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Create your own 3D models and 2D sprites! · By Kenney

Export only selected models to OBJ / MTL

A topic by ilanvandijk created 26 days ago Views: 39 Replies: 1
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Hi Kenney,

We would love an option to only export the selected models / groups to an OBJ / MTL file instead of one as whole.
This would of course be an extra optional method to export but will have huge power when creating smaller assets of one model as whole.

For example: We're currently creating water terrains and have created a river, now we've exported the river as one whole but also want to export smaller modular parts so we can faster create new rivers in the future. Of course we could remove all other elements from our existing river - or we could re-create the river-part in a new Asset Forge project - but it would be much better if we could select certain models / grouped models and have an option to only export the selected items.

Best regards!

Just to add to this, this is a great feature to have, could we add a tagging system for export,  for a simple example a car : tag a wheel parts as "wheel" and body parts as "body".  Hit export obj - enter name - "myCar" and what is exported is 2 objs called  "myCar_Wheel.obj" and "myCar_body.obj".   This is just a simple example but when we are dealing with environments or parts that have lots of exports, we are going to have to strip them in another modeling package to make them work.  

Also updating models would be easier as well - less human error on what is part of was called what and so on.