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Non-Profit Development Group Seeking all Talent

A topic by bit_squid created Jan 26, 2016 Views: 655 Replies: 4
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Hello all,

I'm a producer representing a group of developers making games to gain experience and build portfolios, If anybody here is interested in that sort of thing, send me a pm or an email at

We are currently working on a 2D "Gone Home" style game and are looking for people to fill positions and lighten the workload for people on the team. The scope of the project is 3-4 weeks.

Experience is not required, just a desire to get better at what you do. All disciplines are welcome.


I´d like to join your team and the scope of 3-4 weeks seems much better than those 3 year scope that end in never finishing the project.

My habilities are basically art oriented.

I'd love to join. I excell at concept/graphic design/character art. I can send a portfolio.

I am talking to a publisher about battle bash, they are offering art services. I would love to have someone on tap for future projects though, please send me a link to your portfolio!

I am interested if this is still going on