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Hey there, I've added an optional launcher fix, can you give that a download and see if it fixes the issue? It seems Nolf revival's rez file is always being included. Which is odd! I slightly altered that.

Just super make sure that the Advanced -> Customize section has Modernizer.rez on the right hand side with the checkbox checked. (You can ignore the other items on the right in my screenshot!)

Thanks. I'll experiment when I'll have time.

I thought the normal way was having


in the command line section, which I used before. (This was automatically added)

What I get with the other method is the game not starting so far.

Ah yea the command line won’t work because the Rez file is in the custom folder! So it would be custom/Modernizer.rez 

and can you try removing the d3dim700.dll, some users are oddly having issues with that file.

hope that fixes it!

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Today it seems to work, without me changing anything. :)

So what does the nolf.exe fix change? I don't see anything different after I replaced the exe.

The issues I ran into so far:

  • The back button in the UI ( arrow bottom-left) is blank. I think it displays either back, or ok normally, if I'm not mistaken. (Or was there an "ok" or apply button on the right?)
  • Some client MFC error on exit. But not the last couple times, so maybe this is what the exe fix fixes?
  • My settings got reset. Can't say why. Might be because of  some of my ill-advised attempts at getting this to work. Including running the original installer for a second instance. (I wonder if the quirk of the left mouse button not being assigned to "fire" a bug of NOLF on newer Windows versions, because that's what happened again.)
    I also manually reset the settings after. Which made matters worse because now "ö" (the key right to "9" on my layout) which used to be the SVD sniper rifle hotkey doesn't work. I get a console coming up. I also can't seem to successfully bind a key to "toggle zoom" to a keyboard key (works with RMB)
    (BTW was alway N/M the hotkeys for zoom in/out? I changed it to mouse wheel up/down too long ago I guess... )
  • The scope view is a tad oval shaped, right? But at least stuff outside it is properly black.
  • (Didn't print screen use to work)

More on the request side:

  • Can you add an anti-aliasing option in the game or at least make it compatible with forced AA via the driver, we wouldn't get weird artifacts?
  • Could a feature/option be added for the game to remember which ammo type I used. The most frustrating thing about the game is that I constantly have to change back to one type or the other when I switch weapons. Particularly combined with it's cumbersome weapon and function switch system. Ah, someone already requested this, cool.
  • Maybe a FOV option?

But mostly I'm interested whether you'd be willing to enhance the jukebox feature:

  • It would be neat if I could access it without starting the game in the launcher
  • Also it would be cool if I could create a playlist of sorts. Specify iterations of one music then transitioning to another.
  • Or maybe exporting all of it (or specific ones) to wav. With or without transitions (or maybe possibly having the transitions as separate tracks)

Glad it works now! the Nolf.exe just changes it from reading in a specific rez file. Nothing big, all behind the scenes.

I've made some base control changes to make the game play a bit more modern. These include scroll wheel being bound to weapon selection, and adding middle mouse button swap between zoom modes. So the first time you launch the game it resets the controls. Apologies!

Regarding the console coming up, you can rebind that to another key. It should be the last item on that custom controls list.

Regarding the scope it should be stretched to 4:3 (Like the base game) and then black bars should be added on each side. Let me know if it's being stretched way more than it should be.

Regarding the jukebox, it was mainly a way to actually listen to the music since DirectMusic is a rather old and deprecated feature of DirectX now. Re-working the jukebox to be a neat playlist would be a bunch of work, that I unfortunately don't have time for. But hopefully when a legal re-release happens some day in the future they can also release the soundtrack!

Regarding extra features, I've finished with this mod for the moment, and have moved over to NOLF 2 modernizer. Hopefully it works well enough for you to enjoy the game!

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Apparently I can't reconfigure, no changes persist. It always resets to zero.

(BTW I can't use much of the keys on my keyboard. Tried "í" for previous weapon, which is next to shift, but it won't persist)

Hell, it looks like I can't reassign any keys anymore.

The lack of text on the UI arrow button is also worrying. It shows "ok" for example for the custom controls section without modernizer.rez, but changing keys doesn't work here anymore as well.

That's odd. Can you rename your autoexec.cfg and see if any changes stick? It could be your autoexec.cfg is maybe set to readonly. 

And the lack of text on UI arrows was something I caused. There's an odd drawing bug that I couldn't track down from when I upscaled all the menus. I wouldn't worry about that bit.

Hope that helps!

It doesn't. (I tried setting J for toggle zoom, but pressing back and re-entering the settings it will still show up as unassigned) I only loose configuration.

But  I can still change mouse shortcut.  Now I'm thinking that keyboard assignments didn't work at all, I only didn't happen to change any, because I only had trouble with the mouse.

I even tried reinstalling Nolf revival (which should fix registry issues if there's any.), and starting it without modernizer, but it still wouldn't work. Can't imagine what could have gone wrong.

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Just found this:

There is an issue with saving custom keyboard binds on localized Windows version (or on localized keyboard layouts). Manual keys mapping is required.Mouse buttons and scrolling wheel is not assigned to any action.

So I guess this always was an issue on newer Win versions, I just forgot about it, because I haven't touched key configuration for years.
(So I guess you won't be looking into this nolf bug, seeing as you moved over to nolf2 modernization?)

I tried the "+windowed 1" command line parameter from the linked page for the issue I mentioned in the other comment. But apparently modernized is incompatible with it because I got an MFC client error and failure to start the game.

Odd! Yeah I assume the engine must have been recompiled to work better with other languages. I unfortuantely don't have any engine souce code (otherwise I'd fix so much more.) So I can't actually fix any of these issues. 

Your best bet is to wait for a legal re-release and hope whoever handles that manages to do some engine improvements!
And odd that you're getting windowed mode crashing, because I pretty developed the mod using exclusively windowed mode. This engine is really buggy with certain machines, so it might be related. I'm sorry!

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I see. Well, I'm better off waiting for heaven coming down to earth than for a legal re-release...

Any chance you might consider some of the improvements I mentined to the jukebox at some point?

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Maybe you might consider to do a few (I think) simple improvements for the jukebox?

  • If the game went to windowed mode when selecting jukebox or something it would make it a lot simpler to switch to and from so one could change music and then listen in the background.
  • A start/stop button would be nice, in case I want to listen to something else for a while (eg: youtube video.)
  • Having the game in the background or minimized won't stop it from keeping the resource usage high. I guess the rendering is still going on for nothing. Can that be disabled if the game is not in front?
  • Separate volume control would be nice. In-game I don't want too loud music, but while listening to it I usually want it louder.