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lol thanks, i dont know how i  missed that...

I would really like the option to scale the UI, on my laptop the blocks are VERY TINY and I have to squint eyes and get really close to screen to even see what they are...

exporting to fbx using the option to export the colors as 1 texture, the colors end up all wrong from what shows in asset forge for example, a black gray model comes out green and light...

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i just uploaded a build(es3 3.7), should be the latest, this project has been paused for a long time since i havent had time to support this and (the many other projects im developing, including 1 on steam)...

thanks 4 reporting...

everything is perfectly fine! ship is blown up behind him XD.. great voice acting! I was skydiving and I was like oh no I lost the game I didn't get any packages. and then the game begins when you land, like, OHHHHH!

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thanks Alexey! Sanik X Kurbee

ahhh very true... i guess my brain was fried from the jam ... 

made it to level 3, its kinda like minesweeper, but you dig and theres poisonous gas... i thought it was kinda impossible at times because if all below blocks say 2 there really is no way to know where to dig... 

Marcelo D2 eh um cantor de hip hop no Brasil, voce nao eh ele nao neh? rsrsrsrs

This is the game I am currently most actively working on.. there is a major character update comming this month , and a new earth model as well as fixed multiplayer earth rotation will be included in this new update... stay tuned!

Boss fight tutorial in case you get stuck!

Add your name and comments on the game, you can't be an alpha tester if you don't test the game obviously but some people just want tha fame!?

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#fixed on v.015 .. on level 1 i left some test objects in the level, removing in next update comming today...

this was actually caused by an engine limitation regarding generating spline mesh components at runtime

download version 0.12 with all the bug fixes

prior to starting this project i had no knowledge that spline mesh components have a collision issue when they are created at runtime, and my procedural generation logic relies completely on this mechanic. For now, in order to fix the lack of collision (rat falling through the floors and walls) of the tunnels, I will have to temporarily deactivate procedural generation. This should be fine for the time being, since the objective is for people to play the game and test out the mechanics of the gameplay / and even if you play the same level a couple of times some actors are still procedurally generated (the enemies and obstacles), so there will be still be some randomization... I apologize for not knowing of this engine limitation at project start and in the meantime I will be studying solutions to this problem.

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after my first sale yesterday I have decided to keep supporting this game on a more regular basis, as such, while I type a new build is being compiled which should fix some of the bugs in the sticky, and I will be personally testing it to make sure... Thanks!

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#fixed on win v.012, still present on mac(update comming soon): rat still falling through tunnel on level 1

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#fixed... let me know if you still get this error (it was only present on windows)
camera can't rotate 360 around Rat (these sort of issues only appear on .exe versions so I am sorry about them but they will be fixed)

on level 2 - pressing jump doesnt work, neither on gamepad or keyboard (level 2 is unfinished btw)

if you have multiple monitors the game screen might start on an undesired screen, pressing windows + shift + arrow key will move the game screen to another monitor

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wow. What was I thinking. Just kidding, This is my passion project, I have been working on it pretty much ever since I started developing with Unreal Engine 4. My family's journey to the US with my dream of running a game studio is moving inch by inch everyday, with every keystroke a new opportunity emerges. The support of my wife and baby daughter, as well as my parents are primordial to allow me the privilege to work on this amazing game.

This game is my job, I work on it full time everyday and even weekends. I don't party or go out, except to take my family out to places when they get tired of being in my office all day... So if you support this game, you will be supporting a hard working game developer who is focused on getting this game published.

Check it out and let me know what you think, what you most liked and what you least enjoyed! It will be very helpful to me!

The arcade modes alone will keep you busy for a long time with up to 4 friends playing. I recommend InputMapper if you have a ps4 controller on PC, but you can always play with Xbox controllers as well + Full keyboard mouse support.

I would love to do that leafo, but my files are over 1gb so doesnt allow me to upload them...

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update is live (added ability to press escape , to escape the level lol) and added 2 new levels, a concept level and space concept level that is completely finishable

thanks for noticing Doktor.. we literally made so many elements to fit the theme.. 

1. the conveyors and the bunnies launching escalating quickly at the final conveyor

2. the fact you start of slow and like la la la and then all of a sudden you have 30 something bunnies on the main table and they start getting on the conveyor to escalate quickly..

3. the boss intro like, holy moly, where did this guy come from was meant to escalate the game quickly as well...

this was the first game jam for all of us so we thought all of the rules where the ones on the main page... but hey.. its up to Epic now... we understand why they wouldn't want to qualify it so no hard feelings..

this is not the droid you're looking for.... :)

Finally your dreams of being a roomba can come true in Hairoomba, ultimate house cleaning robot simulator!

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wow the artwork and gameplay is fantastic, very cinematic experience overall.. love the dog lol... those waves are awesome also

thank you so much Doktor!

i likey

hate it, love it? leave us a comment!

definetly would like this as well.. although this is something we are already asking for so it would be cool if people read through the feature requests and added what they want to the original posts, or else it will look like a new feature every time..

Yes this is definetly a needed feature... !!!!

also just noticed the scaling... if we could scale the entire object larger or smaller instead of only scaling up, or left or right individually ( i mean that option is great but the scale all feature is missing)... i know this is a completely different idea and a great product but without these basic 3d modeling features our creations become pretty limited(and it hampers productivity)...

I would really like to see the rotation improved... even if it was just 45 degrees at max it would still completely change the outcome of models... 90 degrees is just way to limited