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You mean like the 'M' key does while having an object selected? The feature to mirror objects on certain axis already exists; make sure to have the correct axis enables in de top of the screen, when pressing 'M' all selected models should het mirrorer accordingly.

What exactly is wrong with the upper menu "Materials > New material" ? I'd rather see valuable development time go to options which currently are not existing (like scaling without snapping to grid) rather than moving/replacing the UI. In my opinion the current ways of creating new materials is fine. 

Not sure how hard it will be to create this smoothly but surely this feature sounds promising, would totally support it if Kenney would consider adding it.

In case you haven't figured it out yet,

Inside the "Collections" folder you should create a new folder with the name of the "set" you want to create within Collections;  for example "custom-blocks"

In that folder "custom-blocks" or whatever you called it you can place all .OBJ and .MTL files; make sure to restart AssetForge before checking if your models are available.

If they still do not appear you might wanna try both opening AssetForge with - and without application.

Your custom blocks should be available now.


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Hi there,

Is there any way (except for exporting every model one by one separately) to obtain the original model files used in Asset Forge? 

To add more custom blocks we have the ability to create folders in "Collections" and paste them there to use in Asset Forge, but what about the other way around if we would want to obtain files that are available in "Primitives" for example?

I would like to obtain every .OBJ and .MTL file that ships with Asset Forge by default, is there any other way to do this than exporting them one by one?

EDIT: This also counts for the default textures that are shipped with Asset Forge, for example i just noticed the "Stone" folder with textures has textures which you can not remove, change, or download - in this case i only would need to obtain them.
It would be great if we could remove / view / copy models and textures that ship with Asset Forge.
Perhaps the ability to rename 'custom1', 'custom2' materials also would be useful for some projects.   :)

Thanks in advance!

Hey all,

I thought it might be appreciated if i shared some progress of my project here;
I'm creating a supposed MMORPG with Assetforge and the building blocks of Keith;

Kenney thank you very much again for this awesome tool - we've created awesome things with it in little time!
I'm sure you've made a lot of small indie developers very happy with this.

Level render: Regular

Level render: Lightning

Note: If appreciated and allowed i might share updates in the future when there's noticeable progress.
It's quite a challenge as using many lightning, post-processing etc. will drop the fps, while we're trying to create the coolest scenes.


My bad for not finding this before, on screen it was just very hard to see for me. Now it seems properly scaled!

I have used the 2.1 version for Windows without problems but when trying to install it on my MacBook i can't get it to work. Have tried uninstalling and re-installing but this doesn't seem to resolve it and this is the only application where i'm experiencing these issues with.

See image below, with scaling that small it gets quite unworkable. Any ideas on how to fix this?

(Note that screenshot is sizes 2x times greater, see apple icon left upper for comparing)

Looks pretty cool to be honest, haven't thought that AssetForge could be used for this purpose as well.

Any chance you will drop a short sneak preview of the movie? I'm kinda curious :)

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Hi Kenney,

While using Asset Forge for awhile now and creating larger .model files (as you know we're considering Asset Forge as our level builder) we would like to have the selected / hovered tile to build on visible somewhere in the screen. If you don't like the idea of coordinates somewhere in the screen it could perhaps be configurable in the settings menu, but i really think in the long run this may be helpful.

In my example below i only have added the width / X axis and depth / Z axis as these are the only ones used while hovering / selecting tiles, but it would also be helpful if you could see the coordinates of 1 selected block. For multiple objects this would not be the case. (Unless maybe grouped). These are just some ideas, feel free to change whatever to your likings - but you get the basic idea :)

I don't think it would take that much time and will be appreciated in the community, what are your ideas on this?

Let me know what you think!

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What do you mean exactly by "the ability to install extensions" ?
That's a very global description which could mean anything - what kind of extensions were you thinking about and how would this be implemented?

I have also read your older message (commented at preview 1b) requesting a lot of Blender functions to be available within Asset Forge. You've requested features like 'knife/bisect/extrude/smoothing' - now i'm only guessing this is what you're trying to achieve if it would be possible to create (third-party) extensions. However i don't think this will be added anytime soon, i'd suggest you keep using Blender for those actions. I'm also using Blender myself in addition to Asset Forge. Like earlier said by Kenney: "Asset Forge is a tool for kitbashing pre-made blocks" and not intended for editing/sculpting existing models.

Did you have any ideas/suggestions for extensions that are not features of Blender but are related to Asset Forge; Creating a new model made of pre-existing blocks. If so, could you explain further than just "option to have extensions" ?

