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did you really make an account just to say that

you really meant short

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Pretty nice game, liked the music. Bit slow to begin with, but upgrades were cool.

Have you considered learning a proper game engine? They are much more flexible and robust, and faster than scratch. I'm just saying, because your skills seem somewhat restrained in scratch, from what I can tell. 

I agree

Glad I could help! At least you didn't just attach the .exe file like I did the first time I made a game! I can see you are just starting out at game dev, and I thought you might appreciate some in-depth feedback, and some pointers to help you.

I think the main gimmick is very cool, a simple, fun gameplay loop, sort or mobile-esque but that isn't a problem at all for a game jam. Generally speaking, you want to spend a considerable portion of the jam time polishing. Polishing is sort of a large bracket term for all the small aesthetic details that you add to make the game satisfying, smooth and fun(ner). For your game, this would equate to screen transitions,  particle effects when you drill, a trail for you and the enemies, and an animation on dying and spawning on a level. There are infinite ways to polish, and polish is what makes a good game, like this, into a great one - the smaller details. If you struggle with this, try looking up games like Nuclear Throne, Enter the Gungeon and see how they deal with it.

The game itself is fun, but you might want to balance it a bit, as in, make the player a bit faster,  make the enemies slower to begin with and make sure in your algorithm (or in the individual levels if you made them by hand) for placing enemies to always allow safe spots, where you can rest because sometimes you get overwhelmed by having to move down, only to find yourself in the way of another enemy, especially in the later levels. I would also add a level counter to show how far you got - this isn't hard, just make a canvas, and add a text object - there are some great tutorials on unity UI, try brackeys, they make some fantastic tutorials. You can also have a death screen, that displays your score and high score.

I really like the animations on the dwarf and the goblin miner dudes, they feel very alive, good job on that, but they don't fit the environment at all, which is a big problem. A main thing about pixel art is: make the pixels all align. Avoid scaling art at all costs (except for ui, you can generally get away with that). For big, environmental pieces like this generally, instead of making one big art like you are doing, you might want to make one big circle in pixel art, then draw, like, several different types of rocks, or trees or other environmental decor to spice it up. This should hopefully remove the temptation to make a small planet and then boost the scale up in unity.

Overall, it is a very solid game, exceptionally good for 2 days, and presumably one of your first original finished games. Very well done on this, you should be very proud of what you've managed to accomplish! Good job, and keep programming!

Great game, but I got softlocked in combat with an enemy continually attacking just offstage

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Try selecting "html 5 game" and setting this build as "playable in browser". You seem to have built the game as a web build, but you make people install it ... not sure if you were aware about this. It doesn't let you play it, as it is.

l a s e r s

there is music in this game. Would play again!

pretty nice minimalist pack, not so sure about the colours and also some of the shapes are not very distinctive, like the spikes. Overall, I'd work on this more - maybe try finding a colour palette?

honestly, it's a pretty fun, well made game

these pixels aren't symmetrical; 0 / 10 would not play again

This is one of the honestly best games I've seen in a while. Well done.

voice acting 10/10

incredibly great game, I just suck.

I enjoyed this entry, but the only thing was that without any pathfinding, you can camp under the middle-bottom platform and none of the higher enemies can get you

fun, but the physics and collisions (what with pushing around all the skeletons while trying to drive around them) were really annoying

Bosca Ceoil is good - in fact it's what I used! (in the games I actually composed for). Good luck on the game!

One small thing I'd suggest is that instead of using a realtime timer (eg 4 minutes, 3 minutes, 2 minutes et cetera) use a "clock" that goes up in hours (eg 11 PM to 12 AM to 1 AM et cetera ). An ingame clock representing real time would help alot with the atmosphere I'd think, and you can say the objective is "survive the night" instead of "survive 5 minutes" even if the duration that you need to survive stays the same.

Very fun. I really like the gimmick, and it made for lots of exciting obstacle. I liked how towards the end, it started using the depth more, sort of like a 2.5D game. The graphics are simple but that doesn't take away from the game too much. However the skybox didn't really fit with the cartoon blocky style, and some sort of texture on the fire would've really gone along way. Sounds and music would have also been great - never neglect the audio in a game jam! Well done, and good job dude.

oh yeah. I found that out as I submitted it - i replaced one of the enemies to use as the boss instead, but by then I had made the level, so I had to replace them, but it messed up the gate opening in one of the rooms. Thank you for playing!

I think it is cool, but maybe it should also damage you? Just using physics to push them feels kinda clunky, so maybe experiement with code-based knockback instead - like it jumps away and flies off for a few tiles instead

really good job! The graphics, gameplay and design are all exceedingly good. The only place really missing is sound - the sound effects were too quiet, and I think it really would've benefited from having more juicy impact/collision sounds. A music track in the background would've made it absolutely perfect.

Fun, but frustrating. I had a good time playing this (though hard mode was basically impossible for my 5 centimetres cubed of brain). The main things I would say it that the hitboxes aren't perfect when in terms of getting the timing right, and the attack doesn't feel quick enough and hence not responsive enough. In terms of sound, the music track was good and totally fit the tone and atmosphere, but didn't feel melodic or rhythmic enough for a rhythm game like this. As well with sound, I'd say it would heavily benefit from more punchy sound effects - to really emphasise the whole "swing on the beat" and it would really mark out the rhythm. The sound effect you used is more of a soft "whoosh" sound, which blends in quite a lot with the music. For a rhythm game you really want to show how you are hitting to the rhythm, and punchy sounds normally help that. Overall, really good job and well done on the game!

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sorry if this was really long

I really like what you've made! The game is quite fast paced and fun, even though quite frustrating sometimes when your jump gets barely clipped off the top of a 3-block tall obstacle. There doesn't seem to be much difference in the different character's stats and I literally went for the one with the funniest looking name (I'm very professional when it comes to video games). The random generation works well, and with enough different tiles to just about make gameplay diverse enough. However the added gimmicks (coins and slimes) feel unnecessary, with no incentive to get coins, and the slimes don't seem to really do anything. The physics doesn't seem to work to well in context with a platformer - the fact that you can push slimes, and jump off falling blocks, or push all the tiles around. It is a really fun game overall, and a good entry. Well done! 

understandable. It is honestly very fun and I had a great time playing it

It is honestly really fun and well made. I'd love to see where you and your team take this! Thank you!

really fun, but pretty buggy I played it waayyy to long. However it does get pretty easy after a while. Because of online-ness it seems to have not uploaded my score, then did. If I am accidently plaguing  your high score, I'm sorry. The other thing is if my moniter is weirdly shaped (or a weird size, it doesn't work. My moniter isn't as wide as, say, a laptop moniter and it doesn't really scale, so half the game  was offscreen

I don't know maybe I am just weird

Very fun but kinda dissapointing that there is no boss or even new enemies on wave 3. Also I don't like how it immediately sends you to the title, so I couldn't even boast about my mega score because I didn't have time to write it down.

I'm pretty sure you can select it as a team and both have it on your itch; I don't know if that would show up in a jam page but here you go

Handy itch tips #9

normally I make a point not to play people's games when they go on my project and say "play my game" but I will make an exception because it looks entertaining

yeah the ball gets infinitely trapped, accumulating infinite score and the screen shakes all over the universe and there isn't any way to get  out of it

A bit janky  but really fun still

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shoot it straight down, then press the reset button and the game literally explodes (from the ball being trapped between pegs)

there are a lot of these posts, huh

to get this straight - my code is not janky because I am bad at coding, no of course not. All the code happened to stage a mutiny half way through development and held me at gunpoint (actually happened)