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Yeah listen servers should work. There's no port punch through, so like you said criminalcola (good name btw), otterr (and others) have to open the ports!

I need to do some further work to stabilize things a bit. I had to re-write the entire server browser back-end (and adjust my basic gamespy emulator) for NOLF 2 (For nolf1 I was able to just hex edit the server address, there were a lot more dependencies in NOLF 2 that made that impossible.)

If you're interested in multiplayer make sure to check out and their discord. They host weekly multiplayer matches on weekends. (For NOLF1, probably NOLF2 as well if you ask!)

Hello! Sorry for the delay. You might need to reinstall the game. It's trying to load a file from the original game that doesn't seem to exist! When I get some more time, I'll look into it more but that'd be the first thing I'd try! 

Patch 3.2 has been taken down again. Need to throw that back into the oven! In the mean time 3.1 works great!

Thanks for the report. There's probably a few other things that are broken on 21:9, but I'll be sure to look into them for the next update! 

If you spot anymore oddities feel free to post them here! (I have to emulate this resolution in order to test it, so it wasn't exactly extensive.)

yeah no worries! I looked at it, and the only possible fail point is if it doesn’t load the font files correctly, in which case the log would show that. 

Glad to see it works now! Hope you enjoy!

I haven't encountered any of those issues. With regards to the mime on a bike mission, there was a problem with framerates higher than 60, this mod caps it to 60, so you'll be able to progress that section.

I haven't seen any distortion of graphics, aside from part of Antarctica that I couldn't replicate after the fact. 

The MFC application error is just a generic crash, so it's hard to track down. If you encounter it feel free to upload your debug.log, and specify what happened and I can try to take a look! 


Can you upload your debug.log file? Should be in your NOLF directory.

Can you upload your debug.log file? Should be in your NOLF directory.

ah yeah that could explain it. Sorry these old engines are great with fonts. Do you have the default English Ariel font installed? I believe it falls back onto that if it detects a different language.

I’ll poke around in the code sometime this week or weekend to figure out if we can get you in game.

I'm not sure then! That specific error you get has to do with fonts which is odd!

Does the game work without the mod?

Possibly 🤔

Woah, It's out! Wild!

About a year ago I released the first version of NOLF 1 Modernizer, and soon after started work on NOLF 2 Modernizer! While it did take a while (this year has been wild after all!) it's finally here. 

This release is slightly less polished than I expected, but I could easily spend the next few months fixing things up. So in the end I decided to ship out a beta build. It will probably crash in unexpected ways, and it miiiight only work for the English version of the game. But, at least you folks can start poking away at an amazing game!

Feel free to post any issues you discover, I did create a known issues section covering some things I haven't fully fixed up, but I'm sure there's more. 😎


Hey there! Have you extracted all of the files into your installation directory?

Also what language version of NOLF are you using? I only really support the english version, so I'm not sure if I can help with any international release.

That's unfortunate! There shouldn't be any incompatibility, but I guess there is.

You could try the Master Server Patch, I believe that's the only fix made for the game at this moment.

Hey there!

This might be caused by having Windows display scaling set to anything except for 100%.

So if you're still experiencing the issue, try going to Settings -> Display in Windows, and set "Scale and layout"'s scale option to 100%.

Not sure! Try installing the latest version of DirectX9, it contains all the previous ones too.

If that doesn't work, try upgrading your video drivers. Hope that helps! 

I'll have to look into that, thanks for the info and on the temp fix! Hope you enjoy the game!

Hey there! 

It turns out that option was accidentally removed during a code merge. If you add +windowed 1 in the command line options of the launcher it'll give you windowed mode!

Glad to hear it works, hope you enjoy the game!

Hey there!

Unfortunately there must be a problem with your video card's drivers. The game uses a very old version of DirectX that not a lot of card manufacturers support well anymore.

You could try installing dgvoodoo2, it translates the old DirectX calls to a newer version. However it's closed source, and I can't offer any assistance with that application!

Hope that helps!

Well I'm glad it's working now! Enjoy!

Ah yeah. dgVoodoo2 causes some other issues with framerate (dynamic lighting in particular.) You might have luck trying to use an earlier version of it. I haven't used DXVK with this, so that might also be causing a bit of a drop.

Regarding the scope issues..
The game originally performed (to my best guess) a screen lock to manually adjust each pixel colour whenever the game would call "FillRect". I created a class to scale all FillRect's to 32x32 and cache them, then use a ScaleBlit function to more quickly perform the same operation without the need of a screen lock.

I know there were a few folks using Wine to run the game, and they didn't have much trouble with it, have you tried not using dgVoodoo2 and DXVK?

We unfortunately don't have the renderer's source code, so we can't improve on this behaviour. Hopefully one day, someone can figure out the rights issue with the NOLF franchise and do a proper pass on these games. NOLF 1 especially needs it

That's odd. What's your hardware? (Also what OS are you running)

Regarding your graphics card, is it a desktop gpu? or is it a laptop with a dual integrated and discrete card?

On some cards this game just doesn't run great, and it's unfortunate because there's not much I can do 😫

Thanks I'll make a note of that for the next patch!


Im glad the problem was pretty simple in the end! And odd. I'll have to look into that sometime this weekend!

Apologies for the weird bug!

