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Fixed it! Version 5.0.3! Thanks for pointing that out!

Hi there. 

You are using an older version of the RPG Maker MV. You need to update it.

And it is like I said before:

"If you are using only RPG maker for a week, stay away from plugins.

Go and learn the engine, the event commands, etc.

When you have more experience, you download and read the plugin help file. It has all instructions you need.

Then, if you do not understand something on the help file, tell me what it is and I will try to help you out."

Hi there!

It's on the first page.

Did you see my last message from your previous question?

Hi there!

If you are using only rpg maker for a week, stay away from plugins.

Go and learn the engine, the event commands, etc.

When you have more experience, you download the plugin and read the plugin help file. It has all instructions you need.

Then, if you do not understand something on the help file, you tell me what it is and I will try help you out.


Just as looking at the plugin list, at least by their names, I can't say they are interfering.

So, even with the one-page event, it didn't work. I guess you can try on a clean project as I said in steps 4 and 6 of my previous instructions.

Hi there!

It seems to me everything is right. Let us check something:

  1. Are you using the Eli Book above it?
  2. Your event has a lot of pages, maybe there is something wrong there. So just to make sure, can you try to make the setup work on an event with only one page?
  3. Make sure the "Punch" label (both on the plugin parameter and on the event command) has no blank spaces. Like "Punch ".
  4. If everything fails, try it on a clean project, only with Eli Book and Eli Extra Trigger.
  5. If step 4 works, then it is a compatibility issue. Maybe some other plugin is also using the A key, or who knows. You will have to disable one plugin and test the game. If it works, then the last plugin disabled is the problem. Tell me what it is and I will take a look to make a compatibility patch.
  6. If step 4 does not work, take that clean project and upload it somewhere(Like, google drive, one drive, dropbox, etc...) and send it so I can take a look.

I tried to replicate your process, and it worked:

Hi there!

On that case, is best if you use a script call:

const pictureIds = [1, 2, 3, 4]
for(const id of pictureIds){
    const picture = $gameScreen.picture(id)

        picture._x += value
        picture._y += value

Inside the brackets on the first line, you can put every picture ID you want


Have fun!

Currently not. But you can edit the plugin to do that.

MZ version Line 652 | MV version line 515

Replace the "this.fadeOutAll()" line, according to the plugin version you are using, with this one:


Thanks!! ^^


Even using the Global Text plugin?

Hi there!

Unfortunately, this plugin does not do that. But I believe that this maybe will work: = "colorName"

By default, it is set to "black". It must be a valid HTML color name. Not really sure if you can use it on a script call or must change it on the index.html file.

Hi there!

Yes, there is it! You can use escape codes on the Map names inside the plugin parameters:

But you will need my other plugin for that. It enables you to use escape codes on every window.

Hi there!

You can use the following script calls:

To hide:

  • Eli.MobileControls.controlButton.parameters.enable = false
  • Eli.MobileControls.controlButton.removeFromScene()

To show:

  • Eli.MobileControls.controlButton.parameters.enable = true
  • Eli.MobileControls.controlButton.addOnScene()

Hi there!

I need more information to help you:

  • Are you using Eli Book above it?
  • If you press F12 and go to the CONSOLE tab, are there any errors?
  • Show me a screenshot of your plugin manager.
  • Show me screenshots of how you set up the plugin parameters.

Hi there!

I think I can create a way for you to center the window based on the name length. I just need to let the plugin evaluate a formula on the offset arguments of the plugin parameter related to the window position.

But honestly, I think it can be strange because it will lose symmetry with the Message window. But I will add it anyway because it can be used for multiple stuff.

About this one:

"Also, I'm not sure why, but when I have a different character with no portrait talking, the last portrait just sits partially in the corner."

  • Are you using MV or MZ?
  • The problem also happens on a clean project, meaning only with my plugins?
  • If yes, let me know and I will try to reproduce and fix it.
  • If not, then it is a compatibility problem. I will need you to track down the plugin doing this. So, disable one plugin and test the game again. When the problem is gone, the last disabled plugin can be the culprit. Let me know what the plugin is and I will try to make a compatibility.

Hi there!

Will take a look at this! Only the Origin argument that does not work with variables, right?

Hi there!

  • Are you using EliMZ Book?
  • Can you show me a screenshot of your event?
  • Can you show me a screenshot of your plugin manager, so I can see the versions of my plugins?

Thank you! Nice, it worked friend!

I will let you know when I manage to update it!

Just a curiosity or an observation: Some weeks ago I made a little game that is just a cutscene. And the name of this game is "Dear Hamona".

So when I first saw your comment here on the itch notifications, I thought: "What is that my own game is commenting on something?"  xD Because your nickname is almost the same "dearmona". Then I saw that it is different haha!

Good luck with your project ^^

Hi there!

