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Wow! Good job! I am glad that Polish players will receive such a gift from you.

Of course, I will wait until you make the final version of the translation.
By the way, on Polish Windows there is no problem saving the game keyboard and mouse settings for NOLF?  On Russian Windows, the code page [1251], there is such a problem.
This problem is solved by adding the dinput.dll file (English version) from the old directX7 package to the NOLF game folder.
I see that in the Polish version of the game "Contract J.A.C.K." (as well as in the German version) milk instead of blood flows from frags .. funny ... I fixed it.   Now the Polish version is similar to the English one. :)

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I think Polish players will like it!  :)
By the way, I found something ... and modified it a bit
Polish GUI NOLF.
Original here:
Two versions of GUI with the font from the English version (NOLF font) and the Windows font.  Windows-GUI has all the Polish letters, Nolf-GUI has only the Latin letters of the Polish alphabet.
Several bugs were fixed, missing lines were added, lines were added for compatibility with the Modernizer version 1.005.  List of changed lines in the archive.

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20 years ago, russian programmers managed to squeeze the Cyrillic alphabet into PCX files ... the text turned out to be not very beautiful, but you can read it…

IMHO, you can only change PCX files from NOLF2.REZ \ INTERFACE \ FONTS
In the future, you will add your Polish CRES.dll to the converted PCX files and format it as a REZ file. Other files cannot be modified (IMHO), as there will be no compatibility with different versions of NOLF.
By the way, maybe you have CRES.dll Polish localization of the game "Contract J.A.C.K."?
I now have these GUIs for Contract J.A.C.K. : English, German, French, Russian. It is interesting to make the Multilingual Patch for Contract J.A.C.K as well!

As far as I know, the author (HeyJake) MODERNIZER does not do localization ... maybe in the future ...
For non-English GUIs, the default font is Arial.
If you want the same font as in the English version, then you need to fix these files from the NOLF2.REZ \ INTERFACE \ FONTS archive
You must add Polish letters to these files so that the total number of characters remains unchanged.
The problem is that the Polish alphabet has more letters than the English.
If you do Polish localization and ignore this problem, then all the "non-English" characters will be lost.
For example, you can add Polish letters only in uppercase, and lowercase letters in English. Then make a conversion table.
Unfortunately, I can no longer help you, because I do not create translations, but use ready-made ones.

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A good idea!   I made a Multilingual installer for 7 European languages and added MODERNIZER. I can also add the Polish language.
Tested: Windows 7 / 10; Game: Nolf v.1.003, Nolf v.1.004(GOTY), Nolf(Revival). All-in-one package (16Mb), automatic installation in the game folder.
Download here (16Mb).

I need your CRES.dll file from the NolfGoty.rez archive file (version 1.004) .. if you do not, then from the NOLFCRES003.REZ file (version 1.003), or from the NOLF2.REZ file (version 1.001)
To unzip the REZ files, download this package:
Then put the CRES.dll file (approximately 1 Mb) on the file hosting service.
If you have Polish voice acting (this is the VOICE folder, 100Mb from the NOLF2.REZ archive), put this folder as well.
I already have English, German, French and Russian voice acting.
I can make a multi-installer for voice acting as well.

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Jetpack Pegasusmod was interesting!
I remember the players: lelis(RU), lla(FR), bond(FR), TP555(GE), Captain Ezy(US),Emm@ Peel(SW) ...
Unfortunately, the "Contract JACK" server was VERY unstable, each player could crash the server if he typed a certain combination of special characters on the keyboard ... this error has not been resolved ... few people knew these codes .. :D

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Hi, HeyJake!
I solved the problem of translating into a non-English vector font, it turned out to be easy, although not obvious ...

I can not fix this error:
After changing the display resolution, the mouse pointer moves to a limited area of the display (25-50% of the screen area), After re-opening the game, the mouse pointer works fine.
Those. After changing the resolution, do you need to restart the game? Can you fix it?
Perhaps you should change some lines in autoexec.cfg?
MB Z77HD3,  CPU Intel Core i5, RAM  16Gb, Video NVIDIA GeForce 560Ti , WD Gold 2Tb,  Monitors LG 24MP88HV, (or LG 24MP55D),  Windows 10 Enterprise 1809 LTSC; (or  Windows 7x64 SP1 Pro)

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It is advisable not to change these control lines:
These are the control codes for the NOLF-Font version
750, "89"
751, "78"
752, "FALSE"
1200, "System"
1201, "System"
1202, "System"
1203, "System"
1204, "15"
1205, "20"
1206, "25"
1207, "30"
1208, "8"
1209, "9"
1210, "11"
1211, "11"
3763, "English"
3764, "89"
3765, "78"
These are the control codes for the version of Windows-Font:
750, "89"
751, "78"
752, "FALSE"
1200, "System"
1201, "System"
1202, "System"
1203, "System"
1204, "15"
1205, "20"
1206, "25"
1207, "30"
1208, "8"
1209, "9"
1210, "11"
1211, "11"
3763, "German"
3764, "89"
3765, "78"
752, "FALSE"  - is the lock disable code(e.g. blood)  :)

3763, "German"  or 3763, "English"  - it is codes for the version  "Windows-Font" or "Nolf-Font"

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Sorry, I made a mistake while adjusting the ddl file.
If you will adjust, see the control lines in the dll-file 98, 750-752, 3763-3765
I fixed, Download this archive, there are two versions of German  in the archive
The version with the Nolf font is faster, but some (ä,ü,ö,ß) German letters are missing.
The Windows font version is less fast, but contains all German letters

Yes, this is a famous utility from the Black Angel ...