Personally i don't think it will be added, at least not for the foreseeable future. Honestly there is nothing wrong with using Blender next to Asset Forge for optimizing some blocks.

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Will possible future .model files still be text formatted or encrypted somehow? We could make converters for different versions that's no problem.

I understand, as mentioned in my post i was not sure if this was related enough to Asset Forge / in the interest of the community. I will try figure it out myself somehow, i have just donated to you keep up the good work!

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Maybe that would work indeed for the example shown on Stack overflow, for any objects that are symmetrically the same on both sides it could work but for example a block of 2x1 where the left side looks different than the right side this may cause problems - also it still would be mirrored, if we're building in Asset Forge keeping in mind that the direction of the arrow is North - and built to the East, it's weird that it renders in my game as West.

I can post more complex / in depth examples tomorrow if you're interested in seeing the problems occuring with different kind of models.

I would like an option to toggle the visibility of the Collections folders shown in the drop-down menu. These options could be: show all, default only, custom only

While Asset Forge is getting more and more building blocks (which I'm very happy about) and I'm adding a lot of my own custom collections it's easy to get lost in the scrolling. It would be nice to filter unused folders out somehow.

In addition to that; maybe it would be useful to have support for nested folders? I'm sure you're aware of the model packs made available by Keith,  I would like to separate them by having for example: 'Modular Village Walls', 'Modular Village Props' and so on, but this makes the Collections drop-down very long - these Walls and Props could also be subfolders of 'Modular Village' maybe it's to much work or has no priority at this moment but I'm sure it's something to think about as Asset Forge is improving.

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This may be uncommon to ask here, but i'm hoping you still can help me.

I would like to use Asset Forge as level builder for my game. I found the structure of the .model files incredibly useful, we have converted them to JSON files and trying to render it in ThreeJS by having the same Collections available online.

However we're experiencing problems as ThreeJS uses the right-hand coordinate system and your application / Unity uses the left handed system. When opening .model files it's clear that when the arrow looks North everything build North will increase Z value and East will increase X value. Personally this is my preference to have in ThreeJS but unfortunately that's not possible as i have been told. 

I understand you either can't simply change the coördinate system of your application but i was hoping you maybe had another idea of how to achieve this. The two problems I'm having are 1) everything renders mirrored East is West, and 2) objects larger than size 1x1 and/or positioned outside the grid box (other position than .0) will render positioned wrong because the exported .obj files still face the same way when used to build in Asset Forge. This maybe could be solved by editing all .obj files in Blender but that's totally not the way we want to go down.

Is there another way we can achieve to convert .model files from the left to the right handed coordinate system, and get the positions and scaling still right? Maybe this was nothing like you've intended Asset Forge to become but in addition to that i think exporting to JSON (and different coordinate systems) will be very useful for other people's projects as well in the future.

Maybe you can take a look at this Stack overflow post regarding this problem:

Hope you have an idea to help me!


You've done a great job creating Asset Forge so far and I'm looking forward to future releases. It has been a great contribution to my interest in 3D generally, I'm also learning Blender to create more detailed and better blocks for my project.

Many thanks, may Asset Forge become huge!

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Hi Kenney,

We would love an option to only export the selected models / groups to an OBJ / MTL file instead of one as whole.
This would of course be an extra optional method to export but will have huge power when creating smaller assets of one model as whole.

For example: We're currently creating water terrains and have created a river, now we've exported the river as one whole but also want to export smaller modular parts so we can faster create new rivers in the future. Of course we could remove all other elements from our existing river - or we could re-create the river-part in a new Asset Forge project - but it would be much better if we could select certain models / grouped models and have an option to only export the selected items.

Best regards!

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Hi Kenney,

Have been experimenting a lot with the new version of Asset Forge 2. Looks very promising so far and found much more functions than released in the first initial version. One of the new functionsi like most is multiple select + group models as one whole. 

There are two methods to multiple select: 

1. Semi-auto while holding SHIFT + Click tile
2. Automatic while holding CTRL + Click & move cursor

While making terrain and using a lot of the same 'floor level' blocks (for example sand, grass, etc.) there's an option to place multiple clones of the selected model: SHIFT + Click by semi-clicking each block.

Would it be possible to add the "CTRL + Click" behaviour as while placing new models on the grid? Currently there's nothing special going on while holding "CTRL" and placing models. It would be nice if we could click once while having the model selected, and hover all grid tiles where we want this object to be placed. Of course there should be some kind of 'security' making sure there won't be placed 10 models on the same grid tile without the user knowing, but i'm sure you will cover all of that if this idea passes!

