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Thank you so much for taking the time to play and comment on this VN!

Happy to hear that you think this VN can brighten gloomy days! Thank you so much for taking the time to share your feedback.

Wow, I love the art style of the game so much, plus the premise is super intriguing! Looking forward to playing this when I get the time!

Wow, that's such a sweet and romantic story about you and your beloved! Thank you so much for sharing that! <3

To answer your question, he did bump into Mara numerous times because they live close to each other, but being a socially anxious introvert who was often lost in his own world, he didn't pay much attention to her or to most other people around him. So no, he never guessed that they were online friends until the big reveal.

Thank you for taking the time to comment!

Thank you for playing this! I sincerely hope that you're doing okay. <3

Thank you for taking the time to play this!

Thank you so much!

Of course! As a Filipino, I try to make all of my VNs have close ties to the Philippines. <3

Aww, your brother must be awesome, then! <3 Thanks for taking the time to play this!

I feel ya. All of the visual novels I've written so far have featured sapphic relationships / pining in some way. <3 Queer representation is important to me too. <3

That is such a sweet and wholesome story. <3 Thank you so much for sharing it. I'm glad that this story provided a bit of an escape for you. I hope you're doing well!

Thank you for taking the time to play it!

Thank you!

Thank you! I'm pleased you liked the art and music.

Thank you!

Thank you so much! I'm glad you liked the CGs and the endings!

Thank you for taking the time to play this! Wholesome is what we aim for. <3

Hello! It's ilyilaice, the writer for Aria at the Funeraria. Feel free to post any comments, or ask any questions, that may contain spoilers in this thread. Thank you very much!

Thank you for sharing your playthrough! I sincerely enjoyed watching this! Hearing your thoughts before making each choice was interesting. 

I really admire people who make Let's Play's, because I imagine this takes a lot of energy. Keep it up! And greetings to your dog!

Hello! I posted an official walkthrough here. Thanks for reaching out!

This looks so good! The art and character descriptions are so nice! Downloading this now! <3

Everything about the description and art is so freaking adorable. Must remember to check this out when I get the time! Congrats on completing NaNoRenO! :)

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Hello! My NaNoRenO team currently consists of a writer/proofreader (me), a sprite/CG artist, coder/programmer, and a composer. The following roles are available:

- BG artist
- GUI artist

We'll be working on an Otome Game / Dating Sim. Please reach out if you're interested in such projects, and if you want to know more details about our plans. Thank you!

You need to fail the minigame to achieve the other ending. :)

Thank you so much for letting us know your thoughts! I'm glad you decided to check this out after reading Limbokin. While Limbokin is probably a more polished story overall, Flights of Fancy remains very close to my heart. <3

Thank you very much! Glad you enjoyed it.

One of the first VNs that I ever played, and it still stands out in my head as one of my all-time favorites. This game is just full of surprises, all very welcome to my horror and humor-loving heart. <3

I very much enjoyed this experience. The subject matter is, of course, extremely relevant. I love the overall message as well. I just want to share that the very first thing I did in the flat was to check myself out in the mirror. Not sure what this says about me, but needless to say, it was an interesting ride from there. Well done!

Wow, I love the art!!! Will play this when I get the time. Commenting here so I don't forget!


I've been meaning to play "The Dark" for a while now. It's on top of my to-play list! 

Thank you for taking the time to let us know your thoughts! I am pleased you enjoyed it. 

I started writing a novel-length interactive story in which Bee, Vida, and Karis are characters, but I had to set it aside as the story was getting too convoluted. Lately I've been outlining a sequel set roughly five years after "Flights of Fancy," and the planned story is shorter and therefore more manageable. I hope you'll be interested to check it out once it's released! 

Thank you for letting us know your thoughts! 

This story is just a snapshot of an originally novel-length story I was writing, which I reworked into a more manageable form for the month-long jam. So I definitely see what you mean when you say you find some of the endings abrupt. 

Vida, Bee, and Karis appear in another interactive story I'm currently working on, so this might not be the last you see of them! 

Thank you so much for taking the time to play this game! 

Thank you for your time! Hope you enjoy your experience. 

Thank you so much for taking the time to comment! I really appreciate the constructive criticism, and I will keep all these points in mind for next time. 

How many endings are you still missing? There are nine endings in total. If you would like to access a walkthrough, let me know. I could quickly write one up. 

Thanks for making such a super fun and super gay game! The art and the colors were just pure eye candy. The dynamic among the characters made me snort in laughter and go awww at several points. 

