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I've looked into this more, and it doesn't seem like it's something I can fix. Apologies! There are some parts of it locked behind the engine.

What you might be able to do is create a custom resolution. You could make it 1920x1079 for example. Just make sure the refresh rate is set to 60hz and it might work! Then simply select that resolution in-game or in the launcher. (You don't have to set your desktop resolution to it!)

Here's some guides that might help!

Yea I've noticed that too! Might just be the game. 🤔

Glad you enjoyed it!

Oh odd. It must be selecting the wrong resolution in the list. (Each refresh rate is technically a different resolution. The game grabs the first resolution listed regardless of the refresh rate. Usually this is 60hz or 59.9hz, your system must be reporting 30hz first!)

I'll look into this further, it may take a few days though!

Thanks, it'll take a bit since it's a hard to track down bug. But it'll get fixed! Apologies for any oddities during gameplay!

That link doesn't seem to work for me 🤔

Well once again make sure it's running at 60. There's some specific timing that only works with that value.

Triggers and disappearing enemies are a known issue that I'm trying to track down. If you have a specific save file where they disappear consistently in, feel free to upload it! Would help a bunch.


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Sorry that's happening!

What version of the game are you running? Regular or goty? And what operating system are you running?


Edit: I've managed to identify and fix it just in time for patch 2 roll out. Thanks for the report!

Hey there, there's currently a patch in the works that will hopefully address this issue. (It's very tricky to track down.)

Dgvoodoo should work with my patch it just might cause low fps with flashlights. 

Have you made sure all the DLLs files included with my patch are also in the game directory? And are you trying to run it at a resolution higher than 1920x1080? 

Hey there, you have to unpack all the files into your game directory (not just the rez file). I also recommend using 7zip to unpack the files.

If you're getting permission denied you might be trying this on a public computer in which case you might be out of luck! Sorry.

Hope this helps!

Hey there, did you extract the entire 7z file into your NOLF directory? That error is caused by SDL2.dll not being in the right spot! (It's included in the download.)

Ahhh. Is Windows display scaling set at something other than 100%? If so, set it to 100% and try the game again.

I couldn't find a solution to this before release, but I'll keep an eye out over the next little while to see if I can solve this without you having to adjust your display scaling.

Can you post a screenshot of the issue? And what resolution are you running at?

The game uses an anamorphic aspect ratio for cutscenes (so there's black bars on the top and bottom.)

It's in the works, but there's a lot of issues with the source code, so it might take a while.

Heads up, I've released a patch to fix a bug with defusing bombs in a certain mission.

This bug was avoidable if you saved and loaded previously in the level, but I'd advised anyone to just upgrade to the newest version!


It should work with any version, as long as there's not a mod applied. I've modified the code from official SDK released waaay back. (And if there is, it'll just override that mod.)

I'm not sure if it works with any non-english versions, as the only language that comes with the SDK is english. Give it a try! If not maybe nolfrevival can do the job!