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bro can't do the captcha

sea b a

chess battle advanced

this is the ever 

How to progress after you get the S

i can't even

Bro i got like 15 words before i remembered that you can rearrange the letters

This is amazing so far!

Reply if you need more lol

other suggestions:

moving mushrooms that aren't affected by pause

more levels using "pause + reset" exploit

post jam plz! this game is stellar


I can't believe no one else (that i can see) has made a list of coherent sentences they got so
plus two offers central trade. (in uno)
software close front. period

church united write sort shows where land part.

hard area, similar effect

he rates class "mean" after sale sun place casino.

stores, them each lot very full.

welcome! need her eur self time?

Hints plz

"The fast forward got lonely, so we added a fast backward!" Time traveling time.
"We added a settings button!" No jumping on sliders here. 
" We had negative reviews about the mice, so we just made them push you." No clip into the wall boiiiiiiiiiiiii

This is the first game I've come back to the page to play again

bruh seriously

Post-jam please remove the 2 digit by 2 digit multiplication or make those questions have a longer time limit

Very fun!

I played for 1 and a half hour because this game is as addicting as Cookie Clicker.

As a Scratch user, great game! If you were to update this post-jam, you could add:

  • Difficulty modes
  • More controls
  • Moving cursors
  • Speed settings 

Bro why are people saying captcha + poison is too hard it's easy

Extremely fun, sometimes I forgot you could move the world so I beat level 3 rotationless. However, it's really buggy. On level 5 I couldn't move without falling straight into the ground.

Bro just keep going around the circle

Absolutely amazing! Fast-paced, with a mix between two familliar games with a very unique twist! The controls could be better however, but you get used to it. I would suggest non-rocket physics and more basic up/down/left/right controls.

Super fun and funny when the blue boxes go into the floor and dance

I expected the game from the title and thumbnail, I didn't expect how fun it would be! 15/15

Interesting and cool, but it's confusing

It's probably a good game but I don't understand it and I suck

pretty easy but still fun

This was an amazing game, and I hope other people expand on the concept.

Really fun!

did anyone else complete level 16 with only 6 actions


I somehow got stuck in a wall

In one of the levels I got stuck in a wall and there was no restart button