Ezo as a protagonist is so precious -- I've always preferred poker-faced and snarky narrators. But my favorite character is probably Bellevue. From the first moment I saw him, I was like oooh he's so cute, too bad Ezo is only interested in women. After learning a bit about his backstory, I love Bellevue even more, and I wish there was more of him in the game. <3 But I love all the other characters! I can't be the only one wishing that Nue is romanceable, right? She's so spicy and awesome!!!

I kinda wish that there was a little more interactivity, but since this is a prequel (enjoyed that framing device in the beginning BTW -- it's a nice little window to a clearly more complex and fleshed-out world), I guess I can see why the story has to stay linear. Even so, I really enjoyed this great WLW fantasy story. <3 10/10, would recommend!

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This game is such a blessing to me, a horror- and thriller- and mystery-obsessed girl. <3 The character designs and art style are quirky, unique, and somewhat surreal/uncanny (all plus points for me). The music and sound design are unsettling, and honestly just might be my favorite aspects of this game??? (But I love literally everything about this game, so. . . .) The backgrounds and color choice and the chilling/creepy atmosphere are all amazing. <3 I also love the lie detector so much -- it made my heart pound at various points!!!

The writing, oh the writing! I absolutely live for the concept and the choice mechanic, and you executed them so excellently! And that twistiest of twists!!! I am a law student, with complex feelings about the justice system, and oh my, this twist speaks to me in so many ways. <3 You've selected a great idea and limited yourself to a sensible scope for a month-long jam. Kudos to you for creating E V E R Y T H I N G in this game. Everything is awesome here, seriously. <3

I do have a single suggestion for improvement, though. I wish there are more fail states so that the player feels a sense of accomplishment upon selecting the right choices. I can understand not wanting to give the player a hard time . . . but at the same time, a certain amount of difficulty enhances the gaming experience, in my humble opinion.

Thank you for sharing this game with us. Keep creating, keep inspiring. <3

Just finished getting all the bad and the worse endings. I'm not particularly good at completing games without a walkthrough so I'm pretty proud of myself.

I adore this game! The art, the animations, the innovative concept, the excellent execution, the polish and oomph, the character design, the colors, the music, the twists and surprises. . . . I could go on and on, but suffice it to say that I am extremely impressed that your team got all this done within a mere month! Kudos to your team!

More than anything else, the message/theme of the game really shines through. I LOVE games that have a little more thought put into the choice mechanic, rather than the simpler affection-points type of system. The way you choose to communicate your message really makes perfect sense. You had me nodding along enthusiastically as I barrelled toward the (true) ending. <3

To sum it all up, thank you for making this wonderful game and sharing it with us. I'm waiting with bated breath for any future games that this team might release!

I've played and loved Arena Circus and The Pretenders Guild, and I came here expecting to love this too. I actually think I love this game the most??? Even though it's obviously the shortest, I absolutely adore the concept, the execution, the polish and overall oomph, the writing, the art (awesome sprites as always + creative outfit designs + lovely semirealistic CGs), the UI, the music, the sound design, the customizability ... just literally everything. It astounds me that you got all this done within a month. Seriously, the heartiest congratulations to everyone in this team for releasing such a solid game. <3


My absolute favorite thing about this game is that it gives us agency in what should have been sticky territory, given that the main character is an amnesiac who is forcibly thrown into a situation wherein information is withheld from them, and they don't know whom they can trust. For all they know, everyone around them could be deceiving them. 

So I appreciate that the game gives us choices that allow us to set boundaries. And I SUPER appreciate that, despite the proven history of the main character with both love interests, the aforementioned LIs respect the MC's boundaries and apologize every time they slip up. Kudos to the writer for the sensitive handling of a potentially problematic setup. 

Loving the sequel bait. You got me -- hook, line, and sinker.

Thank you very much for the thoughtful and constructive feedback! It's wonderful to hear from a fellow VN enthusiast from the Philippines. Both the artist and I are Filipino as well. 

Since I'm always searching for more diversity and inclusivity in games, I'll have to check out the other VNs in your collection of cultural glimpses. Filipino Catholic schoolgirl culture in particular has always fascinated me, so I was eager to explore that. It's a pity I couldn't do a deep dive into it given the limited time frame taking place in the story, but I may delve into it further in future games. Perhaps even in a sequel? We'll see. 

Thanks once again for taking the time to read this.

I've played this game quite a while ago, but I just have to say that this is probably in my top ten VNs/KNs of all time. This is an incredibly layered and complex and thought-provoking story that just kills me more with each reread. <3 If you're deciding whether to download this game, do it. You will not regret the experience.