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Hi there!

I released an update of this plugin that I believe can help you achieve your results. It has a new plugin parameter that lets you play common events every time a character changes its image file and that image filename contains specific text on it.

You can decide what kind of text will trigger the common event. So you can create a configuration that when the character filename has the text "car" on it, it will trigger a common event.

And on that common event, you can change the character's settings you want. Please take a look and let me know!

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Hi there!

When that error happens, can you press F12 or F8 and show me the full error log?

Also, make sure you are using the latest Eli Book plugin(5.4.14).

Hi there!

Sorry for the lateness. But I updated the plugin and put a way for you to change the line height. See if that can help you ^^

Hi there!

It is a bit complex to explain how it works, but I will try.

1 - On the Character Generator scene, the plugin will load all files/pieces that the Generator has. And it will show them on the preview windows. In that scene, the PNG files are loaded each one inside a sprite. So they are layered. One sprite for one PNG file.

2 - After you create the character, the plugin stores the references of all the pieces used. And, on the Map Scene, it will only load those pieces. Not the entire generator. But, different from the Generator Scene, the characters do not have a sprite for each different piece. The plugin creates several sprites, just like the Generator Scene, but it puts them all together inside of a single sprite, creating just one PNG file.

When I add the plugin commands to change character pieces, the process will probably involve redrawing everything with the new pieces inserted/changed with the plugin command.

Now about performance issues, it really depends on the mobile that is running the game and also how many pieces/PNG files you have. There is no way to escape the fact that you will need to load all the png files the character will use. But those files are small. I guess it will only cause trouble if you have like a lot.

Hi there!

Friend, most of the question you asked, the answer was on the help file. But let's go to it:

Can this plug-in be used for events?

- Yes

Is the frames plug-in required?

- No

Can events do diagonal movements event without diagonal sprite sheets?

- Yes

Is it enabled by default? Even for the main player characters ? Possibly including party?

- It works for all types of characters: Events, Players, Followers, and vehicles. The filename of the character needs to have a special tag on it. So if a character uses an image with this tag, it will automatically enable diagonal movement. These tags can be decided by you on the plugin parameters.

It worked on the event, although, it only works when I use the movement route option (step towards player) ... I can't seem to make it move diagonally without it (movement route).

- By default, it should work with all types of movement routes. You can take a look at my sample project and see it working.

Do custom plugins that involve pathfinding work ?  This is because, I'm currently using ABS (action battle system), which follows the player without the move route option...

- Maybe that can be a problem, maybe not. It is impossible to know without testing. It really depends on how those plugins implemented it. When you try a new plugin, and it seems to not work, even after you read the help file, you should always test it in a blank project so you can make sure it is not a compatibility problem with another plugin you are using. I do have a sample project, only with my plugins, where you can test everything.

Manage to answer all your questions?

Well, that YouTube video is probably wrong. This plugin does not provide any escape code to change the font. It is best if you learn how to use the plugin, by reading it's help file. Quoted from the help file:

"● Changing Font

You can change the fonts with plugin commands or use escape codes (Requires Eli Message Action)"

Either for MV or MZ, you need Eli Message Actions to change the font using escape codes. Otherwise, you will need plugin commands to change the font.

Hi there!

Glad you managed to solve the problems! And don't worry, if you have a doubt, post it here :)

About the black and white, I will implement new features to change colors in future updates. Like, change the blend and tone color(like you can do with the default event commands for pictures). I just can't say when I will do it. Not now, but it will come for sure.

Hi there!

Why are you using \FF[1] ? Where did you get that escape code with two FF in a row?

For paypal users: 

They answered me on the email, telling me that the problem was because my paypal was requiring me to refresh my account information. And that is why my payment was delayed.  But, I did open the paypal several times, and it only required me to refresh the information on day 13 of this month(I remember well because I did receive another payment from other sources this day).

So don't know, maybe double check your paypal to see if there is something there.

Still, it took two weeks for them to reply to my e-mail with that information =/

Hi there!

The problem is happening here:

There is a method that gets the generator you selected to apply to the scene. To properly get the generator, the plugin needs you to tell the generator index you want. 

In the image below you can see the numbers on the left side of each generator you created. The index value of each generator is that number - 1. So, the first generator is index 0. The second generator is index 1. And so on.

You can also use the generator id, so the plugin will automatically find the index that belongs to this ID.

The problem is, that the plugin is not finding that generator. My guess is that there may be something wrong between your plugin command and your plugin parameter. So, try double-checking if you inserted the right ID or INDEX on the plugin command(Also make sure the BUILD GENERATOR FILE parameter is set to true, just in case.).

If still, the problem is still not solved, send me a detailed screenshot of your plugin parameter > Generator List and the plugin command you are using on the event.

Hi there!

Just let you know that I received the payment today. Thanks for your support!


