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thanks for playing :D


here is the solution just in case you are curious -

thanks for playing , will do

hope you enjoy :D

ran into a few bugs but still enjoyed the game :D

really cool game yours, rated

check out mine

loved the gameplay as well as the story

good work especially for a game made during a jam

The piecing together mechanic is cool,

enjoyed it!!

good job :D

really addictive game, enjoyed it!!

please check out my game

enjoyed your game :D

here is mine


please do try my game

already rated your game, it was fun :D

Here's mine

do check out my game -

Sorry about not adding tutorials :/

Basically all you can do is remove and create blocks by clicking. Create a path for the water to flow and it will carry the player with it.The flow (and the player) will stop as soon as water fills up the maze except when the blocks on the outer part of the maze are open in which case the water will keep flowing.The goal as you might have guessed is to collect all trophies.The challenge is that the number of times you can fill or remove blocks are limited.

Also I couldn't implement the game over logic before the submission date so if you get stuck you have to quit and start the game again.(again sorry)

I have a new version ready with that,tutorials, sfx and music and will upload that once voting ends.

Hope you enjoy the game :)

tell me if you want to know the solution to the level, I will upload a pic.

love the challenge!!

also the ambient music suits the game well

gameplay is very basic yet fun, the art style and music is spot on as well.

nicely made!

sad you couldn't complete the game,

the art and music was fun.

really fun. i kept loosing a lot in the beginning but then i realized it is easy if I keep digging holes

around me without moving. :D

good job!!

nice gameplay mechanic

enjoyed the music and art as well,

solid work!!

amazing game!!

the lack of player control is a nice twist.

an all round well made game!!

good job :D

good game man :D

the music and visuals go well together to create a nice ambience

cool game, loved the swapping mechanic!

looked simple at first :O

cool game!

love the eerie yet calm art style.

nice work for a game made in 1 week.

I think progressive but random speedups would be nice.

had fun slam dunking everybody into the hole :D

nice game!!

yeah i meant speed changes.

Game is hard but also fun

and  liked the core mechanic as well.

an amazing game overall :D

simple solid platformer.

and funny too :D

game has nice polished graphics and snappy  controls.

good job!

sounds simple but the camera angle makes it challenging.

nice game!

nice artwork and addictive gameplay!

had fun :D

the concept and narrative is really good.

The portal creation doesn't seem to work all time, other than that this is a solid game

love low poly art!

Would be nice if there was some goal to complete though.

really cool game man, this deserves more ratings.

just a note, the portal gun stopped working after i restarted one time

nice physics and overall a good game!

absolute madness :O

cool game :D

it does take a while to get a hang of the controls,

but after that it's fun.

good effort!!

simple and clean,

This game is so fun to play :D

good gameplay and well designed levels

enjoyed it :D