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Thanks Saberman - you are always so quick!

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I have already added joystick control and a bit more of frontend. Will upload later. 


I will tey and find time to look at your video and maybe yours is the game to get me in to strategy. Never played any of the Civ games or Colonisation 

But I can clearly see the quality of your game  and the time and attention you put into it. 

I think it ia good to show thoae assembler snobs that BB2 can do stuff too.  ;). Your game certainly does that. 

Stay motivated and get it done as I see thicoming in a glossy box which I certainly would get fomy collection.  

Thanks - it cam be annoyingly addictive. My 15 yeat old us determined to get to the end. And I'm glad someone got the moon joke. 

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You are true BBC connoisseur! Nobody else would know that i added on some extra levels for variety!.   Moon level ia delibrately different to break up the rhyyhm of play. Difficulty is so hard to judge and I didnt want to make the game too hard. I have completed all levels in testing! And you have the added strategy of trying to build uo your stops (not in the original) through good, courageous and lucky play. Thanks for your kind words. 

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Yes - kept to the original controls buy have already updated the game with joystick controls (and a bit more of a frontend) since the compo ended. Will upload post judging. Thanks for your kind comments. 

Thanks - glad you are both enjoying the game. 

This is a really intriguing game and presentation is top notch - very well done on that.  It has obviously been lovingly crafted and is pretty playable (although I will admit to not knowing what I was doing).  Maybe some context sensitive help would b useful for the likes of me.  This has the potential to be a classic Amiga game.

Looks interesting and the mouse controlled interface works very smoothly.  Not really my type of game and wasn't 100% sure what I was doing but i can see that this has some real potential.  I hope you continue development.  Well done!

A real treat for eyes, every scene is a work of art.  Audio really adds to the atmosphere.  The way you have programmed the dialogue boxes is impressive and there is definitely some good ideas and interesting writing.  Haven't finished it yet but will go back and keep going til I do.  Good work!

This is a decent start to a shooting game.  Looks smooth and controls seem responsive - I'll be interested to see how it develops post competition.

That title screen is amazing and the in-game graphics aren't that shabby either.  This has the makings of a really good game - don't stop after the competition.  Very impressive dungeon crawler.  Well done!

It's Bezerk and even has an evil Otto character!  Graphics in this game are really great and it looks quite retro modern.  Enjoyed it a lot.  Perhaps the collision detection could be a little more precise and it would be nice to see the eye balls die or explode?  Speech is a nice touch.  Good work!

Love a Super Sprint clone and this moves very smoothly.  Agree with others that the cars rotate nicely but it is easy to get stuck on the scenery - bouncing off would possible be a better option but these games are really hard to get just right.  A good effort - well done!

Good fun game, always enjoy a good shooter.  Pretty hard!  Well done - very 1942!

Sadly subtitles not working. :(

Thanks - will watch later.

Excellent game and really good fun.  Well done!

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Thanks guys - that was exactly the vibe I was going for. 

Thank you and thanks once again for the video.  I have a few more games coming soon for you to work your magic on!


Also tested (through WinUAE) on kickstart 1,2 and 1,3 with 512mb chip ram and the game works fine.  Just wait for it to load all the files.

Managed to find all the bugs (hopefully) and re uploaded before the competition window slammed shut. 

Flickering left over bits were due to double buffering and unbuffering!  When you finish a level, I only unbuffered one screen and the other would unbuffer the bits stored in the buffer back on to the new screen -doh!

Sound issue was purely down to a miss =.

Also, discovered that if you died on the moon and lost your last take, then the gravity was not reset back to normal when the game restarted.

If you play and find any more bugs, please post here.

Thanks.  How did you do the background parallax?  Is it made from sprites as I am guessing that you are not using dual playfield mode?My effort used two 16 colour playfields and if I were to go further I would use sprites for one of the characters which would all 16 colours per character (one sharing with the foreground) and 16 colours for the background.

I'd be really interested in your assets to plug into my own SF2 BB2 engine.  Is this possible?  Mine is similar to your Scorpion one but has parallax floor and I was aiming for AGA.