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Hi Kenney,

We would love an option to only export the selected models / groups to an OBJ / MTL file instead of one as whole.
This would of course be an extra optional method to export but will have huge power when creating smaller assets of one model as whole.

For example: We're currently creating water terrains and have created a river, now we've exported the river as one whole but also want to export smaller modular parts so we can faster create new rivers in the future. Of course we could remove all other elements from our existing river - or we could re-create the river-part in a new Asset Forge project - but it would be much better if we could select certain models / grouped models and have an option to only export the selected items.

Best regards!

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Hi Kenney,

Have been experimenting a lot with the new version of Asset Forge 2. Looks very promising so far and found much more functions than released in the first initial version. One of the new functionsi like most is multiple select + group models as one whole. 

There are two methods to multiple select: 

1. Semi-auto while holding SHIFT + Click tile
2. Automatic while holding CTRL + Click & move cursor

While making terrain and using a lot of the same 'floor level' blocks (for example sand, grass, etc.) there's an option to place multiple clones of the selected model: SHIFT + Click by semi-clicking each block.

Would it be possible to add the "CTRL + Click" behaviour as while placing new models on the grid? Currently there's nothing special going on while holding "CTRL" and placing models. It would be nice if we could click once while having the model selected, and hover all grid tiles where we want this object to be placed. Of course there should be some kind of 'security' making sure there won't be placed 10 models on the same grid tile without the user knowing, but i'm sure you will cover all of that if this idea passes!

Please let me know if there's any interest for adding this feature or if this won't be added at all to Asset Forge. Keep up the good work, very excited to pick-up my old projects again because of this release!

Is there any news since the last development update described above? Absolutely love your tool so far in use for my ThreeJS projects - but have been waiting months in excitement for the new version. Obviously you guys need time but i was wondering if there was any new information available regarding the new development version.

Awesome! Can't wait to use these in my projects.

Big thanks!

Thanks for the information, will keep this in mind while exporting new models to experiment with.

Love your work by the way!


Some models seem to work and other don't. Still not fully sure what makes the difference, all models came from the same sources and are converted the same way.
For example in the left bottom corner you see 4 models carrying ingots. The second doesn't load properly while it should be an modified clone of the others.

If there's no fix not the end of the world, but would be nice if i could use all models i want in AssetForge too :)

Just an update, it might have been this particular model because when i'm trying with another decorative model it works fine.
Still a big fan of your tool, can't wait for the new release!

Hi Kenney,

I'm pretty sure the OBJ and MTL file have been imported both correctly, all other custom models i've added are fine (which are thousands). 

Originally i'm a web developer with little knowledge about 3D and that's why I'm experimenting with ThreeJS and Assetforge to create a game to gain more experience, not to release.

I have successfully downloaded, imported in Blender3D and manipulated models and then used them in my game all without problems and exactly as expected. Now because of my little knowledge of Blender3D i can be overwhelmed by its interface and still don't fully know all options.

Is there a way i can check if my model contains nodes or groups, and possibly can i convert them to make it compatible with Assetforge? Or is the only option to actually re-model from scratch?

I could send the model file if you want to check, but i'm sure you don't want to be bothered too much by these things. Thanks either way in advance!


Anyone could help me creating custom blocks? I have created a model in Blender3D and when importing it into Assetforge the preview thumbnail on the left side shows correctly but inside the editor it shows as an bugged red model without textures / colours.

I've read the guide on how to create custom blocks and read the max size is 1x1x1. I've tried resizing the model and exporting with different settings. In my game the models looks exactly as expected but inside Assetforge not unfortunately.

If anyone could give advice that be great, thanks in advance!

Hi, how is your project re-building RuneScape going? I'm actually working on a RuneScape related project for myself combined with these blocks, ThreeJS and RS3 models without textures (low quality). It's basically a low poly RuneScape spin-off. Started by me and my friend for fun and learning. Are you perhaps interested in sharing your work or working together on a project? Let me know if you're still actively in Assetforge. Thanks!

Hi Kenney,

I'm an developer working both on Windows and MacOS - when you're ready for testing the new version i'd like to offer myself as a tester (for Mac) if you haven't found a reliable testing team yet.

I understand it might still take some time before we're that far but maybe to keep in mind if you have issues finding Mac users. Have a great one!

Did you try installing it with Itch App instead of standalone Assetforge? Try to uninstall Assetforge, Install the Itch application, and look for Assetforge in the Itch application. This way it worked for me.

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Hi all,

I've been using AssetForge on Windows for sometime now without any major problems.
Now i'm at the office where we all have Mac OS running and trying to get AssetForge to work.
The install went flawless, although i can't access any custom blocks out my 'Collections' folders - which is the one this extremely useful for me.

I've followed these steps just to be sure:
But still only default models will load, no customs - any advice?
Thanks in advance!


I found the solution, just posting this in case someone has the same problem - i've installed AssetForge directly from the download link on my Mac, for some reason then loading custom blocks won't work - perhaps looking in the wrong location for the Collections? This is fixable by uninstalling the directly installed AssetForge, download and install the Itch app and then go there to your library to install / open AssetForge. It now will have another location on your Mac and loading models out of the Collections folders should work fine now.

Thanks for your quick respond!
Keep up the good work - me and my (small) team are just loving your work.
Looking forward for the release of 2.0, is there any particular section i can check for updates about the newer version?

Hi all,

After using this program for the last 48 hours for my ThreeJS project i've came across a few issues that could get improved.
Some of these already may have been mentioned - i believe they're building a V2 so maybe this is obsolete.

- Collections folders should be selectable through dropdown menu instead of arrows (absolutely required imo ! ). 
- Maximum Zoom should be increasable through configuration (useful for larger models).
- Possibility to lock models to prevent selection (useful for larger models).
- Possibility to group certain models and copy/paste groups would be nice.

Except for some minor issues i must give huge credit to the creator(s) of this tool.
Very useful indeed - I'm very interested in upcoming versions and updates!
Keep up the good work!