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ty! we're glad to hear u enjoyed! :)

Thanks! Hopefully will find a solution and include it in our next update :)

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What specs do you have? From our testing/reports the game is only incompatible on MacBook Pro 2017 intel iris models. Let us know and we can make a note/see if there is a solution.

Thanks for playing and the feedback! We're slowly making a patch to improve/address some things from everyone's feedback and we're also planning to add some more things in a future update, hope you look forward! :)

Ty!! and woww props to you tho for powering through. Can you let us know what controller you might've used? Always good to ensure we get as many devices working ! Thanks again :)

Thank you! We had a lot of fun developing this, I made all the music during commutes whilst juggling the art assets at night. I really enjoyed making the shorter, bouncier tracks as I'm so used to working with incredibly dense music artistically w my band and solo music.

We really appreciate the feedback regarding the gameplay loop! We originally wanted to make the goal of collecting every type of friend possible but couldn't balance it all during the jam period, so instead focus was put on collecting as many as possible with a simple timer upgrade to increase the odds. However, we want the game to really reward the player for performing well! and so for the future we have plans in the works to improve this.

Also have plans to ease players/tutorialise a bit more for those less accustomed to rhythm games and some other QoL things. We plan to address much of these things in a future update :)

Also I'll definitely post the OST somewhere at some point!

Thanks! We are planning to add re-bindable controls in a future patch so hope that will help :)

Aw thank you so much this is a HUGE compliment!! :D We really want to add more content to the game just as you've described as well hehe

Thank you so much! Really love the point you made about how the difficulty fits right into the era, we feel like the overall challenge of the game is one that takes practice but becomes very enjoyable and satisfying once you get the hang of! Just like a lot of games I grew up playing as well. Despite this we do want to make it a little bit more approachable/apply some more quality of life features for players so we're taking that into account for the 1.1 patch after the jam :)

This is so cool! The aesthetics, music and feel are all perfect, there's a lot of content to discover in this, fab work! :)

Thanks for the feedback! :) We think the approachability/difficulty of the gameplay is the main thing we want to improve on for people less experienced in rhythm games and also to better tutorialise the unique gameplay system a bit to players in-game. We've had some ideas on tackling it for a future patch after the jam! Thanks for playing! :D

u can do this! i believe in you!! and thank u for ur kind words :>

thanks glad u had fun! and aw no! the fuzz can't keep getting away with this smh 😤 

Was fun to try and improve my time :) Though i noticed that you can just hold space to build up the drift meter and get boosts frequently! I think that if a system was in place to detect whether the car's momentum determines whether it can be drifting or not it will help balance that out? Cool work tho!

Nice lil stealthy adventure! :)

i won! :) cute game nice job 

I liked this! It made me think outside the box, literally hehe. Cute little puzzle game, it isn't initially clear what you're supposed to do but I think that's also the point! Since you  sort of uncover the secrets from what looks like an ordinary OS thru ur own curiosity :)

LOVE this so cute, I think the little maze part was cool but could benefit from maybe just having the door poof in front of you because i turned back a lil early assuming I had to go back and was like oh wait i should have gone further. The audio and visuals are top notch and the writing too is very good!! :)

Thanks! and YES Exactly this! We were inspired by the diversity of wonderful games in the PS1 era and how much effort was put into creating games of incredible niche.

That's super cool to hear!! I'm glad you enjoy the music I tried to strike a good balance between being enjoyable but replayable, its tough! but overall seems like its worked out :)

Also that bug is so funny because I had a friend have that EXACT same incident, it's so very specific too we would have never considered it in testing lol, but we're going to try to address it in a patch after the jam rating period! Thanks for the feedback.

Ah thank you! Your feedback is immensely helpful we're hoping to roll out a patch after the jam that addresses bugs and improvements to UX :)

Thanks! We're relieved to see that people are enjoying the execution of the idea aha

thank you so much! :)

thank you so much for the kind words!! :D we're so glad to hear you enjoyed it!

Not anymore, very sorry! Be sure to check the discord though I think there may be some teams still seeking.

hello! me (audio + 2D art) and a friend (programmer) are looking for a 3D artist/animator to develop a potential fishing-type game. We are working in Unity. 

We are both recent university graduates. We are also based in the UK for timezone reference but live in separate parts of the country so its all online.

My Portfolio/SiteProgrammer's Page

If you are interested in this please do reply! :)



Keyboard Controls, improvements and additions will be in the next build update! Hopefully in the next week or so.

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Hi, this tracker is incredible! It feels like a nice middle ground between FamiTracker and MilkyTracker with benefits of FX sends and more.

I have one bug report and two suggestions:

Bug: Sometimes when I delete samples in the list it doesn't do it right, say I delete a kick sample and now sample 4 is sample 3, the sample above it (ie a snare) is actually now the kick. I don't know how else to explain it but basically I can't really risk removing samples, so perhaps a sample reordering and improved deletion system would be useful :) 

1: When I used MilkyTracker and FamiTracker they allowed for exporting solo'd or selected channels, I'd very much appreciate a feature such as this where you can tick a list of channels you want to export or similar as it allows me to have them as individual stems for mixing and remixing in a DAW.

2: Being able to adjust or normalise samples would be handy to minimise external audio processing and maximise tracker work, so maybe allow users to have some form of sample editing in the sampler

This is a great tracker and I look forward to using it more and seeing it evolve overtime :)

Heyo, I really want to help out in a team! I have a particular chiptune influence but I'm adaptive to many styles. 

If I can join someone this would be my first real proper game jam which sounds exciting.

Here's my portfolio:

Please do let me know if you'd be interested in having me on board!

Incredible Soundtrack and tight gameplay of course ;)

God this game upset me lmao good job dude!

Incredible, this is appalling. Great job! :)

Wow this is incredible, it reverts your expectations and it gets so frustrating it's really cheeky. Incredible job! Reminds of I Wanna Be the Guy, another insanely frustrating game gahh.

I mean I could also just be bad lmao but nonetheless its great! Maybe too good baha ;)

Nice try bub you tried to make a bad game but it's actually pretty cool baha, he do be bitin tho


Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it :)