Have fun!


Glad you managed to solve it then ^^

Yeah, I saw that on another post. But my payment is received through PayPal.

Hi there!

If I understand, you want to show/hide the controls according to the map ID, right? If yes, then you can use this:

You can specify a formula to only enable the controls on specific map ids, or even if a switch is on or off. But that condition is only evaluated when you refresh a scene(enter/leave a map or menu).

An example of allowing the button to show only on the map IDS 2,3,17,20:

  • return [2, 3, 17, 20].includes($gameMap.mapId())

Another example of allowing a button to show only if the switch 10 is on:

  • return $gameSwitches.value(10)

I don't remember, but I believe this is only available for MZ.

Thank you for your kind words! Really appreciate! Honestly! :D

Hi there!

What is going on between those two plugins? Maybe I can fix the compatibility issue.

If an error triggers, press f8 or f12. A browser window will open. Go to the CONSOLE tab and send me a screenshot of what is in there. If no error is happening, and the plugins just does not work, send me a sample project replicating the issue that I will take a look :)

I do have a Camera Plugin, but it is paid and does not handle zoom functions. The zoom functions are in another plugin of mine.

Hi there.

A while ago I opened a topic here about that issue, but it was told me to ask for support via e-mail first. 

I sent the e-mail 13 days ago, and still,  they have not answered or solved my problem.

  • Request/ Support ticket ID: 168401
  • Payout ID: 114124 (delayed for 32 days)
  • PayPal

Please, someone, take a look if you can. I need that money :(


You will need to check the plugin code to understand how the code works so you can use the script calls. When I have a little more time, I will try to explain better to you, because I believe it's complex.

I understood!

I will try to make a patch to help you with this. It seems a thing that I will also need for my project!

About the overlapping, what my plugin does is give an extra value for the z index. By default, RPG Maker decides that index with the character priority. So just for example:

  • Below Characters → Index = 0
  • Same as Characters → Index = 1
  • Above Characters → Index = 2

My plugin adds an extra z index value, that by default, is 0. So you can change that to increase or decrease a character index:

  • Below Characters → Index + extraZindex
  • Same as Characters → Index + extraZindex
  • Above Characters → Index + extraZindex

If you have an event set as Same as Characters, with the extra z index as -2, the real index will be  -1. So they will appear below a character that has the priority Below Characters.

Is that your doubt?

Hi there!

No, currently all changes made to the characters need to be done inside the generator scene. What can be done, is whenever you open the generator with a character that already uses pieces from that generator, the scene will automatically start with those pieces already drawn. 

The thing is, when you use a generator and applies it to a character, the character will only have a KEY that will point out to the configuration(the pieces he used) on the generator. Because, if every character has stored all pieces individually, it will make the same file too big.

BUT, it does seem a nice feature to add, meaning a way to use plugin commands to change the character pieces. So I will put that on my to-do list.


About the note tag, no. The only way to a character starts with preset pieces, is by creating a generator with default pieces already drawn, and applying it to the character.

On theory, you could do everything above using script calls, but it will not be easy for the user. I will see what I can about those two requests, But I can't say to you now when I will take a look into these.

Hi there!

Yeah, I can think of some ways of doing this! But first, just for me to be sure(I saw your thread), try to change the offset of the car sprite with my plugin. Make it with just one sprite, and one vehicle, and see what kind of configuration will make it work. If that did not solve, I just saw that on my plugin, although you can change offset, you cannot change anchors, I don't remember why I did that. But maybe, changing the character sprite anchor according to the character's direction could solve your issue.

Or even, if you could provide me the sprite sheet, I could try something here. As I understand, you want the car to fit on that spot when facing up/down, the same way it fits when facing left/right, is that it?

Hi there!

That would be basically a way to change the face according to the skill. I will take a look at the code and see if it is possible! I will let you know! ^^

Glad it helped!

Have fun! ^^


I forgot to answer you here, but I fixed the problem already! Please download the latest version ^^

And thank you again for report! :D

thanks for the feedback!

I think I fixed it now! 1.4.2!

Maybe you be able to find a plugin that changes the "damage"  pop-up colors, and maybe they can work together with my Bitmap Font. I remember seeing some out there. I guess TSR has one? Maybe CGMZ or Visustella?

Yes, I do take commissions. But the price really depends on what you are as for. The only thing I could already tell you is that I do not do an entire battle system plugin and for everything related to creating a new menu, I charge a minimum of $100. Besides that, I need to know what you want so I can set up a price.

You can reach me on discord: hakuenstudio

Hi there!

the moveStraight method will not work for this. If you want a character(event, player, or follower) to move towards a specific character with a script call, you should try using this method instead:

  • $gameMap._events[this._eventId].moveTowardCharacter($gamePlayer)

Hi there!

