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Nice folks! Feel free to release community translations! I'm hard at work with NOLF2 Modernizer, so I won't be updating anything here, but I can throw a link up if needed.

And yeah, the game uses the slowest ttf font rendering i've ever seen with non-english languages. I'm not sure I can fix that without the engine source code though, as the english versions use bitmap fonts and the character definitions (the thing that understands which character is where on the bitmap) is not anywhere accessible. :(

Good news NOLF 2 handles it a lot better, and while I don't have the Russian translation for it, it does come with the EFIGS text translation.


Hey guys! I added both translated files (German CRES.DLL and MODERNIZER.REZ) for current Version 1.006 (v3.1) to my Onedrive-Folder.!ApPkOOukRedChZgU8DyxB61EpU4Yrg?e=58S7pn

The german font in this game on modern systems is hardly legible. English is looking much better.

What else I noticed: i choose "normal" ammunition for weapons and switching back to another weapon the ammunition changes to "dum-dum" ammunition.



Yeah, the game automatically chooses the "best" ammo type. If I ever do another round of updates for nolf 1, I'll add a toggle for that.

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