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Didn't try to repeat the issue again. But in case it helps: I did talk to pretty much everyone around, several times, until they left, except the guy in shrine, but including the leg-hair guy interaction with the gang around the market... It was a second phase of day (afternoon?) And I also talked to the vendor lady many many times. She was saying her boss was coming, but I didn't see the boss, and couldn't leave either.

Enjoyed the atmosphere, characters and some jokes. A bit slow-paced for me though, also after feeding the cat and talking to convenience market girl again I couldn't get out - probably a bug...

Hey! Played a bit, here's my feedback during the game.

Typo: "after receiving a ltter" - took some time to understand it's "letter", first thought "itter" was some special lore thing xD

Kokay Umar looks like a girl, but story-wise it's dude? :O

I see you managed to remove the wall of text in the beginning (compared to the dev stream), so it's quite smooth for me. Except maybe would be cool to have some little choices in dialogue besides just listening.

After going to save menu, the music restarts.

Impulsive students sending a stray fireball, haha :D

"Shy girl in the glasses" - but I don't see any glasses...

The character art turned out quite nice!

Oh, it's window in the center of the office! I thought it was a blackboard!

The music track starts to be annoying, because it never changed since I arrived to the school...

How did I know Vyava's name if he didn't say it to me? Some days passed, yes, but a bit confusing.

Enjoyed the backstory of different races having different innate element control!

Ending 6, and very disappointed, I as a player did nothing wrong, but was fired, c'mon!? Talking to students like this - what does Archsage mean at all? :O

Anyway, the game seems overall better than I expected :D Especially, backstory and stuff. Keep it up!

OK, so the challenge of this game for me is not to confuse buttons (on every try I did blink instead of magic attack at least once), and the fat monks (whom I accidentally bumped right after the first magic attack a lot of times). The boss itself, unlike its ever-arriving monks, is pretty useless with its sparse tentacles and eternal waiting to be punched.

The fights before the boss can be skipped for sure, all you need is in chests (all destroyable without ever stopping moving), and by stopping you only lose your health/blood (high chances that by the time you arrive to boss you'll have *less* blood than if you ignored all the people before the boss).

Also probably the extra purple health could be made just regular green, because it's practically the same, and is only confusing when of different color.

On the bright side, the world feels alive - monks killing other people, beautiful layered backgrounds, some animations are cool (magic attack, crates crashing), and I liked the color palette. Keep it up! ;D

Tried the game once, got to the boss, managed to punch him twice, then a "pharaoh" killed me...

Most of time I could just run forward, jumping over everything. Sometimes I stopped to replenish blood bar though and to enjoy the magic attack 8-)

For some reason I missed healing ability (too many buttons?), I probably healed while trying to figure out/remember buttons by randomly pressing them during the game, but I never realized I did so :D I would probably beat the boss if I knew that.

Graphics are nice, jumping without the animation looks weird though.

May give it another try later, as it's not long, it looks like.

Well, I expected him to go upwards in any case, like this

Great game, the only complaint is it's hard to persuade the character to go up in tunnels (he bumps the wall and moves nowhere). Enjoyed the twists in the second half!

Nice, I just actually started to watch your procjam series today! Too busy to play them myself, but want to see what's there! Thank you for doing this!


Crashes when clicking on the intro text, no matter options. Can't play:( Also a link to jam page would be nice!