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Bunny Saver 2View game page

Sort bunnies into bins and compete for best score with online leaderboard!
Submitted by ImagineGames — 15 minutes, 57 seconds before the deadline

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Gameplay Instructions
controls are mentioned in game... mouse aim or gamepad right stick to aim, right trigger or left click to pickup and shoot... WASD and left stick to move once boss appears!

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List any content that was created before the jam that was included in the final submission.
Pre-made assets:
Bunnies & anims (from
First person character from First person shooter template, arms and anims (anims were built using anims from template).
Boss bunny dude was made by Reinaldo Vieira using iClone Character Creator but anims retargeted from Paragon GRUX)
Door break sound /
Pro Sound Collection (whoosh sounds, splats, hits):
JUST GORE (for splat/spurt sfx):
FXVille Blood VFX Pack (for blood particles):
Online leaderboard made using Epic Leader Plugin!!!!
bunny ears and headband for boss from Dapper Hat Collection

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Make an exception Epic games, don't disqualify this game! Fits the theme so well! 


thanks for noticing Doktor.. we literally made so many elements to fit the theme.. 

1. the conveyors and the bunnies launching escalating quickly at the final conveyor

2. the fact you start of slow and like la la la and then all of a sudden you have 30 something bunnies on the main table and they start getting on the conveyor to escalate quickly..

3. the boss intro like, holy moly, where did this guy come from was meant to escalate the game quickly as well...

this was the first game jam for all of us so we thought all of the rules where the ones on the main page... but hey.. its up to Epic now... we understand why they wouldn't want to qualify it so no hard feelings..