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This bug has been fixed!

It’s a good start, keep at it!

This is really great–love the music and graphics! The mechanics take a bit to get used to, but once you do it’s fine. I think if the jump aiming were just a bit faster to start, it would be perfect.

CodingQuests just created a nice tutorial on how to start using GitHub with Godot at

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Yeah, that’s a bug we missed until it was too late. It’s listed in the comments as a known issue below, but it’s easy to miss. Thanks for letting us know!

Well, I wandered into all the places between trees I could after going in circles for 7 or 8 times. I couldn’t find where to get a different result, so… /shrug

Oh no! I kicked the ball of the bottom of the screen :( Good times.

With a threat to gnome health this could be a really fun management game.

Great job with the pace of adding new new abilities and character switching. The book reading animation is so good!

Hi! Glad you enjoyed it and sorry you hit those issues. The coins respawning is listed in the known issues on the game page, but it’s quite far down the scroll. You’re the 2nd report of the end dialogue not starting, but we haven’t been able to recreate it. (Assuming you were playing on web) could you let us know your browser version?

I love the inked art style!

Very clever use of the forest backgrounds and a good way to add more interactivity to the visual novel format. Well done!

Here you go!

I got stuck in a tree or something? I like the different effects of light sources in the game.

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Very cute art! I think some sound effects based on interactions would help the feel of the game a lot and disguise the short background music loop. Solid gameplay and everything’s there, maybe some QoL tweaks for how to access things. Nice game!

(Update) OH! I forgot to mention the banner on the page is SO good. I may or may not have spent a couple minutes wondering how you got to show an image as the “start game” background :facepalm:

The collision box for the totem/player interaction is small, but there’s also a hidden 1-second cooldown on the totems. While this was intended to prevent vfx spam, it confuses players and causes missed energy refresh for no apparent reason. It will get fixed when we can update the game again.

Glad you enjoyed the game and we really appreciate your detailed feedback!

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This is a ton of fun! The sfx are great, especially the level up fanfare. Difficulty and chaos scales up smoothly. Camera move/background scroll seems kind of janky and could use smoothing in my opinion. I made it a level or 2 past 3rd companion choice and started worrying for the health of my LMB–I will come back to this with AHK remap for attack key :D

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Sweet game and appreciate the controller support, but man am I bad at platformers! Great 16-bit era music.

High quality with lots of attention to detail.

This is fun! I guess it’s kind of the genre, but if the difficulty were ramped up, I think I’d want some more control over the direction of auto fire.

As everyone has said, amazing art! The dialogue box is so good, the typing noise is not elegant enough to stand alongside it–my only complaint. Followed!

Wow, yes! Just had this for a game jam comment where I wanted to explain a spot to someone who got stuck without spoiling it for anybody else. Ended up linking to a youtube with timestamp instead.

There’s a video playthrough linked on the game page which shows start to finish! That room starts at 117s (in case the link get broken) :)

Nice job with the sound and movement! I restarted a couple times, but I’m afraid the player always seems to get bugged out/frozen (maybe at lose condition?)

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Thanks for playing and I’m glad you had fun!

Holy crap, you did this in a week!?

Well, it felt longer than a week. But the git log says it was just 9 days. We had a big team of mainly artists and a bunch of us worked on it full time. Using source control definitely helped us go faster, although not everyone was comfortable using it, which is fine. I’ll write a devlog about the process soon.

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Sorry the controls weren’t clear! You can change them in game and here are the defaults.

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Thanks for playing! There is a difficulty option in settings you can change, if you want to explore. (I had to implement this to be able to test the game, since I am not very good at precision platformers!) I hope we will post a playthrough video soon so anyone who gets stuck can see the solution if they want.

This is fantastic!

Yes, it’s working, thanks!

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Known issues:

  • Some reports of dialogue not starting in room with spirit

If you get stuck, you can find a solution in this video playthrough from awesome artist and the team’s main playtester, Posce

I adore the Kitsune sprite!!

Amazing look and feel! I want to see all the pixels! Please, enable the full screen button if you can.

The music is cool! I wish there was more of it.

I could use some instructions for how to play, I guess. I was able to move around, but didn’t figure out how to do anything else.

I have no idea what I’m brewing, but it’s pretty fun!

Fun concept! I really like the storybook art and page turn animation.

Thanks for playing! There is a difficulty option if you’d like to try without the puzzle mechanic.

The demo scene from your addon running on is such a great idea! Nice addon, too!

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Great design and love the music! I wish the movement was faster so the fall back to an earlier spot mechanic didn’t feel so punishing.

Ah, the puzzles in-game weren’t completed–details are in the text at the bottom of the game page at Glad you still had fun!