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[Unity Dev] Noobish in Unity looking to help!

A topic by ibito created Dec 01, 2015 Views: 548 Replies: 5
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I work as a front end developer, but I've been working with Unity for more than 2 years now in my free time, the only completed game I've done is this: and it's garbage :P


Very nice puzzle game! I´ve been playing with it for a while, some of the puzzles are challenging!

I´m an artist passionate on game making, I´m looking for a coder to make a very simple turn based roguelike. I already have some assets ported to unity but we could do the game in whatever engine you feel comfortable with.

Tambien hablo español, que por los titulos de tu juego me parece que es tu idioma!

would you like to join the project?

first of all, if you played the game, I'm sorry for the frustrating controls, now back on topic... I'd like to TRY to help you, I'm not really a Unity expert, and right now we're trying to port this Dirbit to mobile, we're optimizing it.

So if you want a helping hand, you can find me on twitter @ibito, or skype ibitox


I see you already worked 2 years with unity. Are you looking for a c# programmer? Because i would be glad to help you. The game art was very nice in your puzzle game.

Well, my code for dirbit actually sucks... like, a LOT, but I'm refactoring and optimizing a lot of GetComponent calls.

Right now we're 2 programmers (got someone from my day job lol).

But yeah, if we need someone else, I'll definitely ping you! Thank you very much!

Oke, Thank you for replying!