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Thank you so much for this compliment. Means a lot to us!  (Excluding the close call heart attack :D)

Thank you boscoJones! Did you make it to Anna? :P

Funny idea for a jam and a creative take on the topic :D

The music gets a bit annoying very quickly. Cool you finished the jam!

GOOD TO KNOW: We heard that some people experience some crash issues. But we found out that a simple restart seems to solve most of them. So we are hoping everything goes fine and that you can test our game :) Have a great week!

Hi! Sorry to hear that (ㆆ_ㆆ). You mean regarding the main machanic, like the keypress-release thing itself, or regarding the game's rules?
Have a great day :)

i'm very sorry to hear the first and very happy to hear the second part

Wow :D this one is great! Nice presentation as well!! You might enjoy our submission if you also enjoy finger twisters <3

Hi! I‘m really sorry to hear that. I have no experience with the app. But I can imagine its that or the sandbox mode. Have you tried a regular download and install?

Have a great day :)

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UUuuuh wait. We might have an idea why the game crashes so often for you. Niki (dev) has the theory that both issues are coupled. Did you change your layout mid-game? Because this could cause the big issues.
As described in my previous comment: you could just leave your layout as is and play all swell in QWERTY, QWERTZ, AZERTY..., since the factory just asks to e.g. "hold A", "release B", "hold Y" - it does make no difference where the keys are located.

Hope this helps :) Have a great week!

Hey Mardhol :)
Thank you so much for playing!

Regarding the Layout thing: apart from the on-screen keyboard in the setup screen simply "looking" wrong the game should work on all layouts the same. The mentioned on-screen keyboard during the setup screen is only there as a fancy visualisation while you enter the finger and player count. Apart from that you are free to use any layout. Or am I missing a thing then? I'm not sure how Unity handles AZERTY though :P

Regarding the crashes: I'm sorry to hear that :( We are not aware of such crash heavy bugs. Can you provide any information that might help?


Sweet, it's gameplay seems a little bit rough. But just a litte :) Nice job

This is very weird. So, I just blaim it on me. Don't mind me ;)

Hi! Shot for your reply! But it doesn't start for me at all. No startup screen ... just ... pure darkness. :D Don't worry I really want to check it out and will try on a Windows soon.

This looks so promising! Sadly I can't test it yet, but I will try to grab the first Windows I will see :D My Macbook Pro 2015, macOS Mojave 10.14.6 only opened it and kept a black screen. After 5 Minutes of "circle of death" still nothing. Maybe this helps a tiny bit :)

Hiho :) a little bit buggy, but who cares. Really great presentation, original, fun. Yeh - i like it!

Swell, going to give it a go!

Thank you so much bengles! It's so cool to hear you enjoy it :) 

I like the concept :) but I wasn't really able to figure much out. I turned the villager into the requested sheep. But it kept burning :D

Thanks Huggarnn! :) great to hear. And about it being covid friendly: we thought the same :D but just had to give it a shot. Have a great day!

Hi, same opinion as djslimzz. You want to share any thoughts on the fake 3D effect, how you approached it with Construct?

Have a great day!


Hi! Sure thing: just unzip the download folder and run the "index.html" file with the browser of your choice ;) Thanks for downloading

Hello lilyg, thank you for your request!
Please do as you like and I'ld love to get the link to it one way or the other.
Best wishes, Chris

Thank you so much Martyn! It's atmosphere and feel was one of my main attentions. It's nice to hear you enjoyed it.