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Imaginary Grass

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Hey, thanks for the compliment and the feedback. Yes, we were worried that without a tutorial it would be quite confusing. But essentially, the ghost (i.e., you) needs to reveal evidence around the map before the detective "scans" said evidence. If the detective sees all the evidence, you will win.

Thanks for the compliments, I'm happy that the game felt like Sherlock Holmes, we were a bit worried that the lack of ambience may not portray that detective feeling enough. The broken wall section is probably the most interesting part of our game, I'm glad you liked it!

Hey, thanks for playing our game, and thanks for the compliments! Yes, the detective AI was (very) stupid. He follows a list of waypoints. We wanted to make it dynamic (and respond to sounds like breaking vases and tearing paintings) but we ran out of time.

I love the cute graphics and the cute music. I love the detail you put into the game, including the tilting of the sprites, the water dripping from the ceiling, etc, it makes the world feel alive. The controls feel snappy, but I wish you could jump slightly higher.  Great job!


Hahahah thanks for the kind words. I hope the game didn't make you rage too much :)

hahaha, looks like our game is a muscle trainer to:) thanks for the kind words!

Thanks for your kind words. Glad that you enjoyed our little game! Thanks to @UNLITE and @Popseratzy and for the great art :)

Thank you so much for your kind words! And thanks for wasting time on our little game hahaha. Please, do note that this is somewhat of a rage game :) But yes, we tried to design the spawning system that takes into account how well the player is doing. We aimed for a system that creates constant tension and pressure.

Thanks for the kind words! Glad you liked Cornhub :)

Thanks for the kind comments. Yes, it is possible to win. It is a very difficult game, consider it a rage game hahahhaha!!

:D thanks for the input. Yes,we didn't think of the sticky keys on Windows :/ We originally used Right Control, but during testing, we realized that Control-W closes the tab XD, so we decided to use R-Shift.

Thanks for playing, glad you enjoyed the game :)

Glad you enjoyed playing our game. Yes, we spent a lot of time tuning the balance, and I'm happy that it feels fair.   The game is infinite, so you will never find the chef, unfortunately. Thanks for playing :)

Wow! Thank you so much hedgein, we're very honoured to be featured in your top-ten video! We're glad you enjoyed our game :)

btw your edits in this video are very polished, and the transitions are smooth. You must have spent a few hours making this video.

Hi there! Thanks so much for playing our game, and thanks for your kind comment :D We might consider adding some special abilities in case the player falls, but we didn't have any time to do so during the jam.

Wow! Thanks for the long reply :) Yes, we put a lot of effort into polishing this game, and I (the programmer/composer in our 2-people team) barely slept lol. We play-tested this game a lot, and it took hours to adjust the balance of the game (especially how to create semi-random dice so that players don't get bullied by it) I'm very glad that you enjoyed the game and noticed the details, it means a lot to us! Great job on getting your new high score! (I will probably make a personal high-score system and a global high-score system soon. This way, the players can feel the sense of competition and feel the need to improve their skills.) Thanks a million mate :)

This is a very fun (octo)puzzle(r) game. I know you used your own game engine so this might be asking too much, but I feel like a bit more visual feedback (like more camera shakes and maybe a flashing effect when the player reaches the goal) would make it feel a lot juicier. I love the little tutorial windows :D, they are so cute! Very smart! Also, impressive that you did all the art! Even though I can do pixel art too, I can never draw this kind of style. Great work!

It was a bit confusing at first, but I get it now! Great concept, don't see turn-based games very often. Do some polishing post-jam, add more elements to the game, and keep up the good work :)

Cool game idea! The physics is goofy and random, which fits the theme of the game. Here's a little tip: make 2 colliders with different layers so that you can detect whether the player is stuck, and resolve it by applying some force. Other than that, great game and keep up the good work.

Hi there! Glad you noticed so many details of this game :D Thanks for such a long and insightful comment, I truly appreciate it! Nice chatting with ya! Your game is awesome too (especially the fact that you made the engine and it's running so smoothly)!

Wow! Such a cute game, and such a cool concept. I thought humans and aliens are friends, but it turns out nope lol :) Good for you guys for doing everything including the art, music, and sound in just 48 hours. Keep up the good work lads! (Also btw, I noticed that you have some different endings and that your credits screen looks very cool, so I can tell you put a lot of effort into every detail :D keep it goin')

Hi there! Played your platformer game before, and it was awesome! Thanks so much for the kind comment :D

Very fun and well-made game! Since I am a master of bullet hell platforming (lol) I thoroughly enjoyed it! It would be more interesting if you spawn less enemies but make the enemies' bullets bounce off walls and platforms :) Also, add some screen shakes, it definitely helps! One detail I noticed is that the music only starts when you start the roll, which is amazing! Keep up the good work!

This game is both creative and good-looking at the same time. Haven't seen a strategy game in a long time in this jam lol. Very impressive that you made this by yourself in 48 hours + the music! Keep up the great work mate!

You have a very creative and good-looking game. An enemy spawned on top of me and I died before I can do anything lol, maybe check the surrounding before spawning the enemy? Also, the dice rolling animation looks a bit strange, but it's a jam game, so no big deal :) I noticed that you did the art and the music, which is very impressive! Keep up the good work lads :)

Not the most creative idea, but love the cute art and cute scene! Also, the sound when you roll your dice off the level is so amazing :) Incredible that you did the art and the coding in 2 days. Keep up the great work!

Your game is great, keep up the good work. The idea can be a bit more engaging tho. One thing I'm gonna point out, your game's audio is a bit loud just like mine lol. Also, is the art from an asset store pack? it looks oddly familiar.

So true lol... I feel like there must be a way to make it so that people rate fairly :)

Great game! Interesting concept! Can't believe you made all that in 48 hours. Keep up the good work mate!

Hi there! I'm very glad that you enjoyed our little game :) Thanks for the kind words!

Great game! Watched your game on stream, and I wanted to try it for myself :) The only thing is that maybe add a checkpoint for every level? Restarting everything is a bit annoying. Overall, a great amount of polish for a game jam game (especially for a 13-year-old if you were not lying on stream). btw, can you check out my game too? Keep up the good work mate :)

Lots of fun for such a simple game! Had lots of fun playing it with my buddy. The controls needed some getting used to, but I enjoyed it overall! Keep up the good work mate!

Come have a look at our game too, I promise you will like it :)

Hi there! Thanks for leaving a kind comment! You just made my day! Glad you enjoyed it :) (I'm glad someone noticed the screen wipe animations because that took a while to implement lol)

Thank you so much for the kind words and for playing/rating our game! I had very little sleep during the jam because I just couldn't stop polishing the game lol :)

Hi! Thanks for playing and leaving us a kind comment! Glad you enjoyed it :)

Very interesting idea! I love food games (even though I think eating dice is not the best decision). Good amount of polish in 48 hours. Keep up the good work mate!

Sick game, what else can I say :)

Wow! So much polish and a very interesting concept! Can't believe you did everything (and 3D) in 48 hrs! I absolutely loved the ghosts, they look so cute! Did you use a shader for that? You outperformed yourself! Keep up the good work mate :)

It's a bit difficult, but the gameplay is cool and juicy!