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Super cool! I love the simplicity of the arena fight. Very playable, though I'm not very good at it hahaha. Only suggestion that came to mind would be to spawn a baddie in the portal opposite the player right at the start, so it's obvious what's going to happen. (I wandered around at start wondering if I was missing something.) Nice work!

Since the pandemic a lot of folks have taken their TTRPGs + boardgames online. (Like roleplaying with Zoom, etc.) 

Would a tool that helped with that problem  be an acceptable submission? Or is it 100% to be used while people are gathered in person?


Yes. :)

All good ideas. Thank you so much for checking it out and sharing suggestions. That's what jams are all about. :D

Thanks for your feedback! After the Jam we'll do some performance tuning and post a new version. :)

Oh wow, thanks for the advice! We're definitely learning the UE tricks. You're the best!

Would you be willing to share a little bit about the machine you were trying it on? This is our first UE5 game, so we're learning a lot about how it performs in the wild. Either way, thanks so much for giving it a go! 

I was confused about what buttons to press. I figured out "a" and "d" from the on screen command, but how do I open the door? Clearly other people figured it out hahaha ... but maybe add a little tutorial to the game page? I tried clicking, pressing space, W, S, and E ... what did I miss?

I love the look of this game, but I couldn't figure out how to play it. Hahhaa. Please consider adding the instructions to the game page as well. I watched the tutorial but clearly missed something. :D

I really like this idea! Having a narrative connected to a simple platformer is something I've never seen before, and I think it has a lot of potential. A few specific things I thought would be nice improvements: 1) If you click the screen, I think it returns to the main menu, which was confusing ... or maybe I just found a bug? I was trying to advance the dialogue by clicking ...  2) Longer/better music. That short loop was pretty ear-wormy hahaha. 3) I assumed that the heart was something to collect rather than a platform. Obviously I figured it out, but maybe try another graphic instead. ... Anyway, nice work! Keep it up!

Cute! I enjoyed the game and loved how I was able to figure it out without a lot of rules or explanation.

This is a really impressive game for a short jam! I enjoyed it, but it took me a while to figure out how to do things properly.  I wonder if instead of a tutorial that's a paragraph of instructions, it would work to have a mode where you move the robot in "real time" to understand the rules? A couple times I thought for sure I'd solved a level, only to have it end and say I'd messed something up... but I wasn't totally clear on what I'd messed up, if that makes sense. (Does the box have to be facing the scanner in a certain way?) Anyway, nice work!

Thanks so much for playing and for your constructive feedback!

Thanks for playing!

Wow, you deserve a gold star for spending 20 minutes playing my game! Thanks so much.

Nice solid game! I'll add a vote to shorten the cooldown, or maybe allow two grapples before the cooldown starts. Good luck with the jam! :) (Are you popcorn on Discord?! I think I recognize your avatar...) Nice to see ya!

O M G this game looks so beautiful! Any chance of a web build or mac build? I can't play it and I want to so bad! I'd even be happy just seeing a video of gameplay 'cause I think the aesthetic is top notch. Very nice work! (I think you're allowed to update your itch page after the deadline, so maybe you could post a video?) 

Yeah, I'm also not exactly sure if it's a Foddian game. Hahaha. I thought that losing your progress level by level with weird controls fits the description, but after playing a lot of the jam games so far, it seems like platformers where you just fall to the bottom are more the definition. Thank so much for playing! 

Oh wait! I tried again and it loaded this time. (Hrmm...) Anyway, nice little game! Definitely worth continuing to work on if you like it, too!

Is this a Godot game? I'm on a mac and the loading bar froze for me. :( If it is Godot, I think that's a known problem. Anyway, I couldn't rate it but it looks really cool! Keep up the work.

All the stars! This game is absolutely marvelous. I didn't get very far (funny thing .... these kinds of games are frustrating hahahaha) but just WOW!

This game is seriously fun! I like the uber-simple controls. I couldn't finish it before I got frustrated, but that's just part of this jam, haha! It is definitely worth continuing to work on and adding some polish.

Well it is hard! I like the mechanic. Wasn't able to finish, but it's a solid game for sure! Nice work!

The controls are subtle and difficult. Perfect for this jam! Nice work.

This is so lovely. One of my favorite games of the jam so far. I wasn't confused or overwhelmed with instructions. The camera transition into the workbench was really nice. A very solid cozy game.

Hey, at least you submitted something! That's more than most people in the jam. I like the shader-y effects and color choice.

Neato game, Tom! I love the dialogue and tongue-in-cheek set up. Nice use of the limitation, too!

Oh no... another Godot game I REALLY WANNA PLAY, but Godot and macintosh aren't getting along anymore. (I get an infinite loading bar.) Will follow you in the hopes for an update when Godot gets their stuff together. Good luck with the jam! The art is absolutely beautiful.

Ah shucks. This game looks SO COOL, but I'm on a mac and Godot seems to not like macs these days. (I get infinite loading bar.) So I can't rate you, but I'll follow you in the hopes of an update when Godot gets that figured out. :D

oh yep. I was using Chrome, but I've read that Godot has problems on some macs in general. Hopefully they'll fix it soon.

This is a really nice and complete. Well done! If I had to offer a couple of wishlist items: 1) it would be cool to have arrow keys work in addition to WASD for off-handed people. 2) the spikes for me kind of blended into the background, and I kept thinking they were plants. Maybe try something a little more menacing and obvious? But those are just some thoughts. Best of luck with the jam!

I love the emotional intent and really enjoy stories with deep themes. This is cool and you should keep working on it! The idea of writing notes of encouragement is probably good for all us to do, and an invitation to interact with characters going through tough stuff is really important game dev work. Too many games are about instant gratification, and I liked the slower experience you've started building here. Keep it up!

I love the concept a lot. A petri dish as a whole little world is a cool idea.

I liked it! I'm a sucker for cool post processing effects, and the protag is adorable. For future versions more enemies and variety would get my vote. Overall, a solid jam submission. Thanks for sharing!

Oh I love the character so much! That art style is beautiful. It's a really great start and I admire you for submitting something anyway! (I also over scoped and ended up submitting late for it and with a lot of bugs. Guh.) Thanks for sharing!

Very nice!

This is the nicest game of the jam I've played so far! Super polished, original, and neat. Very hard for me, but I suppose that's part of the fun. :D

Yikes! I got eaten. hahahah. 

I like the style very much. The gameplay was intriguing and the settings felt mysterious. A good start for a game that's worth expanding, I think!

Cute little game! Definitely a great start.