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Advanced rotation and scaling

A topic by antares88 created Jul 24, 2017 Views: 226 Replies: 2
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while playing with Asset Forge I noticed some limitations:

1) you can rotate blocks only of 90° steps. It would be great to have also smaller rotations (i.e. 15°). In the screenshot I had trouble to make the oblique piece of the suspension, I had to use a Z-shaped piece when rotating a cylinder of 30° would have made my day.

2) It's often difficult to match pieces together when using a mix of them. See screenshot below. An option would be to have different versions of each piece with all the combination of angles, but it's complicated. Another option would be what I describe in point 3.


3) the pieces scale evenly. It would be great to have other scale modes where you can select what part of the block should scale and what should stay fixed. See screen:

4) What about giving the possibility to group pieces and save the group as a new block?

5) Please, add the basic features like copy/cut/paste individual blocks and groups of blocks. Also Undo/Redo :-*

I would really like to see the rotation improved... even if it was just 45 degrees at max it would still completely change the outcome of models... 90 degrees is just way to limited

also just noticed the scaling... if we could scale the entire object larger or smaller instead of only scaling up, or left or right individually ( i mean that option is great but the scale all feature is missing)... i know this is a completely different idea and a great product but without these basic 3d modeling features our creations become pretty limited(and it hampers productivity)...