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It's AI generated.

Some weapons are  the same with the ones next to it. And you can also spot some inconsistent outline. Human won't make that kind of mistake when they create asset pack.


Hello, I would like to request feature to split the export file by LOOP and by PAGE:

  1. Split by LOOP will be useful if user use game engine that use split audio for INTRO, LOOP, and OUTRO. Or if they use audio tool such as WWISE or FMOD
  2. Split by PAGE will be useful if user has multiple SFXs in one music data.

  • Export - Split by LOOP

  • Export - Split by PAGE

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Probably because of weekends, she probably took break. 

I dont know why, but maybe different avatar has different collider size. 

Well, if that's the case the building cannot be passed with other avatar, I'll just remove the building for now.

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Just walk pass it. The arrow  was supposed to tell you the secret pass through the building.... 

Mmmm, maybe I didnt make it obvious enough...

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Thanks for considering!

I think the most useful one is switching Select Part using Scroll,  since it would help user to create chord using instrument quickly

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 I just realized that the scroll button is not used for Lovely Composer. It could be used for some useful shortcut command.

So, here's some suggestion I have:

  • Scroll = switch Part Select


  • CTRL + Scroll = switch Edit Tool

  • SHIFT + Scroll = switch instruments / chord type

  • [+] and [-] button = change speed

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Lol, I was having my MusicPlayer playing real loud so I forgot to listen to the game music

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So cool! I am wondering whether can you use button to select options or is it mouse/pad only?

Something like this:

Also, how does it bind the events (like: OnClick, OnSelect and stuff)? Does it work like UnityEvent?

Thanks! I'll try that.

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I dont know why I got this error when exporting gif particle.

I am using the latest version 1.13.1. from steam.

I think that's fine so long as you can use them legally.

Bro, that's crazy. How in the world did you come with a 5GB game? Just what made it so big? 3D models or HD audios?

Thanks for clarification. That's good to know.

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Sometimes, there are a few stuff that game engines lacking that you need to cover with some plugin or some script library.

For example, I have several unity packages that help with tweening, audio management, state node, and a bunch of extension scripts that helps with data, utility, and attributes. Those arent something I can just make my self, heck I dont event know most of their inner working, I just know how to use them.

Is using those plugins or script library okay?

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Oh, it seems like I hit the quit instead of play.  Sorry bout that!

Well, you dont need quit button for web game.

I was like, stuck in the title after clicking the play button on the browser

Does SRPG such as Fire Emblem or Advance Wars count as RPG for this jam?

Thanks! That's good to know

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Also, it seemed like the highlight is a little inaccurate. When I scroll to reach part 4, it's still highlighting part 3 even though it's already passed.

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I was using the latest version 0.36 on Windows 10 64-bit and there's this strange bug when I clicked an outline, the one being highlighted is the one above it.

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I am not very sure to what  kind of fan game  count in this jam. Does the game must obvious what it based on? Should it feature the character or something? What if the game only has similar gameplay / UI inspired by the original game, while everything else are my own original?

Hi. I bought the tool not too long ago from steam and I really enjoy using. But I think there are a few things that I think the tool would need for a better user experience, such as better child parent handling.

For example:

  • If you select an object, then create / add a new object. That object will automatically become a child of that selected object and the neighbors of the selected object will move down to give some room for new objects
  • If you move an object, its child objects will move as well, following it.

To be more precise about how this works:

Whoah. That's unexpected, but, pleasant suprise.

Thanks! That works!

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My first time trying to upload web game, but my screenshots don't show up on the game page. Unlike when it was executable (DOWNLOAD). 

Is it normal or just me? Is there a solution?


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Thanks! I was planning to have longer map  and puzzles, but before I realized it the time almost end so I gotta focus to at least make it finishable.

Btw, the bug free score is 4/5, so I am curious is there some bug somewhere?

I dont know if its a bug, but you can spawn another windows even though it's already appear?

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??? Strange. It worked just fine on my device with window 10 64-bit .

Maybe I could try the web build on unity after the jam is over.

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Is some blood pool splatter like this ok?

Thanks! That was helpful

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Sending data to Backtrace server would naturally require internet connection. But what if the user is offline while getting error? So I tried some error tests while offline. My tests are the following:

  • TEST 1 : I test the error while offline, after that I closed the game and turned on my internet. The error data wasn't received
  • TEST 2 : I test the error while offline, after that I  turned on my internet.  The error data wasn't received.

Seems like the data only being sent when you get the errors while online. Is there a solution for this?

I mean, gamers aren't always be online unless it's an online game right?  And it's not like we told them to be online if they got error. So, shouldn't there be a way to persevere data until the user is back to online? Like saving them into log files that can be sent to the developer in case they got error while offline or having the game to automatically send the previous error log the next time the gamer opened the game while online or something? Or even better, showing a pop up to send bug report to the developer?

Well, Unity  by default  log every error including ones from Backtrace into player.log, but that's just unity solution

Thanks, that would be great!

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Lovely Composer has a nice feature to limit the key into several scale options. But, I am having a little difficulty to know on which Scale I am currently on. While I can somehow guess on which scale I am by counting the number, this doesn't feel very intuitive. Maybe adding some info would be a good idea?

Something like this :

This way, user can tell the current scale they are on and what notes they use. It would be extremely useful for beginners like me who's trying to learn music. So, please consider this feature. Thanks.

Thanks! That was very helpful

Cool! No more blocking empty frames.

I was following this tutorial for backtrace installation, but the supposed file UPM unity.package doesn't have a link download. 

There's only the MANUAL zip file which its installation method kinda confusing.

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Thanks! I thought I install it wrong, turned out the menu appear on Edit.