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I mean that there is no particles, no effect, when the paddle changes sides. It feels “meh”, when the ball bouncing on the wall feels “wow”.

Hey! I think the field width depends on the browser resolution, so I could change my browser to pass the first few rounds faster. Some things have effects, but the paddle switch action didn’t, could be something new to add. Overall good entry! :)

Hey! I’m not sure if you want to go in the direction of a “precision platformer”, if that is the case, the controller needs to be more precise, now it slides too much. I think puzzle-wise you need to give more levels to learn and be creative with a single mechanic, then introduce a new mechanic. And last, the bacon needs some visual indicator of its lifetime, it could start to shake slowly then speed up. Overall nice entry!

Hey! Nice game you are building :) I did not play for long however.

Overall things:

  • I think it would be useful to input buffer the spear throw, as well as the jump, it would improve the controller feeling.

About the improvements:

  • I think some hazards are not different enough, so it could feel unfair if you do not see it because it is camouflaged. If its a conscious decision, its allright.

I enjoyed it :) Keep up the good work!

Hey! I felt like a WASD control would benefit the game. Also it would be nice if enemies that are faster are a brigther color, so its easier to identify them and tackle them, could feel like the game is cheating somehow. Very solid entry overall! Nice visuals, nice music, good gameplay. Keep up the good work!

Good one! However a little bit difficult :( I really liked the mix of genres. It reminds me of an old flash game I used to play. Keep up the good work!

Is this a metroidvania mixed with the binding of isaac? Very very good entry! Needs a little bit of screen shake and some sounds, but it does not undermine its value. Keep up the good work!

With the flat angle of the camera was a little bit difficult to see things coming from above to avoid them. However I enjoyed it. Good intro with the camera pan. Good job, keep up the good work :)

A great addition would be to be able to hold the mouse button to shoot on a timer, instead of having to click every time. Other than that, good entry! Very solid :) Keep up the good work!

An offscreen sheep indicator would be a good addition, Sophie ate explosive grass out of my field of view :( The last I heard of her was an explosion. Also I think the player could have a more active role if the interaction with the sheep were of repulsion, instead of attraction, so you have to chase them down and funnel them.

Very very fun and original, keep up the good work!

Love it! Polished, very fun and spooky...

A little hard to avoid the shots from the normal ships, as they came from a lower point and they were visually blocked the player ship. Other than that... very good work! I enjoyed the starfox feeling :D The sound was also nice. Beat those rats!!

I typed "oregano" and pressed Enter and nothing happend :rofl: then I realized it had to ping somewhere in the internet for something. I had fun with the apples. Keep up the good work :)

Hey! I enjoyed it! You submitted it, which is a lot already :) Keep up the good work. Also, good reference to Sanderson :)

A reset button would be very very nice. Very fun! I really enjoyed the switching mechanic. Keep up the good work!

A little but confusing, just like dreams :rofl: I didn't take the tutorial, probably I should have, because jumping into it was difficult to understand. However the atmosphere was great.

Sometimes dream cards were stuck, and they would pile up, making difficult to see them. I really enjoyed it :) Very good overall, chill and relaxing. Reminded me of Cultist Simulator :rofl:

I was expecting a screamer, thank god it didn't occur. I didn't ended it :( The mechanic of the left side chasing you was not very clear for me. Good athmosphere tho.


Good entry overall. I didn´t make it to the end :( The controls were a little bit sloppy for me, so more tight control would be great (the flies are a pain in the ass to get right). Also the hitbox was sometimes weird when precision was needed. The main mechanic was nice, lives as jump and dynamite tubes.

Keep up the good work!

Very fun! A curse to wipe out an area instantly can be a nice addition. That would enable you to play more risky favouring one side a lot to get to a new curse, then wipe them out and be safe. However if you miss the chance that would lead you to game over, so you would need to be thoughful with it.

Hahaha I liked it, but it make me nervous. Good one :)