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Hi there! I will give this a try. I believe it's easy to make it work with MV.

Hi there!

I tried to buy it, but at least here in Brazil, it only accepts values higher than or equal a $1,00.
Maybe f you raise that price to $1,50 and apply the discount of 30% (Totalizing $1,05, with the discount) you can get more people to buy it ^^

I will try to take a look at this. It seems simple to implement. But just for curiosity: Why do you want to put negative numbers?

The plugin has a lot of ways to prevent the character from gaining points when leveling up. The growth chance, or with the formulas inside the Min and Max parameters.

For anyone that will see that we talked on discord and unfortunately, the MMO plugin and my Self Variables are not compatible.

Indeed a great idea! ^^

It's nice to see that we managed to finish something, especially in game dev. Because making games is something that consumes a lot of time and energy. And, when life hit us:
"I thought for certain that would be my only major project in game programming that I would complete; especially when considering that I had a baby and there was this whole global pandemic thing going on"

It's really hard to keep going as we wish. So, congratulations on your achievement! I started to play it a little bit, manage to buy all the weapons I need for the first town and I will go explore everything!

Take a good break ^^

Hi friend! I have added specific escape codes for the custom parameters into the plugin. Thanks for reminding me ^^

The eval will work!


But hey, why didn't I put escape codes for custom parameters? =O

Will do it today! ^^


Hi there, Ophiucus!

Fixed the problem on the last update :)

Yes, you can make that. You can create any Custom Parameter you like.

And use them whenever you want: Script calls, damage formula, put them into variables, etc...
You just have to create it and choose when and how you will use it.

You can combine this plugin withDynamic Parameters, and change the evasion parameter according to a value set on a custom parameter for example.

Hi there!
When you mean add effects, you mean like add +3 to a custom parameter for example:

  • <GrowC:paramId/shortName:value >

Unfortunately, this plugin does not cover the visual part. Maybe I will do it someday. But I'm pretty sure you can add it with plugins that can add gauges, like the Ultra Hud Maker or Galv Gauge variables. Because my plugin delivers to you a current and max value.

Unfortunately not. I do plan to make another plugin that will handle all key configurations. When I do that, I will make it that way. So you can assign different keys to do the same thing.

No :/

Thanks! I believe I found the issue. I will try to post an update in a few days, and let you know when I do it ^^

Hi there!
I have updated the pause game and button common events plugin. Take a look at them now.
You will also need the new Eli Book 3.3.0.

Thank you, friend! I will answer you back here when I fix this! It may take a while, but I will not forget ^^


It's not possible to implement a plugin command, because the pause scene is another scene. It's like the menu(events don't work there).

But did you try the game controller and it not work? Because it is supposed to work. I will take a look! Are you using MV or MZ?


Yeah, I do commissions, currently, I'm a little busy. But can you send me a PM on RPG maker web?

hahaha!!! Thank you for the comment!

Also, I'm very happy that this really helps you! Really!! :D

I will do it!
I'm kinda busy, but I will try to do it this week ^^

You can check here the things to be updated ^^''

Hi there!

Thanks for testing it! 

The plugin still needs a lot of work. But if you can send me a test project, where I can replicate the error, would be nice! Don't need to export to android, just send me a sample project then I will test it ^^

Hi there!

Well, I was not able to replicate the issue. But I kind of has a hint of what to do by just taking a look at the console  VisuMZ.PreloadedMaps

But I really need to trigger the error. Can you upload a sample project to me replicating the error?


Can you trigger the error and send me a screenshot? Just like Xana43 did?

Hi there!

Yes, you can. It's only a matter of use the script call 




Replace customParameterId with the id of the desired custom parameter.


Oh, thanks for that! I will include it on the help file!

Glad it worked! ^^

I send a message to you on Patreon. See if you can access with that link.

I send a message to you on Patreon. See if you can access with that link.

Hi there!

It already has this feature. You can use the plugin parameter to set a different skin on the Window_NameBox or use a plugin command:

Yes! You can just set the map Id into a variable(Either when the player changes the map, or when he enters the battler, just like the region id) and check it in the conditional branch.

Hi there!

I believe we can event this :)
In the troop event, we can store the player region id inside a variable.

Then we check if the value of this variable is equal to the region you want(in the example below, region id 3).

If yes, then we can either change the enemy levels according to their id or their position(index) on the game troop.

Change level for the enemies according to their id:

Get all enemies with a specific id:

const enemiesWithId_1 = $gameTroop.members().filter(member => member._enemyId === 1) // (replace 1 with the id you want).

for(const enemy of enemiesWithId_1){ // Iterate through all enemies with ID 1 found.
    enemy.changeLevel(10) // Change them to level 10.

Change level for all enemies independent of their id:

$gameTroop.members().forEach(member => {
    member.changeLevel(15) //  change them to level 15

Choose the way you want ^^

Looks amazing!
Congratulations ^^

No, it will not work like that. But maybe, if you find a plugin that has this feature they can be used together.

Well if you are skipping the title screen, it will not work on the Scene_Title. I believe I made a way for you to use the press start as an event. But if you do not want to set the fade feature and also is skipping the title screen, why you have to use this plugin? Can you elaborate a little bit more? :)

Thank you! =)

I believe so! Because the sprites used to cover the map are on a layer above the parallax ^^

Hi! Glad you liked =)
Just put the Min Opacity plugin parameter to 255.

Hi there!

You can find the link for the terms of use in the help file, which is the same as this one:

Yes, you can use it commercially ^^

Thanks for the report! I have updated the plugin and fixed the negative numbers issue. Please download the new version 2.0.1

The timer will disappear when you use the default event command "stop timer".

Ohhh I believe I got it!

So it's even better than I think! Thank you so much! I will let you know when I have the time to use it! ^^

God! This is a thing that I was planning to do for a long time ago. But I was kinda lazy about really do it... I'm so glad that you make it!
I'm just curious how it works. I mean, I can make a single image map on Tiled, import it as a parallax in RM MV/MZ,  and the region will take care of the layers?