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Really good game. The inclusion that you need to empty your bladder before you can drink more tea is great.

This is really fun even though its just a gameplay loop.

Its really fun. Even though it has the same gameplay over and over you made it work!

The game is really difficult but it isn't frustrating, It feels satisfying when you win it.  Overall great game.

I get where you we're going with this. But here are some problems, Not being able to turn around is a problem since once you hit a wall and can't hit good enough then that's the end of your journey and the unclear goal.

The difficulty of the game is so great its difficult but not in a frustrating manner. The visuals and audio were great and overall a really great game for 3 hours.

Idk to be honest. I just go with the ball.

Here's mine :)

Hello i am interested

The beholder from DnD

Am i high? and also the ending is kinda funny

Here is an example of my work:

Could you give me your discord username and id

Wanna amke music for my submission instea

I understand

Can I?

Can it be a meme

Can i make a game about simps since according to bing an escape also means "fail to be noticed or remembered by (someone)."

Don't worry i figured it out the problem was i was pressing the buttons too fast.


Idk i tried it and it doesnt seem to work. Maybe im just stupid.

Welp what i can say is i'm terrified and i need therapy. 

And also does the kanji mean "Not Japan person" or "Not Japanese"

Simple Question...


Sorry there was a background music while i was playing and i thought it was the game music

Nice puzzle idea. It could be a popular puzzle game. And also sandbox is a lie.

I like how the title empasizes YOU WILL DIE like it's on real life but anyways its an alright game. Thats all :).

This was a fun game! Other than that I don't see any problem.

Really nice game. This is to underrated in the jam. Really cool game!

This is a really solid idea for a puzzle game. But next time could you try adding no filter to the sprite I noticed your sprites have filtering on them.

Here's my game link

The art is unique, the music is decent and the gameplay is fun!

(here's the segment of stupidity that I put in my reviews. These people are literally just holding a normal knife, axe and gun how is that magical. idk maybe u cant see it)

Im not a dream stan i tought it was funny lol

I never finished the game but the music was boppin and the art was pog, the only issue in the game is it gets boring after like day 10.

The player kinda looks like the hololive logo. But other than that neat game!

Not gonna lie this game made me felt like I'm having a stroke lmao

But other than that really fun game. The graphics and the music is good. Keep up the good work!

This game is made for Dream(hahaha get it. Speedrun)

Really great game. The gameplay is fun and the art is decent. Great job!

The Controls could be found in the game page, Thank you for taking the time to play my game.