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Chicken Rune - An action-arcade noshooter, between Isaac and Zelda.

A topic by NoDevAtAll created Feb 03, 2016 Views: 1,574 Replies: 3
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Hello everyone !

We wanted to show our game currently in development after the Global Game Jam 2016, Chicken Rune !


With a gameplay between Binding of Isaac and Zelda 1, Chicken Rune is a action-arcade noshooter.

You're a powerless chicken that's about to be sacrified to the Evil Lord. But don't chicken out ! Just move, avoid and step on runes to launch dreadful attacks !


Unleash devastating explosions from the pentagram by stepping on the runes

Draw the rune sequences displayed at the bottom right of the screen

Careful ! A rune stepped on in the incorrect order must be deactivated before finishing the rune sequence !


Awesome stages ! Through 50 waves and 5 stages

Fearsome enemies ! Cultists, cultists and... bigger cultists

Mindblowing tunes ! Gloomy, speedy, atmospheric, electronic

No weapon ! You've got a beak, but it's kind of weak


The ritual can begin ! Now's the time for our chicken to face his destiny Fighting the second boss in the second stage, The Nightclub Demon
Things get harder in the Corrupted Forest, with three different enemy types The cover art of our game for the GGJ 2016

Our little chicken must be brave to face all these cultists ! And think about the runes !

Thank you for reading !


I love it !!!

Thanks ! We are updating the game regularly and will be be making annoucements about next release quickly :)