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Add poisonous foods that kill you when eaten, and food should respawn so the level does not end. Well done!

Nice Game! My Space exploring game is somewhat similar. I really liked the zoom function!

Very well done in such a short time!

Thank you for playing and the nice words!

Very nice art!

Nice Game!

Nice Game!

Very nice game!

Very nice game! I got all 3 endings! :)

It's like these planets are on a suicide quest to reach Valhalla! Nice artwork as always, Noa. Thank you for uploading quality content and inspiring other game developers.

Powerful stuff

Nice artstyle!

Very nice emotional game. Is the audioclip from a movie?

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I liked it! my mouse cursor disappeared though, not sure if its my browsers fault :) Well done! More planets that add to the symphony would be awesome!

Very nice game! Shouldn't the ball be allowed to hit the planets like in mini golf?

Nice Game! I laughed when the bomb at the end destroyed everything :)

Nice Game! How does one use the fuel station??

Super awesome game! Not sure if its my browser but  game started lagging at the end.

I liked the voice sounds and animations, well done!

Nice Game!

Nice Game! Was there a way to destroy the asteroids??

I really liked the burger jumping animation!

Nice game!

Nice First game! I think the Sun singin lalala gets a bit much after a while though! :)

Super nice art and cute music, and funny prediction at the end. Well done!

Thanks! I will make it easier and show the edge of the screen more clearly :)

Funny concept, well done!

Nice Game!

Cute art style and fun gameplay! I like how the little followers fly in the air although it's sad :)

I liked the weapon leveling up mechanic and the time stop. Some background music would be nice. But I understand there's not lots of time in a game jam. Well done!

Good pixel art and interesting game mechanic with the blindness. I think the revealing mechanic should be more limited so the player has to play a bit more in the dark from memory.

Very nice story, art and sound!

Nice puzzler!

Thanks for the tips! I played it for too long in the editor and only realized the walls can't be seen later. And will make it a bit easier.

Nice sound and screenshake

Very good pixel art, sound and game mechanics. Gonna have to give it 5/5 for everything! I liked the vocal chops that are added when the mouse is clicked. Feels like I was taking part in making the music. Very well done!

Nice atmospheric game with good sound and artstyle!