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Thanks for the interest.

I will keep exploring the interactive media field and I can recommend it for you too.


I have to point out that Mini Micro is not a deductive logic challenge (i.e. a puzzle) as completing the levels is obvious, logically speaking . The challenge is about a little bit of planning and a whole lot of dexterity.  The slow-mo is considered a cheat for a reason!

I'm glad you like it.

Transformagician stands pretty well on its own at the moment. Been thinking of updates for Desert Strife and Mr. Mayor's Energy Crisis, they have small issues I'd prefer to fix. Unfortunately I'm tight on time currently so cannot promise anything concrete.

Nice to see that rubber ducking helped.

Thanks for playing too!

Hello you!

I finished and released my second project of the year, Building Buildings, a few weeks ago.

It is a puzzle about, well, building buildings. Specifically speaking, tile-based constraint solving in three dimensions (kind of, there are elevators to deal with).

Try the demo here!

Read the devlog here!

And, if you are still interested, I've just started the third project of the year. Devlog here.

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Post any bugs and issues here. Much appreciated.

Well, as the description states, AAA is an interactive short story so there was never going to be any graphics, sounds or gameplay. What is at offer here is a short story with some interactivity. The description is fitting isn't it?

Currently I'm not actively working on AAA. Too many other projects on the way. I'm also not an experienced writer so coming up with prose is tough to say the least.

Thanks for the interest though!

The new party system is great. The guaranteed prison levels really work. The new hero spawns with mere three health though, which in later levels means they pretty much die a few turns later.

Here are some other issues:

The fire rod cannot target an empty space (for instance a gap between two groups of monsters)

The floor shouldn't automatically change when there are no more monsters present as there might still be some treasure laying around. The floor should only advance if there are just doors and chests left with no keys.

The "Choose a spell" text gets stuck to the left panel if you cancel the spell selection by clicking outside of the spellbook.

The potions are a good idea, but there are a few problems with the implementation:
- Stolen potions are not shown as an icon on the Scrounger, while other items are.
- There should be a way to drink potions on the spot. It's really annoying to have to drop a multi-use item just to use a single-use item.

And here's the major one:
The hero turn counter can get stuck meaning you only get to use one hero even if you have two or three in your party. Usually this happens only for a few turns, but once I had my knight frozen for dozens of turns until my adventurer died at which point the knight got a turn again. Later, in the same run, I rescued a new adventurer at which point he got stuck and I only got to use the knight. As far as I know this didn't happen in 0.82.

Sure. The way I see it is that any effect that is triggered by an attack should take into consideration the specific monster targeted, especially if the effect is beneficial. The odds are already heavily stacked against the player so any tactical advantage, no matter how small, can be the key to survival in some situation.

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I've been playing more since then and even changed my mind on a few things:

- Analysis paralysis only happens when all the monster types happen to have similar stats (and the room is full of them). Otherwise it is an easy decision to start attacking the weaker monsters first.

- I personally would like as many tactical options as possible concerning each monster type (like the wolf trap positioning). In the end exploiting the enemy quirks is the whole point of the exercise (and very satisfying).

That was quite interesting too!


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Really liking it. Reminds me of Desktop Dungeons and that is a great thing. Here are my two cents:

- Permadeath on party members is annoying. This is mostly because playing with multiple characters (with varying stats and abilities) is more interesting than playing with a single standard adventurer. I would make character unlocks permanent, but using a character should have a cost (money or some other resource). This way the player might need to do some grinding with a single character, but there would be no luck involved in using more characters (after finding a few that is).

- Analysis Paralysis is a thing (on Normal difficulty at least, haven't tried Easy yet). Less enemy types per level would alleviate this, but then again maybe that would be too easy.

- A bonus for clearing a room, for instance full health for the whole party (no monsters around, might as well rest).

-A group of Munchers drops the wolf trap in a random position. It would be quite nice if the wolf trap always spawned on the specific Muncher you attacked, allowing for some tactical thinking.

-When I first saw Evil Root I though it would stick to other Evil Root and together act as a Tetris piece of sorts. The current Evil Root design creates quite interesting situations on its own, so maybe the Tetris behaviour would work in a new enemy type which sticks to other enemies and only falls with them.

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The Goblin description has a typo. It should say every sword counts for 1/2 damage, not one. It also fails to mention that goblins lose their sword when there's fighting nearby.

Another oddity in the descriptions is the use of an imperative verb instead of third person singular, for instance shouldn't "Scrounger - Steal nearby items" be "Scrounger - Steals nearby items" as the description refers to the monster and not you? Some of the descriptions also become a bit nicer when reworded from the viewpoint of the monster: "Fairy - Flee on a free square if you attack a single one." becomes "Fairy - Flees onto a free square if attacked alone."

Not quite a bug, but one small feature that I find distracting is the blinking items. If the items need highlighting a small up and down movement animation or a uniform scaling animation would suffice without concealing the items half the time.