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Typing values into fields is tedious and requires a lot of trial and error before being able to export a sprite.  Being able to place a camera and enter the camera's view might be a way to remedy this.

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Thank you NottheDan. But I really don't know what I'm doing in Blender yet (as you probably gathered). So much so that I am not familiar with the terms you've used haha. I'll do some research on what n-gon and concave polygons are.

I worked it out... Maybe. I think it has to do with making sure faces are divided a certain way.

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I'm trying to create a bunch of custom blocks in Blender which I will then share for others to use.  I exported from Blender as OBJ and set up the collection for Asset Forge however the models are coming through with extra faces in Asset Forge. Can anyone shed some light on as to why this happens?  (it's half a couch if you're wondering)

Couldn't easily see where to comment on github. Might I suggest the addition of spell checking in future versions?


Thank you. Looking forward to it

Purchased. Thank you.

Purchased. Thank you.

Purchased. Thank you.

Purchased. Thank you.


This made me think of something I learned at uni. The bulk of electrical diagrams show electrons flowing in the wrong direction. We've known about the correct flow for some time but if we started using it the bulk of diagrams would become wrong over night (even though they already are :S ). Bit of useless trivia.

Fair enough. Thanks for taking the time to reply. I look forward to future iterations of Asset Forge. It's a good tool.

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My custom blocks are all messed up...  OBJ exported from Blender. Looks like lighting/shadow problem?  What am I doing wrong? How can I prevent this?

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Not sure if it's really a bug but under primitive blocks the block called "Sphere quarter" is actually an eighth of a sphere.  I think it should be renamed to "Sphere eighth" or replaced by a block which is actually a quarter. Or renamed to eighth and also add a quarter block.

Have been using Particle FX Designer which lead me to look for similar programs. Just wondering if BlastFX can import a reference image and also include it in the output render?

The 'frame width' and 'frame height' sliders in the import window only go up to 128. You can import larger images by right clicking on the slider and typing in the size. Took me a while to figure it out... I was about to apply for a refund on Steam and then I worked it out.


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Shaders and lighting for cell shaded rendering. I use Asset Forge for 2D sprite export. Using solid colour materials and being able to render them using cell shading would be an ENORMOUS help for me; and I would think the rest of the community would also benefit. Please consider.

I'm fine with solid colours, rather than textures. To export as sprites which fit in with blocks also rendered with solid colours. I'll keep playing around and I'll make a post when they're available. 

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I have tried to play around with some 3D modeling tools so I could make this available to the community myself but I'm struggling.

I'm wanting basic modular low poly character models.  Heads, torsos, limbs and hairstyles. I'm thinking inspired by Lego minifigs... Without actually being Lego minifigs. Just in the vein of Lego's simplicitiy... Know what I mean?

Dude... Dangerous. Bethesda really don't like it when people mess with their IP. 


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Thanks, guy. Keep up the great work!

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I think it was the browser I was using (Brave). Works fine with Firefox

Is it broken? I think it's outputting corrupt files. I hit randomize everything then export, downloaded the PNG but cannot open it. Errors with both MS Paint and


Sorry, probably not necessary. I would have donated, though. I was looking for 3D tools to create 2D game art. I ended up using Asset Forge and Magica Voxel.

Noice. Thanks for sharing your work again.

kk no problemo. No purchaso


Wow, man. That's awesome!

Very cool. Only wish it supported transparent backgrounds for exporting png sprites.

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This tool looks amazing but I can't get my head around how to use it.  That probably says more about me than PixaVoxet but I didn't find the brief help section included with the tool to be enough to understand how it works. Is there a more detailed help document available?