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This game is a fantastic idea. 

Control scheme is quite clumsy, in my opinion, you constantly have to reagroup your fingers and feels quite uncomfortable, I think it would be awesome to be able to play using a touch screen, where you "trace" the symbol with just one finger (maybe would look like an orchestra director with the batuta).

please give it a thought, cause it would work for systems like smartphones and even the switch

the mechanic is great and plays nice. 

instead of being one single "song " it would be nice if different lvls were different songs, and i dont know why but it makes me wanna play at the beat of "coffin guys"

I love it !!!

Very nice puzzle game! I´ve been playing with it for a while, some of the puzzles are challenging!

I´m an artist passionate on game making, I´m looking for a coder to make a very simple turn based roguelike. I already have some assets ported to unity but we could do the game in whatever engine you feel comfortable with.

Tambien hablo español, que por los titulos de tu juego me parece que es tu idioma!

would you like to join the project?


I´d like to join your team and the scope of 3-4 weeks seems much better than those 3 year scope that end in never finishing the project.

My habilities are basically art oriented.