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Feature Request: Undo / Redo Locked

A topic by Codeglee created Jul 08, 2017 Views: 506 Replies: 12
This topic was locked by Kenney Dec 16, 2017
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Not sure this needs more explanation.


+1, at minimum a single step undo on ctrl/cmd-Z should be required


+1. It looks like one of the most requested features but I don't see it on trello.


+100 basic undo/redo would be fantastic.


+1, this is a must have feature. Along with "duplicate".

This tool is great! But undo/redo would be cuh-razy useful!

Yes this is definetly a needed feature... !!!!

+1 Yes please!

Giving this a +1 as well :)

This is a needed feature. Difficult to use without it

+1 this is such a necessary feature


Has been added to to-do list, thanks for the suggestions!

locked this topic