Sorry about that. It was indeed an issue. I was worried about performance and did a thing on code, but it does have a side effect that is this that you are experiencing.

I will not fix this now, because I wrote that code a long time ago, and it needs a revision.

But I find a temporary solution for you. Open the plugin file with any text editor, go to line 248 and delete everything inside this red circle:

Hi there!

Since you are using script calls, I presume you are using MV right?

  • So, can you show me the event pages you are using to hide/show the regions?
  • The problem also happens on a blank map, with no other events rather than the one you are using to hide/show the cover?
  • What are your plugin parameter settings for the "Reveal Form"?

Nice!! I will update it to itch Io later then.

Have fun!

Ops, my bad. Delete this last patch I have sent to you, replace the EliMZ book with this one, and see if it solves:!Ak26Cghab3Nhhf4DuOzWzWRxooe45Q?e=grUtsv

Hi there! Thanks for the screenshot! :D

So, put that little patch below the Eli Book plugin and see if it will work:!Ak26Cghab3Nhhf4C3X5zkyWOJjjeUw?e=RtB2Pp

If yes, then I will add it to the Eli Book. If not, show me the screenshot of the new error.

Hi there!

Thanks for the report! Can you show a screenshot of the error? When the error happens:

  • Press F12.
  • A browser window will open. 
  • Go to the CONSOLE tab.
  • Take a screenshot and send it to me.

Also, what is the version of EliMZ Book you are using?

And when exactly the error happens? When you use a plugin command?  Or when you start the game?

Nice!! Have fun!! ^^

(1 edit)

O script call é só no MV. No MZ vc vai fazer isso por comando de plugin mesmo, lá na parte de "Initial Settings".

Se você não encontrar nada de Visible rows na parte de Initial Settings, então vc tem que atualizar o plugin.

O seu Choice Manager tá 5.0.1. O atual é 5.1.2. Então vc tem que atualizar. Inclusive o Eli Book TB.


You can upload a .zip file on Google Drive, One Drive, Dropbox, etc. And send me the link here.

Nice! Happy RPG Making! :D

Hi there!

Thank you so much for the screenshot. 

The compatibility problem was specifically with Visustella Visual Battle Env. I believe the problem is fixed on the new version 5.2.1!

Hi there!

Unfortunately, there is no way for any plugin maker to know if his plugins are compatible with an entire library of other authors. So, I can't say for sure(especially with Visustella because of their obfuscated code.). So, your options are:

  • Wait for me to release a free version of this plugin if I ever do...
  • Send me a sample project with these plugins from both authors, so I can insert mine and test it here
  • Find another plugin to help you =/

Opa! Então, você pode usar esse script:
Eli.ChoiceManager.settings.visibleRows = value

Substitua a palavra value por:

  • "auto" -  O plugin vai calcular sozinho (tem que ter as aspas).
  • "default" - O mesmo que o RPG Maker usa por padrão(tem que ter as aspas).
  • número - Qualquer número que você queira.

Fala aí!

Tem um script call no MV pra deixar vc definir o número máximo de escolhas que você quer deixar visível.

No MZ tem um comando de plugin.

Eu não estou em casa agora pra ver, mas é algo relacionado a "visible rows".

Se tu não achar te respondo na segunda.

(1 edit)

HI there!

You need to give me more information. Just saying that is not compatible will not help me. So:

1 - When the error happens, press F12. Will open a browser window. Go to the CONSOLE tab, and take a screenshot and send to me.

2 - Show to me a screenshot of the plugin manager so I can take a look at the plugin order and versions.

3 - Or you can create a sample project replicating the errors you are getting, upload it somewhere(google drive, Dropbox, one drive, etc) and send it to me so I can take a look.

Let's hope we can fix this :)

Waiting for your answer!

Hi there!

Yes, I forgot to put it on the help file. Use the plugin command on MV:


On MZ, you just need to find the plugin on the plugin command list that there is also a plugin command for it.

Hi there!

I updated the plugin (5.1.0)and added a way for platforms to collide. I also added the below into the help file, explaining how to use it:

Collider Platforms

Collider platforms are ones that can collide with other platforms. This is an additional note tag. This means that any other platform can also be a collider. But honestly, I think it will only play well with the Normal Platforms. And also, be sure to also check the “skip if cannot move” box of movement routes for them.

To apply the Collision feature, just add the event note tag:


It is case-sensitive.

Got it!

I will implement it today then! Will leave a message here for you when it's done!

Hi there!

Why do you need the platforms to collide with each other? 

The way I thought when making this, is that you just need to add the move route into the platform in a way that it does not collide with each other.

Like these ones on the sample project. They are two events on the editor, but I have set a move route that is "synced" with both events, so they don't collide.

Something like that will solve your problem? If not, can you tell me a specific situation you are having so I can think of something?


Não, tenho não. Acho que o GALV tem!