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Join us for the second session of the Habit Jam, starting April 1!

You're welcome, enjoy!

Check out "There is, in fact, a Discord" topic on the main community page. :)

The early novelty is wearing off, and yet we've still got ages until the jam is done. Day three is where things tend to fall off a cliff, where it stops being fun and starts Just hard work.

It will do us good, even if it's miserable. This is the life of the artist and the creator. Sometimes you have to chew through a wall.

Yes, working on that - I'll post about it soon.

Ok, looks like Itch notifies your followers like this:

  • New games or projects you release will be emailed to your followers
  • New devlog posts, and any other account activity, will be published to your followers' feeds
  • If a project of yours goes on sale then anyone who follows you and doesn’t own it yet is eligible for an email notification for the sale

So uploading new files won't spam them. If you don't want to fill their feeds with devlogs, maybe just add one devlog for the jam and update it every day with the date/work done?

I can check them on your page. I'm glad to check, but ultimately wether or not you worked 6 days out of every week will be based on trust. Someone would be able to fake it if they want to, but that would only be letting themselves down.

Hey! Welcome! You can use Itch's devlog functionality:

...or you can simply upload a text file every day to your project.

Hey, tomorrow you'll wake up and you'll be faced with it - the work. The fear and resistance. You'll sit down and do your creative work, give it as much time as you are able. Face the fear steadily as you can. If you get nothing good done, so be it. At least you'll have done the most important part- beating the fear. You'll emerge alive and you'll be ready to face it again the next day.

When you can sit down and work, triumph over the fear and give it your best shot for that particular day, then count that day a success. 

Ready, set, go. Marathon time.

Yes, the daily work can be anything, as long as it's work that's meaningful to you (not a meaningless work assignment or obligation) and creative work (not "I spent my time learning about quickbooks so I can eventually sell my game").

Yes, that's fine. Welcome!

Yes, that's great.

Yep! Just be sure to work on it daily.

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I would suggest making one project for the month, and adding a new file to the project each day, with the day as the title. Yes, they'd be available to everyone. If you're concerned about sharing your work (because of theft, fear of judgement, or whatever) no need to join this jam, you can just create work privately for yourself. If you're joining in, we show our work here. Exception: if you are creating something where it's too complicated to upload (giant unity projects, etc.) just upload a screenshot or something.

Thank you! :)

Just what I needed. Thanks!!!

Thanks! Png versions added - feel free to use them for the YouTube series. Would much appreciate it if you add a link to my Twitter:

And send me a link when it's done, would love to see what you do with them.

Thank you!

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Hey everyone! Just a little asset pack combining Japanese feudal architecture and urban signs/tech. Did it for an art jam, pleased with how it turned out. I spent a summer in Japan a while back, and loved the sprawl of wires and signs all over the city, this was such a fun project for me.

CC0, do whatever you want with them.

I'll do that. Thanks, you're awesome. 

:) Thank you!

Thank you! :)

Hey! I love bunnies, so I decided to put together a little asset pack. You can endlessly adapt and customize these little guys to make hundreds of different characters. I had fun making this pack, hope it helps some folks. :)

Right! Confusion is warranted. This was made for a game jam with the topic "incompatible mechanics", so we made an offline online game. :P

Sokpop, here's how to fix this problem in Mac OS X. :)

"Create a .dmg instead of a .zip.

a. Generate the executable in GameMaker, which makes a .zip
b. Extract the .zip to get the app
c. Place the app in a folder by itself (unless you want to include other files/documentation)
d. Open Disk Utility, and do File -> New Image -> New Image From Folder (or cmd+shift+N), and choose that folder
e. Distribute the generated .dmg instead of the .zip generated by GameMaker"

No animations, just single characters. :)


I've got my fist asset pack available! I've been posting 32x32 pixel creatures on OpenGameArt for over a year now, and they've been getting really good responses, so I organized them nicely and added some new palette swaps to make this grab bag!.

Anyone can get a lot of these for free on Open Game Art, but if you want the convenience/want to support my pixel art, check out the assets: (Also, every 5 sales means I'll add a few creatures, free for everyone who bought the pack, forever!)

Thanks for having a look.