I'm currently busy working on NOLF 2 Modernizer. Also the tech behind the music DirectMusic is deprecated and pretty hard to work with. I'll take a look if I happen to do some more fixes for this mod, but can't promise anything! 

Odd! Yeah I assume the engine must have been recompiled to work better with other languages. I unfortuantely don't have any engine souce code (otherwise I'd fix so much more.) So I can't actually fix any of these issues. 

Your best bet is to wait for a legal re-release and hope whoever handles that manages to do some engine improvements!
And odd that you're getting windowed mode crashing, because I pretty developed the mod using exclusively windowed mode. This engine is really buggy with certain machines, so it might be related. I'm sorry!

Hey there,

That error message usually means that something Cshell.dll tried to load isn't there. (It's a confusing error I know, I can't change it, Sorry!)
Make sure all the files/folders are extracted into your NOLF directory. (SDL2.dll, CShellReal.dll, Lithfix/, etc..)

Disable any custom rez files in Advanced -> Custom (Like modernizer.rez!) and make sure the command line says:

-rez Lithfix

That will make it load from the folder called Lithfix instead of trying to load a .rez file.

Odd that it works in one, but not the other though! Hopefully those steps will fix it for you!

Sorry that it's not working right!
The problem is I can't remove the optional bits because my mod relies on some new strings from CRes.dll! You can however give it a try, you can download Winrez Studios and extract the modernizer.rez file yourself, delete the cres.dll and rebuild it.

Good luck! I can't really help you further, because I'm not sure what's causing the issue here. :(

That's odd. Can you rename your autoexec.cfg and see if any changes stick? It could be your autoexec.cfg is maybe set to readonly. 

And the lack of text on UI arrows was something I caused. There's an odd drawing bug that I couldn't track down from when I upscaled all the menus. I wouldn't worry about that bit.

Hope that helps!

Glad it works now! the Nolf.exe just changes it from reading in a specific rez file. Nothing big, all behind the scenes.

I've made some base control changes to make the game play a bit more modern. These include scroll wheel being bound to weapon selection, and adding middle mouse button swap between zoom modes. So the first time you launch the game it resets the controls. Apologies!

Regarding the console coming up, you can rebind that to another key. It should be the last item on that custom controls list.

Regarding the scope it should be stretched to 4:3 (Like the base game) and then black bars should be added on each side. Let me know if it's being stretched way more than it should be.

Regarding the jukebox, it was mainly a way to actually listen to the music since DirectMusic is a rather old and deprecated feature of DirectX now. Re-working the jukebox to be a neat playlist would be a bunch of work, that I unfortunately don't have time for. But hopefully when a legal re-release happens some day in the future they can also release the soundtrack!

Regarding extra features, I've finished with this mod for the moment, and have moved over to NOLF 2 modernizer. Hopefully it works well enough for you to enjoy the game!


I actually couldn't get those fixes to work, and that's why I decided to build this fix! But yeah it's primarily for English users due to how old the engine is. (It's not exactly unicode friendly sadly.)

I'm not sure about the translation issues you're having, and I can tell you vector fonts in this engine (It's fixed in NOLF 2 thankfully) really slow down the game. The game renders them weirdly, and there's not much I can do about it :(

However if you can live without the other fixes, I've made a fix mainly used by speedrunners. It's pretty much the pure experience with the framerate locked to 60, and the mouse fix applied.

Just download the NOLF Revival release. 

That fix actually injects my code rather than recompiling the entire game. So it should hopefully work for you! (Aka it doesn't include any custom cres.dll!)

Ah yea the command line won’t work because the Rez file is in the custom folder! So it would be custom/Modernizer.rez 

and can you try removing the d3dim700.dll, some users are oddly having issues with that file.

hope that fixes it!

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Hey there, I've added an optional launcher fix, can you give that a download and see if it fixes the issue? It seems Nolf revival's rez file is always being included. Which is odd! I slightly altered that.

Just super make sure that the Advanced -> Customize section has Modernizer.rez on the right hand side with the checkbox checked. (You can ignore the other items on the right in my screenshot!)

did you unzip everything in the NOLF folder and enable the res file in the launcher? (Note Modernizer should be the only Rez file enabled in the launcher!)


Yeah, the game automatically chooses the "best" ammo type. If I ever do another round of updates for nolf 1, I'll add a toggle for that.

Nice folks! Feel free to release community translations! I'm hard at work with NOLF2 Modernizer, so I won't be updating anything here, but I can throw a link up if needed.

And yeah, the game uses the slowest ttf font rendering i've ever seen with non-english languages. I'm not sure I can fix that without the engine source code though, as the english versions use bitmap fonts and the character definitions (the thing that understands which character is where on the bitmap) is not anywhere accessible. :(

Good news NOLF 2 handles it a lot better, and while I don't have the Russian translation for it, it does come with the EFIGS text translation.

Unfortunately the source code only came with English strings. So no. Sorry!

Multiplayer should work! I built the servers myself haha. I'm not sure if anyone is currently hosting.

As for the crashes and problems I'm not sure. Unfortunately we never got the source code to the direct3d renderer, so there's some annoying issues with certain system configs that make it impossible to get going. I will say Windows 7 is end of life, so I can only say for 10.

And I can't say I've experienced the mouse issue, nor have any of the folks who helped test it. But I'll keep an eye out!

Hopefully you've got it running in the end! It's an old game that needs some love far beyond what I can give it!