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As idea: i would like to see in the future a modular sci-fi environment pack in a similar style

edit the index.html file, at the line 47
the include script  file name is   js/controllers/InputController.js" (with an upper i ). i guess that you have a linux server where the file name are case sensitive

I got my meta Quest 2 recently,  so i can plan to adapt this software to target the oculus

since it use three.js  ,  it supports webXR , 

i successfully did a PoC,  it load the terrain, and can move myself by using the gamepad on the left grip control, or walk in the guardian space (room scale).

But you will need a web server accessible from your device (hosted on the internet or local network, or using Adb to forward the request to your computer in debug mode)

finaly i managed (partialy) to use it: 

in three.js  it uses the keyframes'name to bind the frame to the mesh, by example there is "Body.position", "leftArm.rotation", etc...

so i rename the mesh on the fly, to "body","head","leftArm" and "rightArm"

obj.traverse(function (child) {

                if (child.isMesh) {

                    if ("body")) {

               = "Body";


                    if ("head")) {

               = "Head";


                    if ("armleft")) {

               = "armLeft";


                    if ("armright")) {

               = "armRight";




after that, the animations seems to works, but the arms ar not visible anymore, but i am on the way to find a solution

(1 edit)

i want to use THREE.js

if i use the model from "KayKit animated character.fbx" it works wheni use the individual animations files

if i use the model from the other pack , or if i use "PrototypePete", with an individual animation, it does'nt work;  

i am trying to use the animations with the characters of this pack, but it seems that the animations (from the other pack) doesn't work with . can you help me?

Hello daniel,

i really likeyour tilesets,

do you think you could make a new, more cartoony tileset that will suit more for characters like this:

it seems that my problem is because the waterfall parts (water) are 0.2 unit to hight

i cannot assemble the waterfall correctly.

do you have a sample (for assetforge or unity or wathever else) ?

awesome asset

ok thanks.

ah and btw, i am making a VR Game builder to create html5 games for google cardboard. your collections are verry handfull.

Can i distribute them by default with my software ?

do you have more screenshots ? i need inspration

From the terrain editor you can drag & drop modules from the assets tab to create the terrain.

You can then add custom objects or enemies in the scene.

When you generate the project, it will generate html and javascript code that you can customize for your need.

It has built-in collision detect for the terrain: simply click on the cardboard button, and you will start/stop to move to the direcction you are looking. You can go up/down staircases, and it will detect collision with walls. You can also add primitives in the scene, and change the material to make it invisible, the collision will still work.

It has also built-in detect with objects so you have only to customize the onclicked method  wich will be called when the user clicks on the cardboard button while targeting the objects.

In the object's or enemy editor, you can define multiples "states" and associate models/animation on them. when you change from the code the object's state, the engine will automaticaly play the defined animation

test example at

documentation is comming soon

Do you have some samples scenes for assetforge (like in your screenshots ?)

it is not possible to have an option to disable the uv overwriting ?  i bought the snake temple assets from bigtem, and assetforge would be perfect to make the level using theses assets (blender would be overkill, or you know a plugin for blender that let me drag&drop assets to the scene)

Note : i would be very handy to have an option to not overwrite the object's uv cooridnates

(1 edit)

I have a collection of objects that uses textures, in the editor, they are shown in white (that's not a problem for me)

but when i export the model,  it doesnt't keep the uv map that was defined in the .obj file, and the result is incorrect (i think because of auto texturing ?)

can you fix it ?

Is it possible to have a "graduated" grid

i mean, for instance, that every 10  and 50 units, the line is in another color. that would be usefull when i am creating a terrain map

unfortunately i dont use unity, but gamemaker

when i set the ambiant light to the indicated value, all models gets that color.

(1 edit)

1) It would be nice if there where the availability to define custom properties on each block we add in the model (by example, a simple user defined text value)

2) when we export to obj, it would also be nice to have the option to remove the hidden faces (by example if there is 2 cubes aside each other, there is 2 faces that are not visible

Asset Forge community » Meta » Support · Created a new topic light parameter


can you tell me what parameters is used for the light (ambient, directional  light, etc...) 

i really like the rendering inside assetforge, but i cannot get the same result in my game

best regards

it is at least possible to get the different parts (body, head, dress, etc..), so i can create layered sprites that i can tint easyly using game maker ?

Another idea for you to-do list:

A castle tile set (in exterior, like the town tileset).

I used it successfully in game maker studio 2.

create 1 sprite per direction and animation, and import all "chips" into the sprite, to get the animation.

dont forget to setup the collision mask carefully

hi thomas,

in unity asset store, you released a customizable version of this asset,

do you plan to  make this asset customizable for customers too?

when will you also release you female sprite sheet?

is it possible to get a psd with mask layers, so i could tint the hair , skin and wear? (like for the grassland)

great asset.

do you plan to make an exotic land also (with palm tree, exotic tree, beach, etc...) ?