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Yes it's ok! :D

Hi friend!

Thank you so much! ^^

Oh.. I get it now. Unfortunally not. The extra button I'have made for my game, that runs a parallel code to check if it is pressed. In this case, you can try use AloeGuvner plugin.

Hi there!

A and S button are only the images. Inside the game they work like Z(A) and X(S).


haha! Glad you find useful! I will still work on updates for it, like be able to use escape characters in the message windows too, and add plugin commands.

Thank you for your support ^^

Pherhaps I could make a attempt with a circle too, in a future update. I will see what I can do. But for now only with squares :)

Obrigado amigo! :)

Hi there!

I think this plugin doenst have this option. Maybe you could try another one and use the value of the switch from the paramater "Hide Button Switch".

When the switch is on, the buttons will be invisible, so you can activate the touch input. Otherwise you deactivate it.

Yanfly has one, but i'm pretty sure there are others too.

Hi there!
This plugin only puts virtual controls on the screen. It does not come with an abs system. To use with an abs, you have to find a plugin that make an abs system, then you can use the mobile plugin too. Got it?


Yes, you can use for sure :)


The button images are just an example. But I'm sure you can find a lot of them here on Itch io

hahaha!! Thanks a lot for playing!!

Maybe I could give it a try in the new version, to put in HTML format too ^^

Woww! I loved this title screen. Keep up the good work!

Thanks!! ^^

Yes, this feature of common event is really useful for a lot of reasons! ^^

Hi there!

Thanks for checking it out! ^^

Nice! ^^

Hi there!

Yeah I already know this issue, but when I made that fix I was aiming to use it on my game that not use touch input movement(like click on the screen for the character move). If you use on button screens(like a Dpad image), this fix will work. Otherwise i'm afraid it will not work =/

Great! ^^

Glad to help! ^^

Hi there ^^

For the question one, you have an option in the plugin for you to set any key that you want from your keyboard. Including if it is not any of the default ones from mv. Take a look at the parameters below. For the keyCode you have to enter in a site like this one. Type any button that it will give you the code.

For the second question, you have to active the event just like you do with the Z key. So the event has to be with the Trigger set to "Action Button". The differenc is that when you activate an event with the extra key, you can customize the event for execute different commands, that it will be not executing if you active them with default Z key.

Got it? :)

Wow! That is a nice one indeed! ^^

Thank you! ^^

Wow I like that! Thank you Itch io!

What is the format of the audio files?

Thank you! :D

haha! Thank you! :D


Can I change the colors/hue of a tileset for example? Like the A3 or A4 tiles for walls.

It's not a bug at all.

This happens because the developer upgraded the Nw.js version of Rpg Maker Mv to a more updated one. So it will give some performance boost ^^

In fact, this is a good thing.

You can press "OK" and continue to play your game.

(I know that is about a year, but want to leave this comment here in case anyone see that).

Yeah, that's ok. I ask because the Rm2000 does not contains the font file, so I can't pick it up and put on mv.

I will see or I use the default font from mv with rm2000 graphics, or I will use the rtp from mv.

Thanks for answer!

I was planning to use Rpg Maker 2000 graphics in MV.
In this case, i have to use the default font from Mv?

Or can I use a pixel style font version of the default font from mv(mplus-1m-regular)?

Like that?

Yes for sure! The time and the life get the best on me while I was making it xD

Yeah, I have no time to put a tutorial and etc. I have suspicious that would take me time, but It took me longer than I thought ^^''

"Overall, it was a cool idea to do this, but I don't think the unaltered Overcooked mechanics work well in RM because it's single-player.  "

Yes, I totally agree. If I would ever continue to this, I will modify a lot of things. My idea was first to see if I was able to reproduce and them change things to my like.

Another idea is to use the coop plugin from OcRam. But this is too gray for me yet, because I never tried with.

Well, I have a great time doing this, not just for the fun, but learning too ^^

And thank you so much for playing and leave a comment!! 

Wow! That was difficult! My maximum was 15 x 63 harolds
Cool! :)


Really enjoy it! Lost in the forest two times, and in the dark 4 times xD
This is the idea that I want to have in this contests... simple and fun.

Congratulations :)