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Dang good idea! I'll put it on the feature request list. :)

I know I'm not sposed to rate this game, but it's so darn good. Quenches my thirst in the deep, dry desert. How much can one drink? Don't matter. What does one drink? Anything in one's imagination. 5 stars! We need more drink game in this barren world. 

Nice work and big thanks for hosting a wondeful jam! :) <heart emoji>

FIVE STARS! a lesser game would use more colors or shapes. Not this sweet 7 minute effort. Curse you, red square! Go back to the top of the screen where you belong. :)

we all win! But yes, you did.

Whoa I won't post my score. I can never compete with Emil. They are the master. :)

Let's not overlook the careful selection of color in this masterpiece. The cyan provides the perfect emotional undertone for this contemplation on consumerism and the capitalist system. Can we spend the money we collect? No, because money is but a concept.

FIVE STARS! Go Jacob-Y! :)

7MinScoreCollect captures the toil of modern life. We strive and strive but for what? A pixelated number in the corner of our minds? The satisfaction of a job well done? Or is it truly meaningless?

The atmosphere is perfect. The graphics sublime. The gameplay refined. 5 stars across the board!

The question isn't "Who is TwoLegGlowyEyes?"

The question is "Who isn't TwoLegGlowyEyes?"

Nice work, Emil!

This is awesome. I laughed so hard. Love that you wrote the music to it, too! 

on #2... for example, let's say I have code lying around from other prjects for handling gravity simulation. Could I copy/paste that code into my 7 minute project? Or would I need to rewrite that code from scratch? 

To me, the fun of this jam is its pure silliness, so I don't care one way or the other. I'm happy to see whatever people come up with! Just curious.

1. Can we have extra time to make the game page? Or do we have to do that in the 7 minutes as well?

2. What are guidelines on copy/pasting code libraries or templates? Like, if I have a library file with helper functions that I wrote for another project, can I use that code, so long as all of the new game code is written in the 7 minutes?

Thanks! Sounds like a very fun little jam.

This game is so cool! Totally retro and with a nice sense of humor. But help! I'm stuck on the first screen. Can I get a hint for what to do to get the pencil?

Thanks for posting! I liked your ghost game a bunch ... among my favorite in the jam!

Thank you for trying it out! I just played your cookie game and enjoyed it. Everybody go check it out!

The dancing cookie art was delightful. One specific suggestion would be to make the cupcake bullets into something a little more clear ... maybe a chocolate chip or strawberry or something? :D

Team fish, sadly, is being out niced by the lizard people. I'm a bug, obviously, and my team is last. :( Thank you so much for trying my game!

Thank you so much! I would love to play and rate your game, but I don't have a Windows machine (I'm on Mac.) I promise to go and rate some others in honor of your Karma. 

Thanks for sharing this. Very kind of you to say.

You are very welcome. Thanks for the lovely comment. It made my day! +1 nice point to you!

Thank you so much for checking it out :)

Dang, it really fits the theme, doesn't it? Honestly this was among the most fun, quick jam games I've played so far. Nice work! One suggestion would be to add a health bar or some other indicator for the slimes ... and some kind of animation to show you successfully hit one. It wasn't super clear when I missed vs. when I hit vs. when it was out of range.

I LOVED how the game explained itself as you played the intro level. Every jam game should be this good in that regard. I thought the platforms in the first level should be a LITTLE lower, as it took some getting used to the controls while also figuring out the shield mechanic. I wasn't clear... do I need to right click to block? It taught me to do that, but it seemed like the shield worked regardless. It might be easier if the block/deflect was left click, as the spacebar and/or left click to jump was slightly confusing. But overall a good start to a game.

It was really trippy. I never quite understood what was going on. Is the yellow faced man my friend? I still can't tell.

The art style is very nice. More games should use this kind of hand drawn look. The story was confusing to me, which might be part of what you were going for, but maybe a little more narrative or back story? Keep going! This one is a winner.

I was expecting something a little more quiet given the content warning. So it threw me off when it turned into a bullet hell game after I thought it was more about relationships. But as an action game it was well done.

I love that the guy walks into a room labeled "spaceship" ... make me laugh. I need a room like that in my place...

I really like the core gameplay here. It's legit scary. For a future version, making the audio scarier could add a lot to that. I wonder if it would heighten the tension to add directional audio of the ghosts whispering or something. Nice work!

It's a neat idea, with the translation as a mechanic. My only suggestion would be to make the text faster in the intro, or be able to control that. Might be better to start the game play sooner, then fill in the back story after. Keep going!

You can earn points for your awesome rating and commenting efforts! I'd love if you could test out my "game" where you earn points for giving comments to others in the jam. It's a brand new kind of game for me, so please send me any bug reports. GOOD LUCK to all of the awesome creators in this Jam. :D

I like the 3D graphics especially, so hurrah to your modeler! Unfortunately I'm playing alone and it's obviously hard to do as one person. Hahahha. In the future, a single player mode might be nice to add. :)

Nice story telling, and the sprites match the music and the prose so well. The instructions said something about using the control key, but that didn't seem to do anything? (I am on a Mac, and you warned that it might not work.) Anyway, a little more clear instructions could help people get started. :)

Neat concept and gameplay. I haven't seen the combination of wanting to avoid stuff while also attracting it to you.

This is a really strange game for me. I've never made anything like this before! I'd love any game design suggestions to make it more fun. :)

Oh looks cool! Is there a mac build available?

Love the tile art. Nice work!

Really cool to see another 3D game!

Really cool animations.

Really very nice. :)

I can try... There's some software called crossover that might do it... Thanks for trying in any case!

Awesome, thanks!

I'm sad. I'm on a mac and can't play this game, and it looks really pretty. Any chance you could post a mac build or do a play through on youtube? Thanks!

Oh no, I think you might need to publish the game to give access to it? I get a "not found" screen.