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Input seems broken AF.

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That's asking for a lot. Also, if it's top-down, then it's not really "the same thing". Ya feel me fam? I personally prefer playing side-scrollers, so I think this is really cool.

Is there a program you recommend for capturing individual frames?

$1 per animation + sound!

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And sound amazing! Stitching together sound effects for DC's other stuff has been challenging. Fun, and challenging.

My ball got stuck at the top of the screen. :)

Do you only accept PayPal?

That was awesome. At first I was like, why's his face getting weird? Then he went super-saiyan. :)

Absolutely gorgeous. Thank you for your efforts!

That wasn't a demo; that was a damn music video!

Hey man, just want to say I really appreciate the way you presented your sounds. Almost no delay, no bg-music, and seeing the waveform is actually really helpful. I've never seen anyone else do that. Keep it up. :)

Gotcha. Thanks!

Hey I noticed there's a bunch of other assets in here, like sprites and some sound-effects; was that intentional? Are those usable under the same license as the spell-animations?

Awesome! I was hoping, so hoping, you'd do lightning.

Obviously the "more powerful" spells are more and more cinematic. Feels reminiscent of FF3, PS4, on a grander scale. Cheers!

Hi. This is late; yes! They have Earth, Ice, and Fire animations. Click the "View all by Dreams Circle" to see.

Is this limitation intended? Is there a way to import an image 500x500px?

If I resize the canvas after import, then import again, I'm limited to 128x128 in the import-screen, and then the canvas reverts back to 128x128 also.