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Smear FX

The easiest way to animate images. · By CodeManu

Can resize canvas to 500px, can't import image large than 128px.

A topic by thatrabbit created Aug 28, 2020 Views: 442 Replies: 2
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Is this limitation intended? Is there a way to import an image 500x500px?

If I resize the canvas after import, then import again, I'm limited to 128x128 in the import-screen, and then the canvas reverts back to 128x128 also.


Hi there,

I've just tested it out and I can resize the canvas to 500px both before and after importing an image without problems. Could you provide the steps to reproduce your issue?

The 'frame width' and 'frame height' sliders in the import window only go up to 128. You can import larger images by right clicking on the slider and typing in the size. Took me a while to figure it out... I was about to apply for a refund on Steam and then I worked it out.