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Hi Kenney,

I'm an developer working both on Windows and MacOS - when you're ready for testing the new version i'd like to offer myself as a tester (for Mac) if you haven't found a reliable testing team yet.

I understand it might still take some time before we're that far but maybe to keep in mind if you have issues finding Mac users. Have a great one!

Did you try installing it with Itch App instead of standalone Assetforge? Try to uninstall Assetforge, Install the Itch application, and look for Assetforge in the Itch application. This way it worked for me.

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Hi all,

I've been using AssetForge on Windows for sometime now without any major problems.
Now i'm at the office where we all have Mac OS running and trying to get AssetForge to work.
The install went flawless, although i can't access any custom blocks out my 'Collections' folders - which is the one this extremely useful for me.

I've followed these steps just to be sure:
But still only default models will load, no customs - any advice?
Thanks in advance!


I found the solution, just posting this in case someone has the same problem - i've installed AssetForge directly from the download link on my Mac, for some reason then loading custom blocks won't work - perhaps looking in the wrong location for the Collections? This is fixable by uninstalling the directly installed AssetForge, download and install the Itch app and then go there to your library to install / open AssetForge. It now will have another location on your Mac and loading models out of the Collections folders should work fine now.

Thanks for your quick respond!
Keep up the good work - me and my (small) team are just loving your work.
Looking forward for the release of 2.0, is there any particular section i can check for updates about the newer version?

Hi all,

After using this program for the last 48 hours for my ThreeJS project i've came across a few issues that could get improved.
Some of these already may have been mentioned - i believe they're building a V2 so maybe this is obsolete.

- Collections folders should be selectable through dropdown menu instead of arrows (absolutely required imo ! ). 
- Maximum Zoom should be increasable through configuration (useful for larger models).
- Possibility to lock models to prevent selection (useful for larger models).
- Possibility to group certain models and copy/paste groups would be nice.

Except for some minor issues i must give huge credit to the creator(s) of this tool.
Very useful indeed - I'm very interested in upcoming versions and updates!
Keep up the good work!