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Wrong name for block

A topic by ichimitch created Sep 16, 2020 Views: 180 Replies: 2
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Not sure if it's really a bug but under primitive blocks the block called "Sphere quarter" is actually an eighth of a sphere.  I think it should be renamed to "Sphere eighth" or replaced by a block which is actually a quarter. Or renamed to eighth and also add a quarter block.

Unfortunately it's difficult to change the name of blocks because it could break existing models, so in that regard it won't be changed. You're probably right though about the wrong name, in a next iteration of the software I'd like to change from names to block ID's which means that names can be changed in the future.

This made me think of something I learned at uni. The bulk of electrical diagrams show electrons flowing in the wrong direction. We've known about the correct flow for some time but if we started using it the bulk of diagrams would become wrong over night (even though they already are :S ). Bit of useless trivia.

Fair enough. Thanks for taking the time to reply. I look forward to future iterations of Asset Forge. It's a good tool.