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Thank you for playing, your review and ideas!
Especially the power up idea, outside turrets, bullet types, enemy stages or behavior phases sound really great. I think this mix of asymmetrical game design coupled with symmetric game design, such as the rings getting less(?) aka. mini battle royale :D, really makes less game less dumm but pretty and a bit more meaningful and skill based.
Thank you so much!

Thank you so much for the explanation. This is really helpful. It seems like everybody so far plays it more slowly and "precise". While testing during the jam showed most testers played it more like a bullet hell game, pretty much constantly spamming and dodging. 

It should account for all play styles for sure, and balancing will be a biggy once I implemented everybody's ideas for improvements and made it less one dimensional and exploitable .

Feedback like yours is a real gold nugget. Thanks again :)

JD2895 Thank you so much! What an amazing wall of compliments, feedback and ideas! I just wanted to reply quickly but will properly get back to you once I have time! Working atm :P

Thank you so so much!

Thanks thanks thanks and yes yes yes :D
I had so much already in there. Obstacles. Asymmetric level design. Physics based push back on hit. But it all broke the game design :D

What I really really enjoyed about this prototype is that its always "either multiplayer or AI", and this was more a "you vs. you + AI" (aka. joined together indeed :) So if I can make the AI and level design more fun, less exploitable, and actually have a skill curve, this would make me insanely proud and happy.

Thanks again for your help and compliment on the presentation!

Fair enough and very true. I will do my best in the future Sir :) 

Thanks for the compliment! I tried my best - especially on the art, since I'm no developer by any means. Do you have any feedback on how to make it more fun?

The straight-forward exploit is something i really wanna fix once I can :P
What exactly do you mean with the health of the enemy? Does it make the sessions too long? Or you feel like its too unfair compared to your own health? Or do you mean something completely different?

Dont worry! We all just jamming, am I right :P

Thank so very much for your review and time and opinion TheChronicPhenix!
Very good point and I am looking forward to implementing some ideas that make the game a lot less one-dimensional once the rating period is over.
Thanks again!

Created a short trailer today:

Don't worry about such minor bigs its so playable! Thanks for making and sharing your game!

Ya who cares!! :D its a lot of fun already. My favorite are the explosions 
Thanks for making it and sharing! 

No stress :) maybe future somebody will fix it. or just something to look out for in your next project. Amazing your finished your submission, even though its a pretty simple game and  a bit generic idea. I'm sure it was a lot of work for you. Never give up :*

I hear you I hear you!
I think I "got into a room" :D but it must have been the wrong demonic dimension with walls clipping and missing textures
as I sad, it still feels pretty amazing, grim and dark but also adventures and very dark fantasy -ish. Bugs is a problem of future somebody. So celebrate your submission :)

Just played the most recent build and its still a goosebumpy little game experience :) the music gets me every time

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ah, sorry. itch doesn't let me upload my screenshot.
Anyway, congratulation on your submission!!!

Hi, the mood is very well set! Amazing job on that one. The select states of the elements don't show which element is selected. But I wasn't able to use elements because of a overall tiny bit of bugginess :D so don't take my word for it. But I found places :D

Fine idea and I enjoyed the art!
You having to hover over the character with your mouse makes it really clumsy to play, especially when controlling the skeleton that has not the following camera on it. Maybe just click on the skeleton to swop? Just a suggestion
Congratulation on your submission!

Hi, after getting Wolf back and getting to that house at the bottom I didn't find anything left to do. Was that sort of a time limitation based end :D or did I miss out on the right way to go?

The shopping ("a") was a bit buggy but its totally playable!
Well written, amazing presentation, and cool you got music at least outside.

Congratulation on your submission!

Sorry to hear that you had such problems. Congratulation on finishing anyway!


ok, lots of fun. explosions are great. i mean its a bit buggy but hey - gamejams - and who gives a d... am I right? :D
Level two was not finishable because of the camera perspective / walls of the "barn" were blocking everything. Also the "flaming sheep pathfinding into gate/barn" didn't seem to work.
Also in the second level, the audio was clipping and playing a trillion times :D

Maybe it was because the "shepherding mechanic" was a bit buggy (sheep just stop, I can't even push them) maybe a bark + cooldown to make the sheep sort of dash opposite would give more freedom and a more differentiated way of controlling.

Maybe in the future  "clumping / swarming / flocking" of the sheep when shepherded would be really cool :P if you know what I mean...

Nice idea! Funny to play. Congratulation on your submission!

The coverart got me interested.
My highscore was 157. I think the controls are really fast (at least for me), almost like delta-time wasn't taken into account? 
Congratulation on finishing!

Yes, they were. Thank you so so much MousawiDev!

UUUuuuh revort!
Firstly, thanks for playing and your review.

Secondly, enemy shooting patterns, really nice idea! Since you have your own "edge" (aiming) this is probably something the enemy should also e able to counter out by having own "attack phases" (single big maybe slightly slower powerful shot, spray, cone, ...)

Thanks for playing and your input!

TThanks BRainiac Games!!!
Japp, except the mostly mentioned exploit (or how I call it "the current meta") of wiggling left and right real quickly, the sound thing is the only known bug a friend hinted me at yet after the jam was over and the submission was final. 
I will fix it after the rating phase!
Thank you so much for playing 

Wow, rpgcubed, thank you a lot for your review and compliments! Those ideas are really good hints! I really want to try adding more levels / or changing the level over time after the rating period.

Its quiet hard, game design wise, to come up with asymmetric leveldesign ideas while maintaining the mirrored concept. as soon as I introduced obstacles you change the "axis" of the player/enemy and you can simply win by e.g. walking backwards into a wall to make the enemy fall of the circle :D

I also implemented a push back on hit, which was a really cool feel but obviously resulted in the same issues :D
So I guess changing the level that influences the projectiles but not the movement is the way to go(?) e.g. magic glowy walls that change location / roate around the circles .... 

Thanks again for your amazing review!

Sorry to hear that :( it looks amazing! congrats on finishing!!! :)

Thank you very much! :) 
ya, i have more ideas for improving the ki. its really interesting designing the ki while being so "limited" within what works within the mirroring mechanic regarding movement and shooting.

what was your strategy?
do you have any specific ideas for improvements?

The hook mechanic plays realy well :) cool submission!

Whaaaaaat :)))) that artstyle <3 amazing submission!

I enjoyed the art style a lot, so minimal while also being so moody. congrats on the submission :)

Cool palette! Congratulation on the submission :)

I had the same experience but was a lot of fun having it :D

the "entire tree idea" is also great

quiet fun. i would suggest reconsidering your controls. I would get the SPACE but only if the mouse was not used for shooting. any suggestions other play testers?

The mechanic =O :D really cool and fun. what really stands out to me is the great level design though! amazing job!

Aced presentation and brutally hard, the "joined together" speeds could be more noticeable imo. but that's a minor thing. great submission :)

Such a consistent style and color palette! Really nice

yes! sooo polished hey? very mini metro-y but I mean not in a bad way. Really fun to play

Thank you so much for your complimenting words <3