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i added searching too fr

this is thew worst gay i ever played who came up with this story

thanks for playing!!!

thanks for playing!!! im glad someone found the secret ending lol

Hi the remastered version of this game is coming soon, here’s the trailer if ur interested

10/10!!!! huah huah houuuuuuu

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Pretty fun and interesting concept, like the other commenter said, it is a bit annoying when everything resets. Otherwise pretty fun! Could make an interesting mobile game? Idk

Interesting concept!! i think more could have been done with the concept of coins chasing , and the game ran kinda poorly on my laptop (more of a me thing tho) other then that. It got potential!!

ow only

So cool!! I didn't really get it at first but once i did it got super fun!! Could be really cool seeing it expanded on more!!

Pretty interesting way of approaching this concept!! Would be cool to see it expanded on!!

SUPER FUN GAME!! i loved all the gimmicks added in each level at the comments left on them were quite funny, 5/5 really good!!

Interesting concept!! although I wish there was limits put on how many blocks you could place. It makes it feel a little easy

Thanks for playing!!!

i dont know how to play sudoku, 10/10

THIS IS SO CREATIVE!!! i love the art and the mechanics of the game, super good!! (:

Interesting concept! although the game seemed to have been cutoff by the screen. Might have been an error on my part though

THIS IS SO FUN AND POLISHED!!! Genuinely amazing job on this, the gameplay feels satisfying and challenging at the same time, would love to see more!!! 

This is really great!! i like the concept, and keeping up with ball got so confusing (in a fun way), thouhg i guess that was intended. 5/5 on everything this is great 

Super cool concept!! Would love to see it expanded on in the future (:

I was hoping someone would gte the reference LOL, thanks for playing!!!

Cool concept!! game play was pretty fun, but i wish it was more satisying when landing a bullet/kill (maybe add fx or screen shake? idk)

Interesting concept!! At times it just feels like i am just controlling the character, not really giving clues.  But other then that, i like the gimmicks and puzzle design, as-well as the art style! For 48 hours this is great (:

I actually had an idea just like this! Seeing it made is super cool, i think having the racers AI be smarter and adding more variation of the track would have been cool, but other then that. Great game!!!

Thanks for playing!! 

Interesting concept!! moving around is tricky but satisfying. I think with some fx it could be even better!!

Great idea!! The controls and shooting are satisfying, i didn't get it at first, but when i did i enjoyed it a lot! I think if you end up expanding on this try making art a bit easier to read.

Super creative puzzle game concept, great art style too!!!

SUPER CREATIVE CONCEPT!! It's fun and stressful at the same time, while feeling super rewarding when you make it to the nest. I finished with 10 photos. (:

The youtube thing was supposed to be a joke (mostly cuz i couldnt get actual sound effects working LOL), but i agree i shoulda made it windowed if i wanted to do that. I've made a fixed version that fixes most of these issues though and i will release that once voting is over.  Also i have not played Heartbreak high! sounds interesting though. Thanks for playing!!!

Interesting concept!! I think he might run a little too fast and it makes it a bit hard to read the screen when you are moving so fast, besides that, it was fun!!!

Nice idea!! The artstyle is cute and works well, and the gameplay is fun! I found myself a bit confused at some parts tho. If you were to expand on this i would recommend having little pop ups that state what each item is and does (Counter - "Place Food Here", etc)

Good concept! I wish there was more progression and danger, as it docent feel too satisfying. Maybe make it so your goal is to not get eaten? 

Thanks for playing!!!! 😁

I was actually having trouble getting the sound in there, thought it would be funnier to take you to the link lol, Thanks for playing!!

Interesting premise, not sure how much i like the execution, i think a limit should have been placed on the amount of slime guys you can spawn. Because i didnt even need to upgrade anything since i could spawn so much. Other then that, i would be happy to see be expanded on!!!

very cute and silly, also surprising this was made in 48 hours

THIS IS SUPER COOL,  the style reminds of an old newgrounds animation. And making the card (while simple) was super fun too. The dialogue and expressions were funny, this is genuinely great one of my faves.

Its challenging! I like the concept but i think a tutorial, main menu and some sounds would have been good additions. As well as the other commenter I couldn't get past level three lol!!

Actually something i was hoping would be made!! I think the pacman ai should be smarter (chasing after the ghost when they turn blue, trying to run away more) as well as maybe making the movement less grid based? Other then that though, super fun!!!