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Bought the pack. I really like the aestetics but only the ground tiles seem to be an exact 24x24. The others are just random sizes which means that I cannot use them for tileset based things before converting.


Any chance you could put the other graphics in a tileset as well?

Quite bizarre actually. I was prototyping a game that involves a great castle, some houses and open terrain in which you can walk, trade and do combat and somehow you managed to create assets for exactly the castle, houses and open terrain! Also, this is great :D


Mind you; I'm completely new to Asset Forge. This is my second result in about 2 hours of just clicking about. Meanwhile I've also been trying these models in Unity.

I'm trying to prototype a game type that has been stuck in my head for exactly 1.5 eternity :D

This set is simply amazing. I find myself working on my third house already! 

This set is great. Just downloaded for prototyping but thanks to these amazing block and kenney's asset forge I find myself working on my third medieval house already!

Bought Simmiland some time ago and immediately recognized the art style. Will consider getting this after finishing Simmi. Looks fun to me!