Please let me know if there's any interest for adding this feature or if this won't be added at all to Asset Forge. Keep up the good work, very excited to pick-up my old projects again because of this release!

Is there any news since the last development update described above? Absolutely love your tool so far in use for my ThreeJS projects - but have been waiting months in excitement for the new version. Obviously you guys need time but i was wondering if there was any new information available regarding the new development version.

Awesome! Can't wait to use these in my projects.

Big thanks!

Thanks for the information, will keep this in mind while exporting new models to experiment with.

Love your work by the way!

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Some models seem to work and other don't. Still not fully sure what makes the difference, all models came from the same sources and are converted the same way.
For example in the left bottom corner you see 4 models carrying ingots. The second doesn't load properly while it should be an modified clone of the others.

Just an update, it might have been this particular model because when i'm trying with another decorative model it works fine.
Still a big fan of your tool, can't wait for the new release!

Hi Kenney,

I'm pretty sure the OBJ and MTL file have been imported both correctly, all other custom models i've added are fine (which are thousands). 

Originally i'm a web developer with little knowledge about 3D and that's why I'm experimenting with ThreeJS and Assetforge to create a game to gain more experience, not to release.

I have successfully downloaded, imported in Blender3D and manipulated models and then used them in my game all without problems and exactly as expected. Now because of my little knowledge of Blender3D i can be overwhelmed by its interface and still don't fully know all options.

Is there a way i can check if my model contains nodes or groups, and possibly can i convert them to make it compatible with Assetforge? Or is the only option to actually re-model from scratch?

I could send the model file if you want to check, but i'm sure you don't want to be bothered too much by these things. Thanks either way in advance!


Anyone could help me creating custom blocks? I have created a model in Blender3D and when importing it into Assetforge the preview thumbnail on the left side shows correctly but inside the editor it shows as an bugged red model without textures / colours.

I've read the guide on how to create custom blocks and read the max size is 1x1x1. I've tried resizing the model and exporting with different settings. In my game the models looks exactly as expected but inside Assetforge not unfortunately.

If anyone could give advice that be great, thanks in advance!

Hi, how is your project re-building RuneScape going? I'm actually working on a RuneScape related project for myself combined with these blocks, ThreeJS and RS3 models without textures (low quality). It's basically a low poly RuneScape spin-off. Started by me and my friend for fun and learning. Are you perhaps interested in sharing your work or working together on a project? Let me know if you're still actively in Assetforge. Thanks!

Hi Kenney,

I'm an developer working both on Windows and MacOS - when you're ready for testing the new version i'd like to offer myself as a tester (for Mac) if you haven't found a reliable testing team yet.

I understand it might still take some time before we're that far but maybe to keep in mind if you have issues finding Mac users. Have a great one!

Did you try installing it with Itch App instead of standalone Assetforge? Try to uninstall Assetforge, Install the Itch application, and look for Assetforge in the Itch application. This way it worked for me.

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Hi all,

I've been using AssetForge on Windows for sometime now without any major problems.
Now i'm at the office where we all have Mac OS running and trying to get AssetForge to work.
The install went flawless, although i can't access any custom blocks out my 'Collections' folders - which is the one this extremely useful for me.

I've followed these steps just to be sure:
But still only default models will load, no customs - any advice?
Thanks in advance!


I found the solution, just posting this in case someone has the same problem - i've installed AssetForge directly from the download link on my Mac, for some reason then loading custom blocks won't work - perhaps looking in the wrong location for the Collections? This is fixable by uninstalling the directly installed AssetForge, download and install the Itch app and then go there to your library to install / open AssetForge. It now will have another location on your Mac and loading models out of the Collections folders should work fine now.

Thanks for your quick respond!
Keep up the good work - me and my (small) team are just loving your work.
Looking forward for the release of 2.0, is there any particular section i can check for updates about the newer version?

Hi all,

After using this program for the last 48 hours for my ThreeJS project i've came across a few issues that could get improved.
Some of these already may have been mentioned - i believe they're building a V2 so maybe this is obsolete.

- Collections folders should be selectable through dropdown menu instead of arrows (absolutely required imo ! ). 
- Maximum Zoom should be increasable through configuration (useful for larger models).
- Possibility to lock models to prevent selection (useful for larger models).
- Possibility to group certain models and copy/paste groups would be nice.

Except for some minor issues i must give huge credit to the creator(s) of this tool.
Very useful indeed - I'm very interested in upcoming versions and updates!
Keep up the good work!