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Modular Terrain Collection

A topic by Keith at Fertile Soil Productions created Jul 11, 2018 Views: 8,639 Replies: 11
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Major update completed for the entire collection.  Now includes hilly, cliff, beach, escarpment, and cave/mine terrain pieces and props.

Completely free and able to be used in personal or commercial projects.

I host here on now.  View all the screenshots and download the collection here.

Here are a few of the new screenshots, showing escarpment and cave/mine additions.

Wow, man. That's awesome!



do you have more screenshots ? i need inspration

I do not.  I only made a few scenes for the screenshots you see.

ok thanks.

ah and btw, i am making a VR Game builder to create html5 games for google cardboard. your collections are verry handfull.

Can i distribute them by default with my software ?

Anything I put up for free is public domain and can be used for any purpose.  Any pay packs I have would not be able to be redistributed, even in a modified format like you use.  They are intended only for immediate use in a finished product.  If you want to use a pay pack for redistribution in any format, we would have to work out a licensing fee.

Is there supposed to be a collection file for asset forge in this collection?  if not how do I load this as a collection in asset forge?  The folder is already in collections

just put everything in a subfolder inside Assetforge's Collections folder.

Oh wow!
Bloody hell this is amazing stuff