didnt like that when you close the game the song stops so i removed it

10/10 game

where's your game?

i hated this game but i like it now

why do i get hurt from jumping on the flying things

learn how to check for collision you fucking cretin, miyamoto had no problem doing it 40 goddamn years ago

whats the point of having a doors and indestructible walls breaking up the levels if they're all the same anyways and there's no damsel

make it an open world spelunky where you just keep going down forever and it gradually changes

all games have to be open world now

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the polack on wheels, your assets he steals

-title screen doesn't tell you that you can press shift to run

-able to get hit while exiting the stage wtf

-dart traps shoot behind them sometimes wtf

-ropes and gold don't trigger dart traps (only the projectile that creates the rope triggers dart traps)

-cant crawl into a corner to go into a corner grab (makes avoiding some spikes without a bomb impossible) [this sentence only makes sense if you're a spelunky pro]

-i randomly corner grab blocks of air while falling wtf

-can't pickup bombs

-multiple game over messages appear if you get hit after you die


-only two options on the gender select

-level gen is really good and even takes in account fall damage height /s

-rad stolen images for powerups but they aren't even displayed on this hud

-i was on level 11 and a trap didn't trigger when i threw a rock so i threw a pot and nothing happened, i then dropped below it and didnt get hit, but when i jumped up back up  infront of it THATS when it actually fucking triggered. they are inconsistent trash yet the entire game is based on them.

-spike hitbox is way too low and its fucking impossible to jump under them into the safe zone

-snakes hit you when they walk onto the tile you're ledge grabbing on

-pots break so goddamn easily it makes it literally fucking impossible to set off traps (the one goddamn thing you have to do in this game)

-i am not having fun

-landing snakes doesn't break fall damage

-it is so fucking bad and unenjoyable every death is not my fault and you expect me to have infinite bombs and ropes to dance around your shitty inconsistent traps of which there are at least 300 in every level this game it gives me pain it hurts to play this game i do not want to beat this game i dont have the patience to endure what feels like me slowly slicing my wrists

-i beat yama literally 20 times in spelunky so you can't call me bad you fuckckiing le xd so hardcore dark souls "ITS NINTENDO HARD" [] faggot. Sorry i'm bad at the one skill your game allows me to use, having enough patience to waste my time slowly slogging through this diarrhea of a game where there is literally no tile that i'm safe on

the only good thing you have going for this lazy plagiarism is that it feels like a shitty atari game like the one sato played in ajin (which is every single indie game in existance) so just make your game and its graphics even shittier for many nostalgia and novelty points. also the powerups super duper cool (since it's the one thing you made yourself) but making a game completely based around powerups already exists in every single other shitty indie game (binding of isaac and risk of rain)

i work 15 hours a day at a job that makes me want to hang myself and the first time i'm able to use a computer in months this is what i have to spend my fucking time on. you call this a finished game jackass????:


it's a vigenère you dip