I hope that in the future you will change your mind in favor of non-English players ... A few years ago I launched the "Contract JACK" server with NOLF2 maps, it was funny, there were no more than 10% of USA players, and 90% of Europe ..

Thank you for your work and good luck!

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I checked this before writing to you ...

“Lithfix Beta 1/2 – NOLF”  Does not work on my Windows 10 Enterprise 64bit LTSC v1809 ... “Missing Shell.dll cshell.dll” error message … Это only works on Windows 7x64 SP1 ...
"NOLF Modernizer 1.006 with Patch 3.1" and  "NOLF Modernizer 1.005" works well on my Windows 10 ...
it's hard for me to understand ...
Can You just remove everything “optional” from NOLF Modernizer 1.006 / 1.005 and leave only the necessary?

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Lithfix Beta 1/2 - NOLF
Does not work on Windows 10 Enterprise 64bit LTSC v1809 ... Missing Shell.dll cshell.dll error message
only works on Windows 7x64 SP1

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Hi, HeyJake!
I have a problem installing your Modernizer for the Russian GUI (translation “7Wolf”) with the vector font “Nolf” (similar to the English version).
This is a problem due to the Cyrillic encoding (for Germany, Spain, France there is no such problem)
I have no problem installing the Windows font (the Russian translation is “AlexSoft”), but the speed of the game is reduced, and the text of this translation also does not match the Russian voice acting from “7Wolf”.

I need a “clean” Modernizer, which does not have CRES.dll (or have official CRES.dll English-GOTY) and contains only a fix for the mouse and display (60Hz).
Additional options (jukebox, etc.) are interesting ... but without them you can play.


What do you think mouse fix by Airslide?
It also works,…  your way is better (IMXO) ...
Download here


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Good job!
  Some errors:
- thick font and small letters, so it is difficult to read.
- not all game options are enabled (in the German version there is a lock, but this can be fixed)
- in the German version there are no three wav files.
I fixed all these errors.
In the Archive (900 Kb) there are two REZ-files with the German GUI (NOLF-font and Windows-font)
Unzip the archive into the folder with the NOLF game and run through the Command line of the Laucher, instructions in the Archive.
The command line takes precedence over the “Custom” folder, so the interface will be German
Download HERE German GUI for “NOLF Modernizer 1.006 Patch 3.1”

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Interesting idea!
I also easily added the Russian GUI to MODERNIZER (new, added menu items are not translated, but this can be done) at the request of a "NOLF-fanat"  from the Russian forum (I personally use Windows7x64 and have no problems with the mouse), this is  here (aka “Alex002”)
I will be grateful if you put your German CRES.dll on a file hosting service...
The NOLF game uses the “Nolf font” (fast FPS) for the English version and the Windows font (slow FPS, but the correct text) for non-English versions ...
Perhaps that is why many players prefer the English version ...
Two Russian translations of the GUI have the option “Nolf-font” and one translation of the GUI “Windows-font”

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I checked your patch on an old computer (MB Gigabyte EP45DS3L CPU Core 2 Duo E8400, RAM 4Gb, Video GeForce 560Ti, OS Windows 7x86 SP1 Pro [MSDN] )

Game NOLF v. 1.004 (not GOTY) ... all errors were confirmed.

However, this doesn’t bother me at all, because I had no problems with the XL-747H mouse It's funny that someone has these problems ... it's interesting...

I think everyone should report the computer configuration, Windows version and game version.

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Good job, thank you!
A few notes:
- Multiplayer does not work. If you use this patch, then multiplayer works,
- Version 1.006 does not start on Windows 10 Enterprise 1809 LTSC
The error message is “Nolf Error. Couldn’t set D3D Emulation mode”. If you delete the d3dim700.dll file or replace it with the same file from WidescreenGOTY, then Version 1.006 starts.

- After setting a new screen resolution, the mouse moves in a limited area of 0.25 of the screen area. You must restart the game to become normal.

- On the Windows 7x64 SP1 Pro system, after closing the game, lithtech.exe error message
My game:  Nolf GOTY
My System: MB Z77HD3,  CPU Intel Core i5, RAM  16Gb, Video NVIDIA GeForce 560Ti , WD Gold 2Tb, Windows 10 Enterprise 1809 LTSC;   Windows 7x64 SP1 Pro