Thanks for the DM on the forum! I will take a look at this issue and answer you  back! ^^

Hi there!

I will address your question one by one, in the order below:

1 - It is unlikely that both plugins will work together. Because both plugins have the same features, they have a higher probability of compatibility issues and cause errors or strange behaviors.

2 - My plugin also has an "escape code" like the <Show Switch: 12> version to put on choice: 

3 - Visustella plugins are obfuscated(kind of an encryption). This means that although this one is free, I can't take a look at the code and see what the compatibility problem is, and try to fix it. Even if it was not obfuscated, there are also their terms of use that depending on the case, could be in the way:

4 - There is a slight chance that I could provide a fix, without the need to take a look at their code. But for that, I will need you to do something: When the error happens, press F8 or F12, and a browser window will open, go to the CONSOLE tab, and send me a screenshot of the error trace that will show there. Depending on what is there, I can try one thing or two.

5 - You could tell me what other things you need from their plugin, and I can see if I have other plugins that can cover that.

Hi there!

Yes, it needs the EliMZ_Book, which is my core plugin. You need to have it somewhere above all Eli plugins. Here is the link:

This will also fix that error.

Oh, nice you managed to make them work! And those 3 plugins working together is kind of a miracle haha! But nice they worked!

I saw your Patreon sub yesterday, but I didn't manage to send you a message there, Patreon was not loading any pages for me! Will try now, thanks so much for the support! ^^

Hi there!

  • I can't say for sure what is wrong. That plugin from Galv is a big and complex one. I guess GALV also has a jump plugin. Maybe you could try to use it for better compatibility?
  • Did you try to change the plugin order, and put mine above/below the Galv one?
  • Are you using MV or MZ?

Hi there!

No, there is no way to fix this. This is a behavior of the RPG Maker code environment. Every time you install a new plugin on your project, mine or not, you have a higher chance that you need to start a new game. This mostly happens when the plugin needs to store some information on the saved file. There are some exceptions, though. But it's hard to say.

So when you install a new plugin and load a previous save file that did not have that plugin at the time, you will need to start a new game. Keep that in mind, not only with my plugins but with others too. When you release a game, make sure that you already are using all the plugins you want.

When you mean healing in battle, do you mean at the moment a character is being healed? Or when it is regenerating health? By default no. You can try changing the font with a plugin command, but you will need to know the exact moment to do that.

Hi there!

Just let you know that I fixed this issue on the latest version! Thanks for the feedback! ^^

Hi there!

I have a payout, that has been delayed for about 5 days. It says it usually takes 10 to 14 days, and now it already has 19 days.

  • Payout ID: 114124
  • Status: In review

The only reason I'm already here about that is because I did have a payout problem this year, that delayed almost 2 months, and the e-mail support took me forever to answer. I believe at least, this time, there are no problems with my tax forms:

Could someone take a look for me?

Alright then!  Will answer you on topics, numbered. 

But before that, since English is not my primary language, I want to let you know that I believe you have the right to ask this question because you are a consumer. So I'm not answering you in a defensive way, I'm really trying to do my best to give you a proper answer ^^

I think that is some positive point of an indie developer/salesman (don't know what I can call here xD). I can answer you that. It's like when RMMZ was released, the consumers complained about the price(me included), but I don't remember seeing any open/public answers from the developers justifying the price. I guess that is normal behavior of a "big company", which I'm not. Now let's go to the answers! ^^

1 - I came to the conclusion that $3 dollars was the wrong price. It was too cheap.  I realize that my time, my knowledge, and my work are worth more. The minimum price that I will sell my plugins now will be $8.

2 - Itch io together with taxes from my country, and currency conversion,  takes around 35% of anything that I sell. 35% of $8 is $2,80. So selling a $8 product I get $5,20. 

3 - I can see that $5,20 is the right value I should receive for my work: Coding(Learning how to code, learning the RPG Maker code), publishing(Creating and customizing the Itch io page, the image covers, etc.), client support(bug fix, answers like this one, help file, sample project, and etc)

4 - I'm an indie. I do not have anyone to write a help file for me, manage all the publishing of my plugins, etc. What I'm trying to say is, I'm not a professional "salesman". I know how to code, that is for sure. But everything else I make on my own. I don't have anyone to help me. So I guess $5,20 for all that I do that involves the plugin maker work, is a price that I can be a minimum satisfied.

I guess that is it ^^

Hi there!

Are you asking about the price because you are having trouble downloading the plugin? Or do you just want to know the reason for the price increase?

Yes, I can help you out. My discord is hakuenstudio.

Did you set up the Face Window positions on the plugin parameter, on the three different positions? 

If yes, make sure the minimap is not in the same position as the face window.

If it is still not showing, press F12/F8, go to the CONSOLE tab on the window that will appear, and send a screenshot of that window so I can see if there is any error there.